The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Update #3

Hello all

Just an update to say 'Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' has been released.  It's my first completed game and I'm interested to see how it's received by the community.

Many thanks to everyone who downloaded the demo and who left feedback - I appreciate you taking the time to play it.

Thanks for reading

Blackcross & Taylor

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Feb 16, 2018

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So just finished a playthrough and overall I enjoyed the game-I'd definately be interested in purchasing your future releases (I may or may not already have my eye on Rose of Segunda...).  I liked the characters and I'm interested in re-playing the various routes.  I would like to have a CG gallery that you can access through the main menu and a way to get back to the main menu from the credits (I think I got there by going backwards through the save screen...).

Hello, fairfaxleasee, I am very happy to hear you had fun with the game. 

I have no current plans to add a CG gallery but I will certainly keep it in mind for future builds/games. As for the credits, do you mean the credit screen at the end of the routes? It should disappear after 5 seconds or can be skipped through using Ctrl (or the button in the quick menu). Either way, it should return directly to the main menu afterwards, so please let me know if it is not doing that.

Many thanks for the feedback

So I bought the game and I'm having trouble working it with the itch app-whenever I try to download it through the app, all I get is the demo.  Also, in the full game, the skip/back functions don't seem to work...

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Thank you for your purchase. 

Okay, I'll look into the app issue and get back to you as soon as I can. 

As for the skip option, has it been enabled in the preferences screen? Sorry for the obvious question, I am just trying to narrow things down. 

And do you mean roll back, when you refer to back? I had removed rollback from the game, but I can put the option back in if that would be preferable to players. 

Hello, fairfaxleasee

Right, I've looked into the itch app and, from what I can see, if you have downloaded the demo, it will not let you then download the full game and vice versa. I found I had to uninstall the demo in order to install the full version. I'm not sure if this is how it should be working, but this is what my tests found (unless I was completely missing something  - which is possible) . If this isn't related to the problem you've been having, could I ask you send a screenshot of the problem to , please, and I will investigate further.

As for the skip option and rollback functions, I've created a new build of the game with rollback enabled and the quick menu (with skip button) available at the bottom of the screen. Please let me know if you would prefer this one and I will get it uploaded.

Yes, I'd really prefer to have the quick menu with the rollback option (I tend to like to skip dialogue in the common routes of these games 

and I like the option to roll back because I don't always remember the questions corresponding with choices).

No problem. I have added two new files of the game to the main page. In the build, rollback has been enabled and I've added a quick menu so you can skip dialogue without pressing Ctrl. 

I hope this helps.

Is paypal the only option to purchase this game?

Hello, mrimri,

I have just added the option to pay by card or bitcoin. Hope that helps. ^_^

Blackcross & Taylor

Thank you.

I'm sure I'll play it :) but a bit later I guess

Well, I hope you enjoy it when you do. ^_^