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In the kingdom of Segunda, the Crown Prince’s birthday celebrations are traditionally where he is expected to choose a bride. Your mother, the Duchess of Florentia, is very keen for her only daughter to become the next queen, so she sends you and your mischievous brother, Frederique, along with your family’s steward, Bastien, to the fortnight long celebrations. Of course, just because your mother has her gaze fixed upon the Prince, does not mean you must follow suit.

Will you act like the perfect lady and convince the King to select you as the Prince's betrothed, or show your true colours and perhaps catch another's eye?


Decisions made in the outset of the game will determine your personality - with possibilities ranging from a diplomatic scholar to a bawdy hellion - and these in turn will open additional conversation options and scenarios that can help or hinder your relationships with those around you.


Game features:

+ Approximately 102,000 words

+ 6 romance paths (4 male, 2 female)

+ 26 beautiful CGs

+ An enchanting score combining a mix of classical pieces with custom tracks composed to blend seamlessly together

+ Steam key available for Windows copy


Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

In order to download this visual novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

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The_Rose_of_Segunda-1.2-win.zip 261 MB

Download demo

The_Rose_of_Segunda-2.1-mac-DEMO.zip 204 MB
The_Rose_of_Segunda-2.1-win-DEMO.zip 205 MB
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Oh my god I can't believe I almost pass this wonderful game because it UI. I'm so happy that my friend told me to try this game!

I knew Lepold is my bias of this game in a very 1st sight and even more so after I finish the game. I love both Leopold and Iolanthe so so so much, they are my OTP now. You won't know how long I finally ship a cp this hard.

I definitely look forward to the sequel!


Thanks for letting me know you liked the game -  especially the Leopold route. I hope you enjoy the sequel just as much.

Many thanks for playing


I haven't played this game before so I was wondering if this has a satisfying ending or if it's more cliffhanger? I was just wondering because you guys are making a second game. Thank you!!


Hello, melkins, 

I can't really say if you'll find the ending satisfying or not (since that's more of a personal thing), but I do know that this game was originally made without any thoughts of a sequel in mind, so there is no deliberate attempt at a cliffhanger ending. 

Many thanks for your interest ^_^


Hi! I don't know if this is a spoilery question or if it has been asked before, but how do you get the king to choose you in the end? Or is it impossible no matter the route (I only tried with Guillaume)?

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Hello, AnnieIvanova, many thanks for your question. 

The way to get the King to choose you is to behave like a 'princess'.  

So doing things that make you seem meek, fragile, and perhaps even a bit stupid. 

Of course, that might not make you popular with any of the love interests, so the key is to balance this behaviour with things you love interest is going to like. 

A good tip here is to consider whether the rest of court can see you. If they can, anything you do will get back to the King, but if you are alone with your love interest or family, the King isn't going to know how you are behaving so you can do as you please.

There are also two points in the story where you mother writes to you letting you know (via how happy she is/is not with you) what the king things of your behaviour. This is supposed to help players track their progress.

I hope this helps, but if you would like a more in-depth guide on which options give you 'princess points' with the King, please email me at support@blackcross-taylor.com

Many thanks for playing


Caution: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own discretion.

Also: sorry for my bad english...(?)

I remember finding this game waay back and coments of people saying they where dissapointer with the whole premise and what not, but i said to myself, i gotta try this, so i waited and just until now i had enought spare money to afford it, and so i came here to praise this game.

It is very light, but i love the setting, is perfect if you want to play some historical, romance court drama but with less intrigues and more comedy trown at you, seriously, i adore so all the jokes i saw in this game, from the horse jokes, to the ones the mc makes when talking to the different characters, the prank in the tea party is pure gold, and i love how everyone reacts when you play the role in the play as a strong willed young lady lmao.

For the characters, i must say my favorite is going to be frederique, i am all for forbidden romances in games and more so of incest, i do not duell to much on it but i feel it has a certain charm that pulls at your heart strings and is so very beautiful, yet all the same sad. However in this game i gotta give kudos for the chemistry between him and the MC, they act like siblings in all the other routhes but even there you can see that there is something they share, like and invisible little world, and this shines through better on those little scenes when pursuing other characters frederique shows just how much he knows his sisters, and loves her just for who she is, a strong, willed, mischievous girl, who is as sharp as her mother but also, has a very kind heart.

His routhe was the more pleasant for me, specially when he would just snap near the end of it, his confession almost had me to tears and i felt so much for them, so i was happy that they got away together, but also very sad there wasn't a kiss cg, even a hug maybe, where the two of them would look into the far away sky for how the future now is of endless posibilities for them.

Stoping my praise with them for now, if not, i may be writting this far longer, and i have to praise so many characters, lets move into my second husband in this game: Leopold. I also love his chemistry with the MC, he likes her better when she is herself, and i am down by that always. I will say that in this estance i love what he says when he catches you after the mischief in the tea party, he shares part of that mischief and my heart aches for his situation, i won't say i agree with the cup, or the uncertainty of it, but i would consider it and so i will wait for the sequel to se how everything develops later. But i love his character.

Then i would say the prince is my third, and only because he is at all too nice, i liked when he left his mask slip and MC got upset because all the things he said to her, showing his more human side, and kudos for MC because the option i picked here felt so good to say, almost like something i would say myself.

Wich is another point i would like to praise, the mc characterization. I give her a name, but unlike any other games where i can do so, and much more, i didn't play this game as a way to self-insert myself in the story, because MC alone was such a strong character that i feel like she was more like a friend to me, in a way in wich you read a book and feel for the protagonist but do not wish to take her place. She was kind, brave, and sharp, she could see through others and in her kindness, help them with their ploblems like a mother would do, all she said was on point, gentle, yet firm and to the point and she spooke with such truth and wisdom that i feel like out of everyone in the game, she shone the most.

Sofia and charlotte, while i may not be very fond of GxG as i am only now easing myself slowly into this world (unless the other female character is a tomboy, wich somehow is my soft spot) i enjoyed their routhes all the same, with sofia, i was charmed by her knowledge, she was also very brave with a degree of cunning, but fragile and kind, i will say that something bitter sweet here, as mentioned before, was the fact in how frederique leaped in and made the offer so the two of them could remain together. This ending for me was very sad, as i was partialy going through this because i wanted to unlock his routhe and also, because it was not a real solution, but a temporary one.  and while i would like to say that i wish it could be similar to charlotte ending, i understad that it couln't be posible because of circumstances so it was the best solution at the moment.

Bastien is my least favorite character, just because i related so much to MC in his routhe and was very pissed with him for not doing anything for his own happiness, and for nothing really, considering how everything turned out in the end that they had to rush to solve their situation. i did rush myself trought this because i get very exasperated with people and characters who find every but for any kind of happiness they can find in his life, and was more disheartened after his little rambling at the end, i understad he does not regret it (Probably) but he did say what he said so there is that.

So for those who said that this was a shallow story at fist, i beg to differ, the romance was not fast, but the endings did seem very rushed, but i suspect it was because there was going to be a sequel, wich i can't wait for to se more of my two hubbies and what the others are up to. Even if you don't like a character romanticaly, you can still see them as friend, as i saw even the suporting characters (aka rivals) in such a light.

I am also looking foward to more comedy in the sequel as it was one of my favorite things in this game (and im a sucker for bad jokes, just ask batensan) and perhaps, CG'S where the character lips are actually touching *wink wink* Anyways, it's a great game and i would recomend it with my eyes closed! you should definetely give it a try!

