The Rose of Segunda - Update #13


Just a quick update for Thorns of War.  The GUI is now complete - many thanks to Sasquatchii for all her hard work. And I've also had another of the completed backgrounds back from Saleha Chowdhury, so that makes three of sixteen finished now. 

Our sprite artist should be done with convention work soon, so I hope to be able to begin sharing the new sprites in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading

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srijsfnkajsfnkjsdfn I'M SO EXCITED! Frederique and Iolanthe are my second favorite couple in the game. The Duke always first, of course!

lol, I'm sure Leopold would be glad to hear it. ^_^

Hello, I just recently discovered you guys, and I must say, i'm very impressed with your work! I was wondering if you have considered opening a patreon? I would love to be able to donate to you and support your future projects.


Hello, Charismatic_Insanity, and many thanks for your message.

I'll be honest, I've never considered opening a patreon  because all the games I've released so far are commercial (in that you have to pay to download them), so it did not seem fair asking to be sponsored, as well. I am more than happy if people just buy the games and enjoy them. 

Though, that said, I do have a couple of games in the works that will likely be free, so I may open a patreon then for anyone who would like to support those titles and, potentially, more free games.

Thank you for your interest ^_^

I was having  really bad day today and this totally helped cheer me up, thanks for the update!


No probs. I hope your bad day is behind you now ^_^

This is so exciting! ^^ 

Will Frederique be involved in all routes, or only his own? :O

(1 edit) (+1)

He should feature in all of them, though he'll have a larger role to play in his own and Sofia's (since they're married ^_^)