The Rose of Segunda - Update #11

Hello all

It's our first update for 'The Thorns of War' (until I have enough art collected to make a game page, I'll just post updates on the Rose's devlog instead.)

Since the survey results came in, I've commissioned the background artist, Saleha Chowdhury. I think her clean style will go well with the sprites we have and you can see some more examples of her work here:

Also, Ayachin, our sprite artist, has been hard at work redesigning the sprites from the original game. For the outfits, I've tried to go for a more simple, muted theme to reflect both the time of year (early winter) and the tense political climate.

The redesigned ladies and first background can be seen above - please let us know what you think. ^_^

Thanks for reading

Blackcross & Taylor

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Can you tell us anything about the new characters we're going to be seeing? :)

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Sure, though, just to mention, you may not meet them all in the same route. 

Duchess Matilde di Parisi: the MC and Frederique's mother. She is a large part of, and some might say the driving force behind, the action in the first game and she is just as determined to exert her influence here as well. 

Cosima Venitti: Sofia's mother. She is thrilled her daughter is married, resolving their previous financial troubles, and is spending more and more time with her eldest daughter, Sofia, now her two younger children are away at boarding school.

Marc De Souza: Charlotte's younger brother. Now fourteen years old, Marc is lively, headstrong and obsessed with the coming war (a forgone conclusion in his mind) and the 'glory of battle' much to the displeasure of his parents.

King Auguste I of Segunda: the current ruler of Segunda. Guillaume's father, Leopold's nemesis and everyone else's headache. The king is extremely angry to be facing an uprising so late on in his rule, especially after the death of his friend and seneschal, Master Corin.

Vesela Brovik: Despite only being in her early twenties, she one of the higher-ranking members of the mediators' delegation sent from Alvardia. Clever and  even-tempered in the face of provocation, she wants nothing more than for peace to continue in Segunda.

Count Pieto Triste: An older nobleman and head of House Triste, his lands comprise the city of Martz and were once a country in their own right, albeit a small one. Conquered over five hundred years prior by the neighbouring country of Albadriech and then given to Segunda as part of a peace settlement between the two powers, House Triste has been pressing for the country's independence ever since.

Sir Mathys Aurele: A young man and former knight to the noble House Cesair, he counts friends from both sides of the conflict and never seems short of coin or influence despite his current circumstances.

Okay, that would be all of them (unless I start writing and realise what I believed would be a much smaller role is suddenly getting a lot of screen time ^_^). 

I hope that has sated your curiosity somewhat. ^_^

Many thanks for reading



There was a SURVEY?!?! *Gasps* THERE'S GOING TO BE A SEQUEL?!?! ('Thorns of War' -- YAAAS) *GASPS* MORE SOFIA?!?!?!?!!

*Dramatically Faints*

Sad I Missed Survey -- but YES to RESULTS! I Absolutely Cannot WAIT to Continue a Romance with my Baby!!! Completely Agree that Most VNs Focus on the 'Falling' bits; not the Rigors of KEEPING the Relationship. The Sprint vs. the Marathon. I'm actually REALLY Looking FORWARD to seeing each character's own Personal desires for the Future of their respective relationships -- not just the MC's. If there are Clashes in Ideals and how that will be Resolved. And what PLACE that will all have in a WAR.

Saleha Chowdhury's style is AMAZING, btw -- Exciting you've commissioned her! As for the new outfit designs: It feels like there's a lot of Blue/Green/Purple? I know this is supposed to be Winter, but I'm surprised there aren't any Burgandys(Muted, yet Bold -- the MC, especially, would look good in it since her eyes are Green) or Browns. I also feel MC's outfit should be more Distinctive -- beyond a Bow to tell you she's Important. Also to the changed season, I'd love to see jackets and shawls. Even embroidered gloves. Wouldn't be against MC having a different hairstyle - especially if it were let down a bit to reflect shielding the cooler air. Slightly off-topic, but will there be more poses as well? Just looking at this single scene, a good Number of the women have the Curled hand thinking pose going on, which makes it lose its Power.