As for the creator, love your game, probably im gonna love the sequel too, and never stop dreaming and doing what you do, making games is difficult, even as a main job or a diversion, so this game is an acomplishment, one you should be proud of, as a fellow who enjoys romance and has probably played almost all the otome, dating sims, yaoi, and visual novel out there i will say, even if you think it's cliché, go for it, i know there are many stories out there about the same damn thing, but anything yours you put in them will make the difference, and i can see in this game a lot of thing you put there, wich are yours alone, who make this game so good as it its, so thake risk, enjoy what you do, and remember that there is always someone out there willing to read that what you are working on!!

Also, take care of your health!!

thank you for this amazing game and i will see you soon, in rose of segunda torns of war! ;) until then, stay safe and be happy!


Many thanks for your kind feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game - especially Frederique's route.

I hope you will enjoy the sequel just as much ^_^

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Totally random question, but did your sprite artist do the side character silhouettes as well or did you have someone separate do that?  I'm thinking about putting together a short project but a lot of the side characters would be black silhouettes and I really liked how yours looked!  If you don't want me contacting your artist though that's totally fine, but I figured I'd ask!

Ah, I'm glad you liked them - I know they weren't too popular with some people, but were sadly necessary due to budget constraints.

Actually, they were made by the same artist who did the backgrounds for 'Devil'. 

They were made by taking the character sprites as templates and then painting over them and adding simple shading - the artist is a friend of mine and made them for me as a favour. If you message me on my support email, I can put you in touch with him if you wish. 

Thank you, I might do that, I still have some ways to go in planning the project before I'm actually ready to commission art, but you may see something from me in the near future.  Thanks again for the info :D

No problem. Best of luck with the project ^_^

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Hello! I bought this game on Steam 2 days ago. I have finished the four (Edit: five) romance routes and ended all with a happy ending, but I can't seem to get to the secret route (no new option on Day 1).

For you to be sure I got all four (Edit: five) endings, I will list the CGs I haven't got to prevent spoilers to anti-spoiler fellows XD I know how sucked it is to be spoilered -_-

I will use (x, y) coordinate (haha I feel silly). I haven't got the CG (4,2) in page one and (5,3); (1,2); and (2,2) on page two. Hope this can give you certainty that I have cleared the four (Edit: five) endings. But if this isn't enough, I can summarize the endings I got.

Do I have to pursue another endings? I know there are other endings aside from I have pursued. But if that's not the case, is there something I didn't do? I want to read Secret's route! X.X

Thank you for answering. And after I played all routes, I will write a review <3

Hello, PangHerHeart - sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Hmm, four romance routes? Well, there are six in total including the secret route, so that sounds like you are missing someone. 

But, from the CGs you mentioned (clever way of avoiding spoilers, by the way ^_^) I don't think you are missing any of the romances. Do you want to email me at support@blackcross-taylor.com? 

I can get some more details from you and we won't have to worry about spoilers ^_^

(1 edit)

Oh wait I mean 5 XD Sorry, I didn't check lol

Thank you for the opportunity, but I don't know what else I can tell you except that I have romanced the 5, but I still don't get the new option to activate Secret's route X.X

But at the second thought I will just email you regardless. That way you can ask whatever details you need. Thank you for the fast reply!


Thank you, I am replying now.

Hey I bought a version of the game before it was avaible on Steam, can I get a game steam key?

Sure. I've ordered some more from Steam and they should be available in the next couple of days. 

I'll reply to you again on here once they are in.

Thanks <3

There should be keys available now ^_^

TY :3

I just started playing the game and it is brilliant so far, but after the second day it takes me straight to the credits and i'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong.  I would love to know if there is any way to fix it, thanks.


Hmm, that sounds odd. 

If I had to guess off the top of my head, I'd have to ask you to check if you are definitely playing the full game and not the demo. As I recall (and it's been a while since I played it myself), the demo ends after the second day.

If you are definitely playing the full game (the file size should be about 260MB) then please email me at support@blackcross-taylor.com and I will get some more information from you to investigate further. 

Oh I must have downloaded the wrong link the first time, but I've redownloaded it now and it all seems to be working fine. Thankyou.

No problem. I hope you enjoy the game ^_^

Thank you for playing

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I was expecting to enjoy this, but it still managed to pleasantly surprise me! For a game set over the course of a few weeks, the romances are astonishingly convincing. (It helps that Iolanthe's home life is pretty unbearable, so all the eloping feels reasonable.) The dialogue was frequently quite clever, and I especially liked how the romance was understated without becoming lifeless.

I usually avoid otome games that allow too much MC customization, because that generally seems to mean either inconsistent characterization or a binary choice between being a pushover or a jerk. I like leads who have strong personalities, rather than self-inserts, so the more defined the MC is as a person, the better. But Iolanthe was somehow clever and refreshing no matter how I played her, which was lovely. (Even though I never could quite bring myself to make her leave her toothbrush behind, or sit around admiring posteriors when she could be helping the stablehand, so I'm sure I missed out on some options). It helps that no matter what you pick, she's never stupid or shy; it's just a matter of how willing she is to play the Court's games, and why she chooses to or not. 

And for once the flexibility of character actually feels necessary—the love interests are quite different sorts of people, so it seems fitting they'd have different types. Leopold, for instance, almost requires the "strong, cunning hellion" that's happy to speak her mind and wreck tea parties for fun and profit, while the more reserved "commanding, diplomatic scholar" feels like the woman the Prince needs in his life to help him navigate treacherous political waters.

I really liked the subtle changes based on your chosen traits, like how being commanding means you get an additional layer of badassery at the tea party when the servant fetches a chair for you without you needing to ask. I think the only time what I chose and what happened didn't match up was on Guillaume's route. I had Iolanthe say she didn't love Guillaume, but wanted to be queen still. Then in the next scene she promptly agreed to marry him even if he renounced his title, which felt...off. But fair enough, really, since picking that option feels OOC in the first place, given everything that comes before it on the route!

This is already too long, but I'd feel weird reviewing an otome game without mentioning the actual routes, so in brief:

Bastien: Adorable. The scene where he realizes that, even if he stays a steward, Iolanthe will eventually leave him, was wonderfully heartbreaking. I would have maaaybe enjoyed more opportunities for Iolanthe to deliberately fluster him, because his reactions are so cute when she does.

Guillaume: I'm a sucker for shy kids who are forced to act like the opposite. And his argument with Iolanthe is handled just right, by which I mean it's good that she gives him the cold shoulder until he apologizes properly. She deserves as much. Overall, I enjoyed watching the MC slowly draw him out of the mindset of a figurehead.

Charlotte: Darling. I just want to spirit her away from everything and make all her dreams come true, which is exactly how the route ends, so yay!

Sofia: Nicely bittersweet and realistic in how they resolve the main conflict. Sofia's a good counterpoint to Charlotte. I made Iolanthe a scholar for her route and it was wonderful seeing two intelligent, classy ladies bond inside the gilded cage they share.

Leopold: I am here for Mr. Tilney types, who know how dumb the social rules are but play to win anyway. His reactions to Iolanthe's troublemaking are priceless; the two of them are a power couple in the making. I did feel like Iolanthe got talked into participating in his plans too quickly, but eh. He's worth it.

Secret Route: A perfect finale and deliciously angsty. It really felt like they were off in their own world together. In terms of chemistry, it might have been the strongest of the romances.

In conclusion: great job! Now I'm going to hop on over to the sequel page and see what's cooking there.

Hello, TheBetterStory, and thank you for your kind feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game.

I understand what you mean about never being able to pick some of the options. ^_^ 

I can never kill the bee, even though I think it is one of the funnier options in the game.  (It's one of the choices you get from leaving your toothbrush, so you may not have seen it.)

