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In the kingdom of Segunda, the Crown Prince’s birthday celebrations are traditionally where he is expected to choose a bride. Your mother, the Duchess of Florentia, is very keen for her only daughter to become the next queen, so she sends you and your mischievous brother, Frederique, along with your family’s steward, Bastien, to the fortnight long celebrations. Of course, just because your mother has her gaze fixed upon the Prince, does not mean you must follow suit.

Will you act like the perfect lady and convince the King to select you as the Prince's betrothed, or show your true colours and perhaps catch another's eye?


Decisions made in the outset of the game will determine your personality - with possibilities ranging from a diplomatic scholar to a bawdy hellion - and these in turn will open additional conversation options and scenarios that can help or hinder your relationships with those around you.


Completed game will feature:

+ Approximately 90,000 words

+ 6 romance paths (4 male, 2 female)

+ 25 beautiful CGs

+ An enchanting score combining a mix of classical pieces with custom tracks composed to blend seamlessly together

Projected release date: Spring 2018

Estimated price : $9

Download demo

The_Rose_of_Segunda-Demo-win.zip 141 MB
The_Rose_of_Segunda-Demo-mac.zip 139 MB


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Hi. I really like this even if it;s still demo version :)

I really like like how you let the player choose what MC will tell, do and even what kind of personality has she. It's very great idea. I really felt like I'm "in controll" of what will happen.

I also really like the artstyle. Everything in this game looks great: characters, backgrounds and even menu & interface. Well eveything except gray, shadow-like placeholer characters but I'm sure that in final version of the game all them will raplaced with great looking sprites.

Music works great too. Well composed and well chosen pieces very fits the style of game and epoque.

I'm sure it's gonna be good game, when finally realised. I'm waiting :)

Hello, MrMar, thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo and the control you have over aspects of the MC. 

I doubt I will be replacing the grey sprites with actual sprites as they are only minor characters and this decision was made to keep costs down and means I can keep the game price lower. 

That said, I will be replacing the flat grey sprites currently being used with ones that are a bit more polished. I hope their inclusion will not mar the game too much for you.

Well, you will not have long to wait now - release is still scheduled for February - so I hope you enjoy the full game once it is available.

Many thanks for playing

Hi!  Really liked the demo and excited about the full release.  I really like the amount of customization that can go into the MC's personality (my first few times playing through, I thought that the only choice that affected personality was the initial one in the packing scene-took me a while to realize that there were more variations after that).  My only question is have you considered having some sort of screen where the player could keep track of the MC's stats or the relationships she has with the other characters?  In these kind of games I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what a choice corresponds to in terms of altering relationships/stats (and I have a hard enough time in reality figuring out just what I've done to offend everybody >x<) so some sort of screen where you could just check where you stand is something I really like to see in games (although I have zero ability to code so I don't know if that's a major hassle to do...).

Hello, fairfaxleasee, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you've enjoyed the game so far.

Hmm, stat screens. I have put them in other games before, but it's usually ones with more stat-building elements to them, and I haven't ever included the 'romance levels' on the screen.

I am probably projecting here, but I find I fall into the trap of picking my conversation option and then immediately going to check the stats screen to see if they've 'liked' it or not, potentially reloading and trying again if they didn't, and that isn't really conducive to roleplaying. 

So instead, I've tried to make it clear, in game, what your stats are from lines of dialogue and character reactions, where the character's reaction to the choice that has been picked should indicate if they 'liked' it or not, but if it's not coming across then that is something we need to look at. 

Also, the game is written in such away that there is no specific path which must be followed to get a certain romance. It's more that you can get 'points' with characters (sometimes more than one character at a time) by picking certain options or choosing their company over another's, and these accrue over time, opening certain character routes. It's not like one bad choice is going to derail the whole romance.

Thanks again for the feedback and I hope you enjoy the full game once it has been released. ^_^

Hey, just finished the demo. Personally, my favorite is Leopold (I like how blunt he can be), followed by Charlotte (she's just so adorable!), but I thought all the characters were pretty interesting, so I like the rest of them as well. I also love how mischievous the MC could be at times! I also love the outfits, especially the dresses. Also, what shampoo does the prince use? Because I'm jealous of that hair. The ladies probably are, too. They just aren't saying anything about it.

I agree with a previous commenter on the overnight inn scene. I expected a bit more action, and I was caught a bit off guard when it kind of ended abruptly. I expected a bit more, but the rest of the demo made up for it.

Again, I just love how witty and funny the MC can be. I was cackling at some of her antics, especially the bee scene, and how you can talk about those foreign bees. Can we just date ourselves instead?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the final release. Keep up the good work!

Hello, Watermelon Merchant, and thank you for the feedback. It's good to hear that you enjoyed the demo. 

I see Charlotte is getting quite a few mentions about being one of people's favourite characters. Fun fact: in the original draft she wasn't intended to be a romance option at all, just one of the 'nicer' rivals.  But as I was writing her she was just so sweet that I felt kind of bad for her being lumped in with the other mean girls, so I changed her over to a romance option instead. ^_^

And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed playing the main character - Hmm, dating yourself? Perhaps I can add that to the dlc expansion ^_~

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy the final game after release.

