The Rose of Segunda - Update #1

Hello all  

Just a quick progress update. As it currently stands, all of the CGs are completed and there are only three backgrounds left to do. The word count is 72,000 and coding is about 40% complete with Leopold’s route the closest to being finished and tested.  

In other unrelated news, I’ve completed my first game, ‘The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’.

Please check it out here if you get the chance:  

Many thanks for reading  

Blackcross & Taylor

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Oh, I didn't even realize the same person was making this one and The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which I'm playing right now actually. I really enjoy it a lot so far, and I can't wait for The Rose of Segunda! Good luck!

Hello Konoi 

Yes, we are one and the same! I’m very happy to hear have been enjoying Devil - I hope you have as much fun with Rose once it’s released.

Thanks for playing  

Thanks. Ohh, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is well worth playing.

So are we still looking at a release date of some time next month?

Hello, ollie4

I am certainly hoping so. I have a tentative date in mind of Friday 23rd March, but this is subject to how the coding/testing goes. Fingers crossed!