Well, I hope you find enjoyable the sequel, too (once it is completed) and thanks for playing

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I also made an account for the (initial) purpose of commenting here.  I see I'm not alone. :D

I started the demo and almost instantly thought "Nope, I need the full one". So I bought the game (on Steam) and boy, was I not disappointed.

It's captivating. A great idea, amazingly executed. I love all of it: the text, the artwork, the music... Oh, the music.

The character arcs feel fleshed out and — most importantly — believable. They're not too epic, sure, but I engaged with them, I empathized, I can't help but think of them as real live people — just not of this reality, but of another. That often happens when I read good books, so that one is a huge praise. 

I'm not usually one to play FxM romances (as a WLW in real life, I find myself way more inclined to pursue FxF romances in games too), but after reading comment after comment about how somebody adored this or that guy, I succumbed to my curiosity and... was also not disappointed, even though my expectations were really high at that point.

I haven't completed all the routes yet — I'm saving Charlotte for last and I'm not going for the secret route (I might actually try to please the King instead for once :D), but I enjoyed each end every one of the others. 

My favorite so far is Sofia, hands down. Bastien comes in very, very close second place, though. I won't go into detail here (might get carried away and go into spoiler territory), but whoa, I do feel for both of those struggles. And it was just the right amount of bittersweetness for my taste (in both cases, though for entirely different reasons, of course).

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I loved the music very much. Especially the bittersweet track that plays in the most "heart to heart" dialogues, I don't know its proper name, unfortunately. 

And I wonder if there's any way to download/buy the music as playable files (such as mp3, etc)? I personally would give the same money I paid for the whole game without hesitation, to be honest. I couldn't find even the pointers: the credit roll comes and goes very quickly (for me, perhaps, since English isn't my mother tongue), and there's no other mention of the composers in the devlog or elsewhere that I've been able to find.

I do hope you (or someone) can point me in the right direction.

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Hello Firebringer

Thank you for this kind feedback.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game so far, and that you found the characters believable (and it's nice to hear Bastien getting some love, too - he does not seem as popular as some of the others ^_^)

As for the music, I am happy to say that it is, bar three tracks, all creative commons work and available to download for free .

The two Mozart pieces should be easy enough to google (Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622 - I. Allegro and Piano Concerto no. 10 in E flat major, K. 365/316a.)

As for the other tracks, they are by a talented and generous composer called Kevin MacLeod, and can be searched for here https://incompetech.com/music/

I think many people who make games (and youtube videos) use his work. 

Tracks I used in this game are as follows, but I think the piece you might be referring to is "Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet" or possibly "Heartbreaking".   

"The Rule", "Sugar Plum Fairy", "Hidden Agenda", "Heartbreaking", "Reaching Out", "There is Romance", "Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet",

Anyway, good luck in finding the track you were looking for (and possibly even more great music) on his site, and thank you for playing.

Hello and thank you so much for the swift reply — I expected to wait a day or two, but here you are :)

Oh, Bastien is amazing! I love that he's kind and caring and always strives to do what he believes is right and stay true to it, no matter how much pain it may bring him. Honestly, the two human-shaped balls of chaos (Frederique and his sister, of course) can use someone like him by their side — not only loyal, but also a voice of reason. His route also is relatable to me personally: I know how it is to feel for someone so deeply and not be able to tell them, and that inner turmoil and torture is captured brilliantly and rings very true.

I'm definitely going to be replaying his and Sofia's routes! (Well, most likely — all of them, and some are just going to be replayed a bit more times...)

Regarding music: YES! I've found it among the first two you listed, thank you so much *___* I was initially referring to "Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet" — it first caught my ear as a very fitting piece for the scenes it was used in, and then I listened a bit more closely and fell in love.

P.S. Oh, and I'm definitely coming back for your other games — I'll get The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea as soon as another paycheck comes in, I can't wait for Heaven's Grave and Best Friends Forever, and I've fallen head over heels for the Thorns of War demo. I wish you best of luck with these three and more!

You're amazing, don't stop creating <3

Ah, I'm glad you found it! 

And thank you for the encouragement - I'm happy to hear that you're looking forward to other games of mine, as well. 

"don't stop creating <3"

Heh, I'll certainly try. ^_^


I literally made an account so I could comment here.


The secret route is the best  honestly. I was more surprised that they r blood related, coz usually if there is brother/sister relationship in otome they r usually not related. I was expecting him to say "oh you know we r not even related", that would ruin the whole impression from the route. It could be more better and emotional, also dramatic, the part that touched me when he was talking about his childhood. But I am already happy with you putting this route there. I want to say thank you so much for that. His connection was actually very noticeable when I was playing other routes. Especially, in Sofia's route when he wanted to marry Sofia so she could stay with MC. 

thank you! wish more games had routes like this 


Ah, thank you for your kind feedback - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the secret route.

Yes, I do agree with you when it comes to romances of this sort - when they pull the whole 'you were adopted' schtick at the very end, it kind of feels like a bait and switch. ^_^

Well, the story will continue in the sequel game, The Thorns of War, so I hope you will be able to enjoy more of this romance once it is released.

Thanks for playing


Another problem with the "it's okay, I'm adopted/just a step-sibling" trope is that it somehow implies that someone not related to you by blood isn't a "real" sibling. I say if you're going to write a forbidden romance, commit to it!

(1 edit)

Very true and good point to make. 

This game was simply amazing! A fun, dramatic and sensible story. I loved the character Sophia so thanks to whoever designed her and the scene after the play with Charlotte made me laugh.

Ah, thank you for the kind feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed the game,

Thanks for playing  

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Hello! I bought this game last year and just realized there's a steam key. How do I get the steam key? Thanks!

(Also, I look forward to playing the sequel!!)

(1 edit)

Hmm, I'm not 100% sure as I've never see it from the side of someone buying the game, but I believe if you have bought the game, are logged into itch and are on the game's page, there should be a button mentioning  request key on the purchase page.

There are definitely keys left, so if the button is there it should not be a problem.  Please let me know if the button is not there and I'll do some more investigating. 

Thanks for playing

I got it, thank you! :)

Hi! so I bought the game from itch and it says I get a steam key with my purchase but its telling me "There are no keys available at this time, try again later" Can something be done about this? 

Hello, Rena Kuri

Apologies. I am waiting for Steam to send me some more keys. Once I have them, I will upload them to itch and they should become available. 

I would try again in about 48 hours.

Many thanks

Scratch that! Steam have come back in record time and there should be keys available now. 

Ah brilliant! Thank you <3

I plan to leave a bigger comment after the last two routes, but I just finished Leopold's and not sure whether to laugh or cry. Laugh, because of the coup he's planning (and what I would love to see play out), or cry because of what happened to him. I didn't think I'd love him this much, but I do! I can't wait for the sequel, and honestly he's at the top of my list of love interests to select to play with first when it comes out. 

also i absolutely love his hair omg

(1 edit)

Hello, Rowan

I'm glad you had fun with Leo's route and, if I'm honest, I think his hair might be my favourite in the game, too (followed closely by Charlotte's ^_^)

Thanks for playing

Hello, quick question - it’s written that you get a Steam key with purchase, but it looks like Steam only has a Windows version of the game; does that mean Mac and Linux owners won’t be able to use the key?

(3 edits)

Hello Saku3210,

My apologies, I was never able to upload the Mac and Linux versions of the game to Steam, so the key will only work if you require a Windows version on the game.  It is certainly something I can try to look at again in future, but not something I have the options for currently. 

Unfortunately, I cannot edit the text on the main page of the game to inform people of this - that text is added by itch - though I have clarified this in the game's description. 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Understood - thanks for the prompt response!

mc's dress and hair colour makes me think of belle from beauty and the beast

Ah, I can see how that would be the case. ^_^

I really enjoyed this game! Thank you for the hard work you put into it!

