A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

Maddie is looking forward to spending the summer before she begins college working with her best friend, Bridgette, as crew on the luxury cruise ship M.S. Andromache.

So what if its maiden voyage is to retrace the route of its ill-fated sister ship, the S.S. Cassandra, which disappeared inside the perilous Bermuda Triangle over 100 years before? The media will hype anything for a story and the liner company is only too happy for the extra publicity.

But when things aboard ship start to go awry, Maddie soon realises she’ll have more to deal with than demanding passengers and annoying co-workers. Could she be the key to changing events set in motion over a century ago, or will the mystery of the Devil’s Triangle claim her too?


The full game will feature:

  • approx 60,000 words 
  • Realistic 'serving onboard a cruise ship' action!
  •  8 CGs 
  • 3 romance routes
  • 8 endings

Projected release date:  January 2018

Price: £2.99 (approximately  $4.00)

Download demo

DDBS-demo-mac.zip 101 MB
DDBS-demo-win.zip 102 MB


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Well. I really like it for now.

All the characters seems to "well done" . Girls are cute ^ ^ .

I can't wait to see full version :)

Hello, MrMar, many thanks for the feedback - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo.

I am hoping to have to full version released soon, so you won't have long to wait. ^_^

Looking forward to the whole experience.

Thanks, ollie4. I hope you enjoy the full game once it is released ^_^

It's going to be GxG and GxB? 

Yep! You play as a girl and you can romance a choice of Bridgette, Karl or Connor.

Ok thanks for the reply, now I'll just wait for all your games to be released haha!