Hope that helps! I feel like this round will have Darker themes, and that is my JAZZ, SON. <3 Rooting for you!

Yes, we're very lucky to have Saleha on board and it's been great working with her. I've also commissioned the GUI artist, Laura Henderson, who worked on the GUI for Heaven's Grave to  work on TTOW as well. I'll be putting up a proper update regarding that in the next week or so.

As for accessories, they are on the way - once I have an idea of which characters will have 'outdoors' scenes, I'll be commissioning  some gloves, cloaks, hats etc. 

No, there won't be more poses due to budget constraints. If it had just been the characters from 'Rose', I would have paid for extra poses, but there are more sprites to come - another 7 characters plus a few 'extras'. 

Well, I hope you enjoy the game - darker themes and all ^_^

Laura!!! [insert Raised Hands emoji Here] <3 I'm so Glad to see the team's flowing well for this second installment~ I also didn't mention anything for the new background(Apologies) -- I like it! My favorite bit is the Lighting from the windows, it feels Very Warm and well done. The room(looks like a Dining setting)feels practical and what it was intentioned for. I don't know where they are, but that Practicality also feels conducive to 'war times'.

YAY for accessories! It's the little things that Make It. And - Ah - on budget constraints. I read something on the additional romance options you would have if you stayed unromanced, but I didn't know there would be another SEVEN character sprites(+EXTRAS). I suppose if we get THAT much NEW in the character realm, a few old poses can be allowed. ;)

Beyond Darker Themes, another thing I'm REALLY looking forward to(and what the image you provided invoked)are the Deeper conversations/banter between the girls. In the first game, Understandably so, each of the Nobles(+Sofia)were all Wearing Masks -- the conversations were all centered on the Prince(or future unions) and who would get the Prince and Out-Daintying each other. But we all saw BLIPS of the ladies' respective Intellects. I'm VERY Sure they all have Strong Opinions on this War -- Especially all being from different homelands. I'm also MORBIDLY Curious(Get that POWA, Hunty~)on QUEEN MC who just romanced Prince to be in Position of POWER and what Greater Role SHE Might Possibly have in Negotiations(or redirecting the war elsewhere for her people's benefits). It would be nice to see if there's the option of Truly Falling for Prince after getting to Know him better(not SHOVED down her throat) -- OR: If Queen can have SECRET AFFAIR in her loveless Marriage. ^^

I miss the yellow dress but these are nice. I'm not sure about that purple sash though... and maybe MC's hairstyle doesn't really fit the simplicity of her dress? The rest of the ladies look great and you do feel the change in the atmosphere (war, winter etc)

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Fun fact: the original, yellow dress's colour scheme was based on a old Halloween costume I once made.  For the MC, I wanted something neutral that would look good in scenes with all the other characters and their many different outfit colours. You can see something much closer to the actual dress I made as Melody's Halloween costume in BFF. ^_^

I'm not really sure I see the hair and dress as not matching, but then I suppose if I did I would have designed it differently. I'm glad you like the rest of the ladies though.


I was expecting the heroine to have a diferent hairstyle but oh well

Backgrounds look gorgeous and cold palette of the dresses perfectly conveys the atmosphere of perhaps come to be civil war... also greatly contrasts with the first game, which was all fun and games(plus some drama ofcourse)

Can't wait for more updates c:

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to change everything about the characters given budget constraints and it seemed odd to me to change the MC's  hairstyle while leaving the rest of them the same (that said, Guillaume's hair is slightly different as it did not suit his new outfit)

I'm glad you like the new palette though. ^_^

Yay!!  I am so excited for this sequel, Rose of Segunda just might be my absolute favorite visual novel.  ;-; <3 

Ah, thank you. I hope the sequel can be just as enjoyable for you. ^_^

They look more elegants and refinade, more like ladys.


Ah, good, that was the result I was going for. ^_^

Thanks for letting us know

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I LOVE THEM.  The new sprite outfits are lovely!