I could probably wax poetic about this forever, but I'll be short, haha. 

I really loved

  • the art & sprites (and I'm definitely going to have fun trying to unlock all the gallery pictures!)
  • the customizable-ness of the MC (and how she was snarky to boot!)
  • the many different routes (I'll admit I haven't played through them all yet, but Bastien is my favorite so far -- I can't help but love childhood characters, but Prince/Leopold are also good sjDSJISDJS I can't choose! There's something I love about each of them. I'm also excited to hear a sequel is in the works! I definitely want to know what lil Leo is up to...)
  • the story itself! Well-done! I originally thought this might a little cliche, and while they characters originally seem to fit some kind of archetype/trope, I was delighted by how they actually unfolded! Guillaume was predictable, but still such an adorable lil bean and his character development was pretty top-notch).

I'm looking forward to the sequel & am definitely going to replay TROS many times!

Hello, ahartwoods

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the game and I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to the sequel. I hope to post some progress on that soon. ^_^

Thanks for playing


I just wanted to say that I wished I played it sooner. This game is just so fun, so charming and I love all of the characters. Iolanthe herself is a great  MC, I love her to bits.

I enjoyed all of the routes and If I had to rank them based on how much I enjoyed them it wouls be like this:


Fredericks's route was just so sweet, I really loved Iolanthe and Frederick's close relationship in the game, they had natural chemistry and interactions that I enjoyed regardless of which route you're on. I was initially worried about his route being awkward as a romantic route but I was surprised to find myself loving their route, how natural it felt and understood why both would or has fallen for eachother. I kinda wished it was more explict but I guess it's fine.

Leopond another character who's interactions with Iolanthe were also great to watch. Leopond is such a charming character, I thought that I would find him boring but I was proven wrong.

Charllotte is sweet, I liked that in her route, she grows as a person and becomes more confident and independent despite the small amount of time interacting with Iolanthe. All Charlotte needed was someone to not chelter her, talk her down and beleive in her, Their ending is one of my favourites. To be honest I also didn't think much of Charlotte as a love interest based on my 1st impression of her but she surprised me.

I would go on about what I loved with each route but i'll just stop with my favourite 3.

But yes, I really loved this game and the fact that it's confirmed to be getting a sequel just makes me happy since all endings with each routes would be great with a continuation (especially Leopond, Sofia and Frederick's endings) and since the plot for the sequel seems to be deeper I'm sure it'll be just as good or better than this game. Overall, I hope for continued success for this game and any game you make in the future!


Hello, littlegal100, and many thanks for your kind words. I've happy to hear you enjoyed the game and are looking forward to the sequel - fingers crossed I cam write something you will enjoy just as much the second time ^_^

Thanks for playing


Great game!! I really ejoyed it, stayed up all night to clear all routes c:

Duke Leopold was my favotite, he's such a charm <3, it is really such a shame his route ends on the most interestng part, i hope for some kind of sequel c:

Thank you for creating this visual novel!!


Hello MuriMuri, 

Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed it - as for a sequel, there is actually one in the works and I'll be posting more details about it soon. ^_^

Thanks for playing

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I got this game on Steam & had a blast with it.  I loved all the paths, but I just wish we got more of the endings! I think the Charlotte ending felt complete, but Leopold's ending in particular was just begging for an afterword scene to find out how it all turns out. I would have also liked to have seen more ending-stuff for Sophia, secret character (lots more!), and even the prince. By the way - am I correct that there is no bottom right corner image on page 2? I am 99% sure I got them all, but you never know.

There were a few things I really loved about this VN: the protagonist has a real personality, all the other characters are multi-dimensional, and the romances take time to develop. 

(1 edit)

Hello, Achire, and thank you for the feedback. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the game overall and sorry you would have liked to see more of the endings for each of the characters.  

Endings are tricky. I find it can be hard to strike the right balance between giving too much detail, potentially describing a future that players did not want and leaving players to decide what comes next. That said, there is a potential sequel planned which continues the stories, if there is enough interest.

And yes, there is no CG where you mentioned - missing CGs are denoted by a dark pink rectangle. 

Thanks for playing

Amazing VN -- *Whenever* I find a visual novel that not only features F/F romance, but does it WELL -- GOSH: I'm so APPRECIATIVE.
More than anything, I *Must* Praise the Depth of Characterization in the PC -- I *Adored* how you could have this scholarly, troublemaker, cunning -- KNOWS when to PLAY THE GAME -- character(who if you chose, could be a Manipulative, Horrible Person). Honestly, favorite character has to be HER.

My one Truly Heartbreaking Disappointment was the way Sofia's route ended. After playing Charlotte's route(and seeing the number of kisses featured --and even a mini-epilogue of sorts) I *really* felt Cheated; that Sofia romance was one of 'almosts'. You don't even get as solid a declaration of love. Truly sad since Sofia was a Tremendously written and fleshed out character I felt was truly on par with my particular PC. But to close of such great pacing and banter and chemistry with such a nebulous ending.... I just felt they deserved better.

Regardless: Thank you so much for all your effort with this game.


Hello, leogrl19, and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the game even though you felt disappointed on Sofia's route. 

Sofia had a certain circumstances which limited what she could do with regards to her family situation, which made her route differ from Charlotte's, but since you felt you were missing out without an 'official kiss', I asked the artist for the below. I hope that it goes some way to making you feel better. ^_^

Thanks for playing


You know when you see something and you DIDN'T KNOW HOW MUCH YOU NEEDED IT, until it EXISTED? *THAT'S* how you sharing this art made me Feel. Thank you So Much -- what a Way to Start a Monday!

Completely understand where you're coming from with Charlotte having a bit more breathing room given she didn't face the same circumstances(I'm sure her rank helped as well), but it was Painful seeing her and PC get that open kiss in FRONT OF EVERYONE after Sofia's route. Even that little Push further in Private would have been Everything. But again: Disappointment only stems from something you care deeply about. Every moment Sofia and my PC were together, I was Thrilled.

A thing I neglected to mention in my first comment: I Adored that you featured darker-skinned characters in this game -- I wasn't interested in the Prince romantically, but not seeing a Stereotypical Blonde-haired, blue eyed 'Charming'?  BEST. <3


Does anyone know how to unzip and play this game in linux? Thanks.

Managed to download the linux app and everything is fine.:)

Hello, ollie4, and my apologies - I just saw your first message. I'm glad to hear you got it working, many thanks for playing.


Dear Blackcross & Taylor, I'm struggling to write a comment, because I really wanted to like your game but it just couldn't convince me. Nevertheless I want to support you and looking forward to your future games, I like your ideas and think you're doing a lot the right way as developers.

But back to TROS. It's absolutely not a bad game! And I liked a lot of it. For example the art and the really many choices were great and extremely enjoyable! :) But the story, characters and relationships kept being plain to me. In the end the characters felt kind of cliché to me and not as if they're real persons with whom MC is in love.

I really liked that so different characters and espacially Bastien were a romance option but in every route I waited for the deep feelings or deepening plot. I liked the events and actions at the court but the end really felt rushed to me. So there was that back and forth with Bastien and then they simply marry each other out of the blue and Bastien even talks about taking it back. I couldn't feel the love in this.

I experienced this with the other routes too and was looking forward to the secret route. It was pretty clear to me who it would be and because of their special bond in every route I was getting my hopes up that this would be much deeper. But then the route was kind of mixture of friendship and love? I kept waiting for "you're adopted" and then getting a lovely route with more feelings. But that way it was really awkward for me, since I'm not into those kinds of love stories and it clearly seemed that way sometimes - so it was neither just being platonic close nor love. So it got a really strange and undefined relationship for me at the end.