Hi :)

I just finished the demo and omg this is something I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on. The sprites are all beautiful and I love the variety of choices we are given. But most importantly, is the secret romance really what I think it is? I almost screamed with joy when I realized that *he* (am I allowed to talk about it here? Is it a spoiler?) is one of the male ROs. Because oh boy that amount of angst I'm feeling is coming on his path...am I right? :D I'm sorry I just love controversial romances.

Keep up the good work, I'm really looking forward to this one!!

Hello, Ell221, thank you for the feedback - I very glad to hear you've enjoyed the game so far.

As for the secret romance, I don't suppose it's much of a secret now I've confirmed there are no extra sprites, so I wouldn't worry about spoilers  - maybe we could just not mention the name for anyone who's just skimming this?  But yes, *he* is a romance option.  ^_^

I worried it was a controversial decision, having that kind of romance available, so it has been a pleasant surprise to find that some players are keen for it.  I hope the direction his path takes is one you can enjoy discovering when the full game is released.

Thanks for playing. 

Hi! I played a demo of “The Rose of Segunda” and wanted to leave some feedback as a thank you and also in case it might be useful :D. First of all I really enjoyed the demo! I had fun reading it.

I think for now two things that I liked the most were the choices (as they were plenty) and the main character. I really like that we can adjust her personality, it is something I am always looking forward to in visual novels. I only played it once though so couldn’t test all the possibilities, but she appeared very intriguing with a strong personality :). I got attached to her rather quickly, an MC I could spend many hours with for sure. Choices also seemed all reasonable and will be really cool to explore. I only didn’t this time cause the demo kept giving error messages every time I attempted to save, which is understandable and not a big deal, it is a beta after all.

I liked the writing too, especially witty remarks from MC. I am unsure if it’s also due to it being a demo, but in some places the pacing seemed just a tiny bit too fast. Like in the scene closer to the beginning, when MC and her brother had to stay in a town for a night, it felt like a perfect set up for an event, but not much happened there and they left it fairly quickly. I like fast paced stories and think it is always good when there are no unnecessary details, but it felt kinda lacking in such places, where it could build some depth.

I also think the sprites look very pretty, all the characters are very visually pleasing *_*. Based on the appearance and story behind I liked Frederique, Leopold and Charlotte the most (also very happy she is dateable too, cause she is just adorable)!

And I am very very curious about the secret romance rout now, I would think I figured the romance options out, but this secret one just keeps me wondering haha. If I may ask, is the secret rout present on the first image with all the sprites, or is he yet to appear later :>? Truthfully I think I just hope to confirm my suspicion :D.

All said I am very much looking forward to the game release! *O*

Hello, monsteroverdose,  and thank you for the feedback - I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think.

First off, the saving error you mentioned doesn't sound good at all. Do you have a screenshot of it, please? 

I'll investigate and get it fixed as soon as I can. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing it. 

I'm glad you like the writing and the way you can influence the MC's personality, and, of course, the sprite art. 

As for the pacing, I will look into what you mentioned - perhaps a scene can be added at the inn make the beginning more evenly paced - and I will keep an eye on it going forward. 

And lastly, you have seen all the sprites that are in the game in the demo so... that probably answers your question about the secret romance. ^_^

It's pretty well hidden in the game (for, I think, understandable reasons), but it is there for anyone who wants to find it. 

Thanks for playing, and I hope you'll have fun with the full game once it is released. 

I am very happy if it was a little bit helpful! And sure thing (hope it's the right way to post images here), this is how it looks when I press Esc to summon the menu:

This is an error when I use save button on screen:

I didn’t realise that it actually gives different errors. Just in case, I use Mac and usually load games from the itch.io app, tell me if you need more detailed specs or smth. I can also try it on Windows to see if it will still occur.

And yay, thank you so much for answering my question. Kukukuku I had a feeling he must be that pretty and cute for reason, glad I got it right! :D

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Aha! I think I see the problem. Thanks for posting those screenshots. I'll adjust the demo files within the next 24 and re-upload. ^_^

**EDIT**  Okay, I think the new demo I've uploaded should work if you would like to give it a try. Please let me know if you encounter any more problems. 

Wow thank you so much for fixing it! It works great now and I can mess around with the options some more! :DD

Ah, I'm glad it worked. Hope you have fun! ^_^


I just had to try the demo after reading the description and it did not disappoint! I really liked it and would love to play the full game. The demo did make me snicker at one of the scenes near the end! 

You have done a good job so far and I wish you the best of luck in finishing this game endeavour! I'm cheering on you from the sidelines!

Thanks for the feedback and the well-wishes! 

I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the game so far (and that it made you laugh) and I hope you won't have to wait long for the finished product.


I just finished the demo and I'm absolutely in love with it! You got me with all my favorite tropes and 'archetypes' , I can't wait for the final release. Keep it up and good luck!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo.

With any luck you won't have to wait long for the final release. Progress is going well and I'm hoping to have the finished game out sometime in February.