I'm so excited for this game, you don't even know.  I mean, I'm excited for all of your games (liked DaDBS a lot, loved TRoS, following BFF and HG closely) but I have SUCH a soft spot for traditional fantasy.  And being able to be gay/bi.  And childhood friend/grew up together romances.  And disapproving parents.  And Inter-class relationships.  And political intrigue.  And smart/strong MCs.  And roleplaying opportunities.  And the previous tRoS characters.  And Bastien.

Ok, I have a lot of soft spots, but this game looks like it'll be hitting all of them nicely.  So I'm really excited.  Best of luck to you and the rest of the team :) 

Ah, I'm glad you like the designs and I'm happy to hear the game is ticking so many boxes for you. ^_^

Even though I'm not supposed to be thinking about TTOW right now (I'm battling through my writer's block on HG), I keep coming up with little scenes/endings and thinking 'Oh, I've got to let that be an option - people will love it!' 

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omg, this is just making me more excited.  But poor Heaven's Grave xD

Will it have a demo like your other games???

And I know I'm late to the party, but what are the 9 traits in the original?  I know you're probably saving what the new 9 are for the release for people to discover, but since TRoS has been out a bit can I get a hint as to what I'm missing?  I think I've gotten 5/9

I think I've gotten the following descriptions
- commanding
- cunning (clever?)
- scholar
- strong (?)
- hellion

What am I missing?  Every time I start a new game I tell myself I'll pick different options, but I tend to always end up with some combo of the above xD

Yes, it will definitely have a demo.  I have been stung too many times buying games I couldn't try first and then realising soon afterwards they weren't my cup of tea.

The nine original traits are (in order of availability) scholar, hellion, slovenly (this trait actually leads to my favourite scene of the game ^_^), cunning, witty, diplomatic, and finally commanding, strong, lecherous. 

Oh my gosh.  I'm going to try and get slovenly now!
And awesome!!! I'm not worried about not liking the game, I just want to play whatever I can as soon as possible LOL.
You've totally made my day, thank you!!!

Really excited! :O Question: How will the plot come together with the various vastly different potential endings from the previous games? Will that be something you address in a later update, or is it a surprise? :D Definitely following this one!


Hmm, at the moment (and this may change at a later point once I begin the writing proper) you have a menu to pick who you ended up with in the previous game, and then a following menu where you indicate who the King had picked to marry Guillaume: you or Francesca. 

Also, there is an extra menu for players who pick Guillaume as their partner as, to get his ending, you could have romanced him , pretended to romance him because you want to be queen, or just been picked by the King.

All these decisions will then feed into the story routes which will be written as completely different paths. I'm not saying there won't be any overlap or similarities in how the general plot pans out, but it won't be like 'Rose' where the game ran along the same path for each route with different encounters. 

So the playthrough where the King chose you to marry Guillaume but you ran off with Charlotte will have very different scenes and goals to the playthrough where you convinced Guillaume you were in love with him but secretly only wanted the crown.

To be honest, I think my word count estimate of 200,000 is on the low side, but I didn't want to promise more on the survey and then let people down. 

I hope this answered your question - please, let me know if you want anything expanded on. It never occurs to be me that people would be interested in hearing about this sort of thing, but I certainly don't mind sharing - I hope it would get people excited for what is coming. ^_^

Thanks for reading

Oh wow! Thank you so much for your prompt reply! No- that sounds really exciting, and I love hearing about this sort of information! If you marry Guillaume, but don't necessarily romance him, will you have the option to later fall in love with him? Will children talks be a thing? And you said before that MC will now have more personality options- are these in combination with the original three, or are they subsets of the original three- and could you give an example, if you're okay with spoilering? XD

But this does sound like it's going to be great- again, thank you for the informative reply!

Hmm, not sure about the Guillaume or children thing yet - I'll have to see how things develop as I write each route. I don't want to promise things here that won't end up in the final game. 

As for the traits, well, at the moment they are going to be a choice of another three personality traits (from a potential nine) to add on to your original three traits (which you will again pick at the start of the game with all the other information from 'Rose'), so you'll have six in total. 

I don't have any examples as yet, I'll probably decide on them once I begin writing the routes - that way I hope the traits themselves will develop from the narrative rather than me picking them beforehand and trying to shoehorn them in later.