I had this in my head for some time now and really hope, you don't feel discouraged, because I want to achieve the complete opposite. I know that's a rather critical comment, but I felt like I really would let to know what I think of the game. So please don't take it to heavy. I hope that what I wrote was understandable and maybe helpful. I'm keeping an eye out for your upcoming games. :) Greetings!

(1 edit)

Hello, Aciara, and thank you for taking the time to leave feedback.

I am sorry to hear you did not enjoy the game. I appreciate you letting me know that you felt the relationships (or perhaps the emotions described in them) were too shallow and rushed.

It is difficult for me to respond to that since, if it was something I felt as well, I would have re-written the game, but it is certainly something I can keep an eye on in future.

Of course, it is hard not to take such criticism heavily, but that does not mean it should be avoided.

I hope you can find our future titles more to your liking, though if this matter comes down to my writing style then I worry that you probably won't.

Many thanks for the feedback

Blackcross & Taylor

I'm sorry that I may sounded harsher than I intended to. Sometimes it's rather difficult to express my toughts in English since it is not my native language.

It's not that I didn't enjoyed the game and your writing style! I really liked the events and how you described them and had fun reading. There was just missing something for me to feel deeper in the story and for the characters. But I like them nevertheless and really admired the diversity of personality!

And since I like your ideas and your writing style, I'm really looking forward to Heaven's Grave. :)

Don't worry, I don't think you sounded harsh . 

I meant more that my writing style tends to lean on the more understated side and that may come across as flat to some readers. 

I'm glad you enjoyed some aspects of the game, even if there were other parts that left you with the feeling that something was missing. 

Perhaps you will enjoy Heaven's Grave more - if nothing else, the story is of a much large scope. 

I enjoyed the demo SO much that before I even finished it, I knew that I would be buying the  full version. :D I'm very excited.

Hello, BrieSutt

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo - I hope you have just as much fun with the full game ^_^

Thanks for playing


This is probably the first VN I've played that wasn't freeware, but as soon as I played the demo, I was hooked and I knew I'd end up buying the full version.  And I'm so glad I did!  This game was wonderful.  The art (and the gorgeous clothes!!!!), the music, atmosphere, themes, and especially the characters--I adore it all.  Tbh, if the price of the game had been my soul, I still wouldn't have regretted buying it.

First of all, I love the personality options!  I love games that do that so much, but they're so hard to find!  (And I understand why--and I definitely appreciate the extra effort it must have taken to do that.)  My personal favorite personality build is strong, cunning hellion.  So much fun.

Usually, in a game with so many romance options, there's usually at least one love interest that I'm not a big fan of. With so many characters, it's almost inevitable.  But no, even in this, TRoS didn't disappoint!  I loved every single route and was always able to find something compelling and relatable in each of the romance options.

Actually, all the characters in general were compelling.  Even the ones who didn't get a lot of screen time were still interesting.  It's pretty hard to pick a favorite character.  ...Okay, that's a lie--Frederique is the light of my life, and I always looked forward to seeing him in a scene, because it was usually an indicator of Fun Shenanigans to come.  His mischievous personality was delightful (the boat scene, omg), but it's twice as great when it's paired with the depth of his loyalty to his Minette, on every single route.  (His part in Sofia's route in particular made me cry.  Especially now that I've played all the routes.  He's so good, and he loves her for who she is, and he just wants her to be happy. Omfg, more tears.)

...I mean, by this point, I suspect you've deduced my favorite route.  Tbh, just when I first played the demo before the full version came out, I shipped it way too hard, and then I felt really bad for shipping it because "there's no way this is going to be a canon route.  I shouldn't get my hopes up." And then the full version came out and I actually didn't know there was a secret route until I saw a couple comments here, and then I took a moment to compose myself after freaking out and then opened up the game again.  Note: there were several more moments during this time when I had to compose myself as well.  Like, all the CG moments, and.... okay, basically every single scene in the whole thing.  It's not my fault you nailed all my personal fav tropes, okay??

(I-I'm a good person.  But also, thank you so much, it was great.  Just.... such a great character and a well-written arc that's totally sympathetic and sweet and also, tbh, feels like such a True Route and, okay, I'm biased as all hell.)

...I told myself I WASN'T going to ramble for paragraphs on end about that.  I'm so sorry.  Anyway, in conclusion (I say as if this is an essay or something), this game was the best and I'm definitely going to end up replaying it many times in the future, because everything about it was my cup of (possibly whiskey-laced) tea.  To everyone who worked on this game, you did great!  And I'll definitely keep an eye out for anything you release in the future. :)


Hello, livian, and many thanks for the feedback. I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the game so much and that the secret route was a nice surprise for you. Your comment about the whiskey-laced tea made me laugh. ^_^

Thanks for playing 


What a complete review! Thanks

(1 edit) (+2)

Well, I’ve finished the entire game now (actually, I did the night following my previous comment, but I didn’t have the time to review it before). Or almost finished, I guess – I’m missing the 9th CG on the first page. Must be something bad ending related or whatever – I won’t look for it actively.

As said before, I really liked the game and most of the routes were really cool. The only ones I didn’t particularly like were the girls’ ones, but it’s simply because it’s not my cup of tea – otherwise they were well written and cute and stuff anyway haha! But well, had to do those to access the unlockable one.

The characters are great in this game, and I honestly have a hard time deciding who was my favorite or whose route was the one I liked the most. I guess it’s either Leopold or the secret character, but it’s difficult to tell.

Now, I have one complaint – something that was bothering me a lot during the whole game. Lots of names seem to be French-inspired. It’s fine, but well… two of them were weird. First, Françoise. While the name exists, it’s solely feminine.  The male version is François. Then, the surname du Jardine. This is even weirder – I guess it was meant to be the “from the garden” surname, but that would be du Jardin, then. Jardine sure means “garden”, but as in the verb – it translates as “(I) garden” / “(he/she) gardens” and a couple of other forms, not the garden as in the location with trees and plants XD.


I’ll go more in depth about each route, but because of that, a little warning:


---------SPOILERS AHEAD!!! ---------


- Charlotte – clearly the route I like the least. She’s a sweet girl, but not my kind of characters, and between that and the fact I’m not into GL games made it boring to me. On the bright side, I really like the message the route makes, about believing in yourself and not letting others tell you you’re worthless or stupid.


- Sofia – slightly better than Charlotte. She was an interesting character, so my only problem was that I dislike GL. But it also was the cruelest of all the routes in my opinion, because of how the final issue is solved. What can I say, I love the secret character, and I can’t even imagine that from his point of view.


- Guillaume – the first route I did, actually. Sweet and heartwarming. The prince is a fine character, and it’s always nice to see guys like him daring to challenge their parents and start to be masters of their own lives instead of listening to them. I wanted to do his route first since it was Iolanthe’s “mission” when she went to the palace, and well, it was a nice warm-up route.


- Leopold – one of my two favorite routes. He was an intriguing character, the sort you know is scheming something and because of that are not sure if you should trust him or not. The reveal about his goals is cool too, and I love the fact Iolanthe can just say “I’m impressed” XD – she always manages to surprise him. To be honest, Leopold almost made me cry at some points because of how lonely he was, and how he had to keep his secrets to himself and endure the stares of the court. The only thing that bothered me in this route is the ending – I love open endings – and in this game they fit really well the overall mood and writing style. Leopold’s ending was nice too, of course, but because of his and Iolanthe’s quite “extreme” plans for the future, it would have been nice to know how it went – even a short scene from after the facts would be enough and would wrap it perfectly.


- Bastien – this is a special case. I love Bastien, and I love master-servant relationships, so this is basically the route for me. And I like it very much, sure. But unfortunately, the route doesn’t add any new spin to the formula – it’s basically what I was expecting from that kind of scenario (+ added cruelty for the secret character XD). So yeah, it works, and I like it, but it prevents it from being one of my favorite routes.


- Secret (how I’d like to use his name, but oh well, I guess it’s better to keep it down, even with the spoiler warning haha) – the second route I like the most – it maaay be my number one, but I’m not entirely sure since, as with Leopold, one small detail prevents it from being perfect, so they’re quite tied. So, about the route itself! It was so extremely touching and… I don’t know, it’s hard to express actually, but I really felt it? It was like it tore the feelings straight from my guts and heart or something. I can’t help but think this route was “destiny” – like this would be the canon one. Well it’s a nice feeling when, for once, I think that about the unlockable route, since often I don’t like it very much in games and I’m frustrated it’s “more special” than the other routes I like more than it. The play scene in this route was one of my favorite gaming moments from the recent months. It got me hard! Now, I did mention a detail preventing it from being perfect, right… Well, it would benefit from a kiss / almost kiss scene like ALL the other routes. The lack of it actually bothered and slightly upset me even. It would have been so precious and powerful.



Well, I guess that would be it! It had some small issues, but overall a fantastic game – I’m happy I’ve been able to finally play it! Thank you for making that little gem!


Hello, Konoi, and many thanks for the in-depth review.

I am glad to hear you enjoyed the game overall.

As for the names you mentioned, I would say that this is a fantasy game and I never really meant for any of the names to be directly held up to real-life counterparts. I drew from a mix of French, Spanish and Italian and plain just made some of them up. As someone has already pointed out, Frederique  is the feminine spelling, as well - I just prefer it that way.

And sorry there was no kiss scene for the secret route - I wanted to leave that side of their relationship open to interpretation. But there was the scene after the tea party and then again after the boating so, CG wise, I think it turned out the raciest of all the routes. ^_^

Thanks for playing



I don't think you are still missing the 9th CG (either you found it, or moved on :D), but it can be obtained by missing romance routes and eloping with Frederique in the night before announcement. Also, it does not matter if you were chosen to be prince's bride - though if you did, the reaction is quite good :D

Oh thank you! I've moved on, but it seems funny - may try it at some point

I just finished playing one route, the prince's, and I must admit it was really interesting. I like the huge amount of choices and how they impact Iolanthe's behaviour and reputation. And the ending was truly heartwarming!

The sprites and CGs are nice, and the music choices are fitting too. The characters are overall compelling and some scenes made me laugh so much haha! Overall, a really nice game.

I have a small question though - if I understand correctly, there is one kind of secret route? Not asking for spoilers here, I'll manage to unravel it,  but I'd like to know one thing, if that's ok for you to tell. Is that the kind of secret routes that are merely hard to get on, but that can be done anytime, or is it actually of the unlockable type and I'd have to play all the other routes to get it? I must admit I'm not that interested in some of the routes, so I'd rather know beforehand haha! Not criticizing here though - it's just a matter of personal tastes!

And also, thanks for making this awesome game! I was waiting for it since the first announcements!

Hello, Konoi, and many thanks for the feedback. I am glad to hear you are enjoying the game so far.

Hmm, the secret route is the unlockable sort you mentioned. This is becuase I didn't want people stumbling upon it by accident.

Depending on your tastes, it may not even be your cup of tea and so not worth playing the routes you're not keen on.  If you want spoilers, you can email me at support@blackcross-taylor.com and I'll let you know more. ^_^

Thanks for playing

Oh sure, I'll do so in a moment - thank you for your answer!


This game was really excellent! I enjoyed all the romances but Leopold and the secret romance were my favorite, followed by Charlotte. I really love games that allow you to exert some influence over the MC's personality so that was a huge plus. The writing was excellent and some scenes had me laughing outloud, which rarely happens to me when playing games. Thank you very much for this awesome game! I too would love to see a sequel or epilogue or somesuch at some point, but for now I'll simply keep an eye on your other upcoming games.


Hello, FearfulSymmetry, and thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you had fun and the game made you laugh. I'm never sure about my humour, but I guess it works for some people. ^_^

I, too, like games where you can affect the MC's personality, so I expect it will be a feature in all my upcoming games to some degree. 

Many thanks for playing

Fearful! I was scanning reviews and was surprised to see a familiar face! <3 Now I'm definitely tempted to buy this!

Hahahaha, we definitely have the same taste in games! It's a really good and funny game, I recommend it! :D

Thanks for the recommendation, FearfulSymmetry ^_^


I would appreciate epilogues yes! Or something similar to Charlotte's ending where there was a -2 years later- and a little explanation because the rest seemed rushed at the very end.  BUT I want to also say that this was amazing and I enjoyed all the routes. I was very pleasantly surprised by the GxG routes. I am a straight woman but enjoyed pursuing Charlotte and Sofia just as much as the others. I appreciate that their routes were handled with care and done well.  Also, I feel bad for the secret character through all the other routes and am glad that theirs was last! THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME. Please make more!


Hello, skmcord, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game and that Charlotte and Sofia's routes were fun, too. 

As for epilogues, I wanted to avoid them since there could be a lot of disparity between certain routes (Leopold and Guillaume especially), but if there is enough interest, there is talk of making a sequel, so such things can be addressed then.

Many thanks for playing 


Hello! I played the demo and WOW, I really liked the options for developing the MC's personality! I'll definitely buy the game and take my time with going on different routes with different MC personalities.

I noted that in the "more information" part on the itchio page, the game is listed as "in development" Considering that there's a "game released" dev post on the page is this intentional?


Hello, farout, I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to playing more.

Ha! No, I think I recall changing the status to released, but I either forgot to save the changes, or they didn't save - my whole computer was running very slowly on the night it was released (and, to be fair, so was I ^_^). 

Thanks for pointing it out though - I've changed it now.

Linux later?

I would buy it in a heartbeat :)

Hello Violette

Many thanks for your interest. I'll make a Linux one and upload in the next few hours. ^_^


I've just uploaded a Linux version of the game and the demo, too, in case you want to try it before you buy.

Many thanks

Thanks for Linux ^^

*throw money at screen*

No problem. Many thanks for your purchase - I hope you enjoy the game ^_^

Bought this today, finished up Charlotte's and Sofia's routes-I have a quick q, does Sofia only have 3 CGs? Charlotte's has four, so I'm assuming every LI  does. 

(I'm enjoying the game so far! I just wanna give a proper review after I finish all the routes.)


Hello Answerless

I'm glad you are enjoying the game so far. As for the CGs, most routes have three, others (Charlotte and Leopold, off the top of my head) have four. I tend to use CGs for scenes that I can't easily represent with sprites, and I found some routes needed more than others . 

Fun fact: Charlotte had three CGs until the last two weeks before publish. With the last scene of her route being as it is, she didn't originally have a kiss CG, it was just described. 

But I feel that sort of visual representation is important, especially for same-sex etc. pairings, as, otherwise, people may think I am shying away from depicting it, so I commissioned the extra one (and the artist shuffled everything around to fit it in before the deadline, like a boss). 

Thanks for playing


Ahhh!!!! As a bi girl can I just say how grateful I am you added that in?  Charlotte ended up being tied for my fave route and I loved her cgs a lot. 

Both of your games that I've played have done AMAZING at representing gXg relationships.  Not shying away from some of the unique difficulties we face, but never making it feel like all there is to the route/relationship is the ~~forbiddeness~~ of it.  You made Sophia, Charlotte, and Bridgette (from DDBS) route's feel every bit as human and genuine as all of the boys, and for that you've earned a permanent fan from me.  I'm working on a review to post in lemmasoft forum as well, but I saw this comment and just absolutely needed to get out my appreciation for how you've handled all of this right now.

Thank you so much!!!!

Hi-I just wanted to say that I really liked this game.  I think (and this is a very wierd compliment) that you have a really good sense of pricing your games (I also played Devil and the Deep Blue Sea) and I think that for the amount of content both the games have, the price point was spot-on.

I personally didn't have trouble getting the endings, but I also used the guide for Charlotte/Sophia because I was doing them from a compleationist standpoint and not out of interest in their routes.  It's not that I disliked the characters-I actually found their backstories interesting but I would have liked them better as friendship routes than romantic routes (but that is 100% based on my personal preference).

I did notice several typos in the game (or at least what I think are typos.  I'm American so it could be American English grammer vs British English grammar happening)-I'm not sure if you're open to what I've noticed or what format you'd like feedback in (these forums, a new conversation thread, private email, etc).

***Spoilers Ahead***

My thoughts on the other rutes (I'm trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible so some things are left a bit vague)-

I thought Bastien's route was OK.  I liked him as a character but I'm just not (again, personally) all that enthuastic about the whole "overcoming class divide/inferority complex" dynamic.

I really liked the secret romance character but I just had a really hard time getting the implications of the romance out of my head, so I found it hard to get into (again, that's my issue not anything overtly wrong with the game).

I liked Leopold's route.  I knew he was up to something, but I did not see what it actually was coming.

My favroite route was Guillaume.  It was really refreshing to see a story where several of the interactions focus on a character's flaws or shortcomings and play through that dynamic.  The one issue I had in that route was the denouement felt rushed.  Specifically , in the last scene during the announcement it seemed like the MC was expecting what happened more than I (as the player) was.  It felt almost like there (logically) should have been some sort of conversation/interaction between them that I somehow missed.  

I agree with the other commenters who are interested in a sequel (or maybe just epilogues if a full-blown sequel is too much).

Hello, fairfaxleasee,

Many thanks for your feedback. It is always useful to hear what people thought worked and why, and the same for areas that could be improved upon.

And thanks for mentioning the pricing. I did find that aspect quite difficult to gauge.  

Oh, and if you have found typos, I'd be very grateful if you could email then to support@blackcross-taylor.com and I can make the corrections to the game.  However much I proof, there are always some that sneak through. ^_^

Well, I've had a couple of ideas of how I'd do a sequel, so I'll let everyone know once the time comes.

Thanks for playing

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Hey i dont know how to get both of the ending can u give me the ending guide?the romance ending for charlotte and for sofia i would appreciate it  guide me on what dialogue i need to chooses to get that certain ending i would really appreciate it because everytime i try i alway get a runaway ending wiith my brother..NVM I FOUND THE GUIDE YOU POST THANKYOU AND GREAT GAME AND GREAT WRITING BUT NEXT TIME COULD YOU MAKE IT EASIER TO GET CERTAIN ENDING?i try to hangout with charlotte as much as i could in option but i still didnt get the ending i wonder what i did wrong but though great game please make more

(1 edit)

Hello, Tigeratiwich, and thank you for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it, overall. 

I'm sorry you had trouble getting certain endings - I will look at this as an issue in future games.

Many thanks for playing.


The reasons why I think you should do a sequel to this game, is because the story of the kingdom, the characters, and their relationships ...


6-Bastien: Last, but no less intersante. I liked his shy and responsible side, and as despite all that, he dared to marry the MC. Now that he is more "free", I would like to see how his relationship with the MC evolves, besides that I want to see the opinion of the father, and also see how he manages these two in the world.

5-Sofia: Her final was interesting, but I'm more interested in knowing how she, the MC, and Frederique, will keep the scam in the future. MC's mother will still try to marry her, and if Sofia and Frederique do not have children, people will suspect. Also, I would like MC to meet Sofia's family, who already know Sofia's tastes, and who will probably give them her blessing.

4-Guillaume: I liked the personality and sweetness of the prince, and like the MC, it helped him to stay firm in his convictions. Now that he and the MC, are going to be kings, I would like to see how they will face the previous King, all those who are against the peaceful ways of the prince and his wife that reminds a certain "tyrannical" queen, not to mention that now we know that there is still a rebellion going on, hidden somewhere in the kingdom.

3-Charlotte: I loved her final, the like this young chick that was only one that was only attributed to beauty as its only quality has matured to become a beautiful free bird, that when you decide to go to a place, there is no one who stop MC was a great influence for her, and thanks to them, MC convention to fly with her. I would like to see the adventures they have together abroad, in addition to the confrontation they will have with their families when they return, and not to mention the secret of the birth of Charlotte's beloved brother (And we don´t know that he thinks of his sister's elope , and as his family has communicated to him).

2-Leopold: I loved both his design and his personality, and the tragic history of his family, as well as his determination for revenge to create a better kingdom. In I would like to see how he and MC, create a rebellion (It should be possible not bloody), in addition that the family of the MC will be at first very against, and the King already suspects them. I want to see how they return to the throne room as King and Queen.(Although I will feel sorry for the prince, he is a good person)

1-Secret Romance: I would love to see that pair of lovers in a new world, fleeing their cages to be together, the dynamism of troublemakers, with good heads, who love each other first and foremost. It makes me wonder what kind of adventures they would have, what kind of people they would meet, if they would start a business or choose to move all the time, they would hide their ties and present themselves as lovers in order to get married, or it would be a secret romance wherever they went, and More importantly, they would meet people who would accept them and their relationship. (And if you add scenes of kisses, such as the possibility of children, both by adoption and natural, better)

It's so interesting that it would be a waste not to continue it, besides the opportunity to see more romance, history, and PASSION XD!


Yes, there is certainly a lot of scope for a sequel. ^_^

But I know some people aren't as keen on sequels as they have their own ideas how they want the story to have progressed after they finished it, and I can understand that.

What I will probably do is finish the three games I am currently working on (Heaven's Grave, Best Friends Forever and short free game I haven't published the project page for yet). Then I will give people a choice to help me decide which project I will work on next, and a sequel to 'Rose' will be one of the choices. 


I'll try to be attentive to that ...
Where will you publish the news, in tweeter, tumblr, facebook?


I'll post it here and perhaps Facebook too. 

I'll definitely be voting for a sequel too, dying to see how you family handles your decisions, particularly your elopement with Bastien XD


Literally my first thought when I woke up last merry morning was ''Is it out yet?'' My morning routine consisted of brushing my teeth and then immediately holing up in my room until I'd finished the whole game hahah. This past week has been like a six course meal, except instead of getting food for the first five the waiter brought me stacks of exam papers, but for the sixth course I got six delicious desserts so it's OK. The best dessert imo was the forbidden fruitcake, a very fluffy and sweet cake though made a bit salty when I started crying into it, but I'll get to all that in a bit. Now clearly, I am not a woman who has utilized hyperbole ever in her entire life, so know that everything I shall say will be 1000% true and exact. I will do my best to ensure that my coming critique is insightful and fair.

Without further ado, my review:


Rating: Ten out of five stars

Best regards,






No, but really. If I listed everything I liked about this game I'd be here until Christmas, so I'm going to keep my focus narrow: my highly valuable, highly sought after, highly professional Opinions(TM) on characters and their routes! Which are, anyway, very much the meat and potatoes of the story. I liked all of the routes, though of course some more than others heheheh. A rough ranking of personal preference:

(SPOILERS, obvs)

6. Bastien – OK, first of all, I'd like to apologize to Bastien lol. I can see why people would like him, and I don't dislike him, but he just... didn't leave any impact on me, not really. OTL I didn't feel his presence in the common story much, like he could've been replaced with any steward and things would've been mostly the same except the di Parisi get togethers would've had one less participant. He had an actual presence in his own route though, obviously hahah. That whole agonizing over his relationship with MC and their status difference etc. is the stuff of a good romance, but ultimately I didn't really feel like it was explored enough and that the conflict was resolved too easily... I gotta say though, them just picking up a random village goose woman to serve as witness + Bas freaking out and trying to get an annulment within like five minutes of being married to MC had me cracking up. I like to imagine we form a lifelong bond with the random goose woman and name our daughter after her, also at some point she meets Francoise and they fall in love. Duchess di Parisi has an aneurysm. 

5. Sofia – Sofia felt like a kindred spirit to my MC, so I liked that aspect of their relationship, and I felt that a pair of clever dames like them could probably accomplish a great deal together – plus Sofia actually marrying into the family was Good+!! As for why it's one of my least favourite routes, though... Other than simply preferring most other characters' dynamics with the MC, it's that the central conflict didn't personally grip me... It's pretty divorced from the main story, and I find that an out-of-focus problem like that is hard to care about unless you're genuinely invested in the affected character... which I wasn't, enough, because I liked the other characters and their conflicts better. :'D Sorry, Sofi, I still like you. (Also I just want to say, that Frederique -> Sofia proposal scene? Making Frederique hold MC's hand during and having MC rather than Sofia be the one to say the big yes, did you do that to murder me? Was that an assassination attempt? I do not deserve such violence.)

4. Guillaume – His hair is 50% of his rating. I kid, I kid. Can't say I expected him to have as much of an attitude as he did though hahah, but since I do so love to be surprised, what might have turned a straight-thinking person off just made me more interested. Tbh I had my tinfoil hat on for a bit here and was one third convinced he had an evil twin brother that the King made him hide in his closet, or that he was being neurally reprogrammed by shady court magi, or something equally plausible. I do wonder which way a Guillaume who doesn't have the benefit of MC's advice develops as a king? Honestly, Guillaume's (and Leopold's) route(s) had me quite curious as to the wider political climate + future of Segunda and I'm having to fight off the urge to write civil war fanfic with a wooden bat. Anyway I'm kind of making Guillaume sound like a psychopath here LOL, which was not my intention. Sorry, your Highness. One more thing, I find it sort of interesting how Duchess di Parisi's efforts in making MC prime princebait succeeded in such a roundabout way in my playthrough, since her education – which she was supposed to downplay – was part of what allowed her to help Guillaume, and since the expectations placed on MC's shoulders, her isolation, the way she was born and bred for one role only etc. etc. made her experiences mirror Guillaume's so clearly, and were a part of what allowed them to bond.

3. Leopold – This was rather a surprise, since Leopold didn't really catch my eye when I played the demo. The first thing that convinced me this man was worth it was teaming up with him for croquet – if I've teamed up with a man for a round of light sports and our opponent isn't crying for his mother by the end, then that man is not for me. Luckily, Leopold meets my standards. Sure you become a queen apparent in Guillame's route, but it's so easy – just marry the prince and you're done, lazy lazy. Leopold's post-ending presumably has you become queen by blood, sweat and tears, which is more rewarding, and who DOESN'T want to overthrow a monarchy, come on? Anyway I love a guy who brings out the worst in me and joins in on my bad behaviour, this is good stuff. P.S. That throne room scene was ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

2. Charlotte – Another surprise! I did like Charlotte before, but I didn't think I'd like her route this much. MC x Charlotte gave me caries, so sweet, so precious... but merely that isn't what makes me like the route this much. What really won me over was the ending!!! Eloping to explore and have adventures across the globe? How fucking awesome is this, MC and Charlotte are living the dream hahah. Out of all the characters Charlotte might be the one I'd get along best with in real life, actually not (just) because she's such a genuinely nice person but because she's got that great sense of play and adventure. I would fly kites and pretend I'm an Alvardian yak herder with Charly any day. Also she appreciates Frederique, which as we all know is a terribly important trait in any romantic partner. Frederique would probably love to live the kind of life MCharlotte come to live as well, wish we could've taken him along, he could've fit in the luggage – he might get jostled around a bit but I'm sure the silk gowns would prevent any bruises/concussions. Why do I keep ending up talking about Frederique in my comments? We all know why.

1. Secret Romance – 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Where do I even start hahah? Unlike 3 and 2, 1 came as no surprise. Zero surprise. Negative surprise. Having the Secret Romance be unlockable only after you complete all other romances was a good decision imo, because it's saving the best for last. I actually wonder how many people who bought the game played through the secret route, and what percentage of that shared my enthusiasm, hah. I am an absolute sucker for forbidden romances, god damn, basically if polite society frowns on it I am living for it. It's like... two little magnets being pulled towards each other, trying to touch, but there's also another hugeass magnet behind them that's trying to pull them apart and in its own direction. (I passed physics by the skin of my teeth, okay?) How can I not root for the little magnets??? Stick it to society! Be free and in love! Life is too short to not be happy! Well, it's not just the taboo factor that I like hahah. Their character chemistry independent of relation is great for one, they always seem to have a grand time together. The relationship MC and Frederique have is unparalleled in closeness and affection even if you aren't doing the secret route. To paraphrase Frederique himself, they know and accept and embrace each other no matter what and that is... so beautiful... my true weakness: unconditional love. Their love is the one that feels the most genuine to me, that is the most plausible, organic outcome. This is my true route tbh, my canon. They're gonna be together forever because I say so. Oh, I'm crying again.   

In closing, thank you for saving my life. I'm gonna be keeping my eye on Heaven's Grave and practicing my money throw, also I saw that comment about a possible TROS sequel and dropped my tablet in excitement, so DEFINITELY count me into the interested parties. <3 

"Ten out of five stars"

Well, I think I just found the quote for the back of the box. ^_^

Thank you very much for your in depth (and amusing ^_^) review - I'm glad to hear your thoughts on what you thought worked and what could have been improved upon, and I'll be looking forward to hear what you think about Heaven's Grave upon release.

Many thanks for playing

Make a sequel!



Ah, thank you. I'm glad you liked the game enough to want more.  This is one of the few games I currently have in development where I think a sequel would be possible, so if enough people wanted it, I would be more than happy to make one.

YES! I would love a sequel as well and I didn't even finish all the routes. I'm in love with this game, but some endings deserve a sequel! (Ahem, Duke of Tremain...)

I totally agree!

Uhh... I can't launch the game. Yesterday, I played the entire thing and now I am unable to open the game at all.

(1 edit)

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble. Could it be something to do with the fact a newer version (1.1) has been released?  

I can't see why that would affect something you have already downloaded to your computer, but it is all I can think of that has changed. Did you download it or play through the itch app, please? And are you on a mac or windows?

Oh, and is it bringing up any error messages, please?

Possibly? I have no idea. I downloaded through the app and I am on a mac. No errors, I can click the lauch button but nothing happens and when I attempted to update it said something like "can update object object." Super weird

(1 edit)

Hmm? So it says it can update it, but then doesn't? I'm stuck. 

Can you send a screenshot to  support@blackcross-taylor.com and I will look into it, please?

Unfortunately, it may be that you will need to uninstall through the app and then reinstall it. 

I know there were problems on one of my other games where the app would not let people have both the demo and the game installed at the same time. 

I am not sure if uninstalling it will affect your saves - I am unsure in the case of the app where they are held, otherwise you could just copy the folder and then put them back into the new install.

Sorry this has become an issue for you.

(1 edit)

Uploaded version 1.1 to correct a typo and a small bug on Charlotte's route where a sprite does not appear for one line. 

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