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I would appreciate epilogues yes! Or something similar to Charlotte's ending where there was a -2 years later- and a little explanation because the rest seemed rushed at the very end.  BUT I want to also say that this was amazing and I enjoyed all the routes. I was very pleasantly surprised by the GxG routes. I am a straight woman but enjoyed pursuing Charlotte and Sofia just as much as the others. I appreciate that their routes were handled with care and done well.  Also, I feel bad for the secret character through all the other routes and am glad that theirs was last! THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME. Please make more!


Hello, skmcord, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game and that Charlotte and Sofia's routes were fun, too. 

As for epilogues, I wanted to avoid them since there could be a lot of disparity between certain routes (Leopold and Guillaume especially), but if there is enough interest, there is talk of making a sequel, so such things can be addressed then.

Many thanks for playing 


Hello! I played the demo and WOW, I really liked the options for developing the MC's personality! I'll definitely buy the game and take my time with going on different routes with different MC personalities.

I noted that in the "more information" part on the itchio page, the game is listed as "in development" Considering that there's a "game released" dev post on the page is this intentional?


Hello, farout, I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to playing more.

Ha! No, I think I recall changing the status to released, but I either forgot to save the changes, or they didn't save - my whole computer was running very slowly on the night it was released (and, to be fair, so was I ^_^). 

Thanks for pointing it out though - I've changed it now.

Linux later?

I would buy it in a heartbeat :)

Hello Violette

Many thanks for your interest. I'll make a Linux one and upload in the next few hours. ^_^


I've just uploaded a Linux version of the game and the demo, too, in case you want to try it before you buy.

Many thanks

Thanks for Linux ^^

*throw money at screen*

No problem. Many thanks for your purchase - I hope you enjoy the game ^_^

Bought this today, finished up Charlotte's and Sofia's routes-I have a quick q, does Sofia only have 3 CGs? Charlotte's has four, so I'm assuming every LI  does. 

(I'm enjoying the game so far! I just wanna give a proper review after I finish all the routes.)


Hello Answerless

I'm glad you are enjoying the game so far. As for the CGs, most routes have three, others (Charlotte and Leopold, off the top of my head) have four. I tend to use CGs for scenes that I can't easily represent with sprites, and I found some routes needed more than others . 

Fun fact: Charlotte had three CGs until the last two weeks before publish. With the last scene of her route being as it is, she didn't originally have a kiss CG, it was just described. 

But I feel that sort of visual representation is important, especially for same-sex etc. pairings, as, otherwise, people may think I am shying away from depicting it, so I commissioned the extra one (and the artist shuffled everything around to fit it in before the deadline, like a boss). 

Thanks for playing


Ahhh!!!! As a bi girl can I just say how grateful I am you added that in?  Charlotte ended up being tied for my fave route and I loved her cgs a lot. 

Both of your games that I've played have done AMAZING at representing gXg relationships.  Not shying away from some of the unique difficulties we face, but never making it feel like all there is to the route/relationship is the ~~forbiddeness~~ of it.  You made Sophia, Charlotte, and Bridgette (from DDBS) route's feel every bit as human and genuine as all of the boys, and for that you've earned a permanent fan from me.  I'm working on a review to post in lemmasoft forum as well, but I saw this comment and just absolutely needed to get out my appreciation for how you've handled all of this right now.

Thank you so much!!!!

Hi-I just wanted to say that I really liked this game.  I think (and this is a very wierd compliment) that you have a really good sense of pricing your games (I also played Devil and the Deep Blue Sea) and I think that for the amount of content both the games have, the price point was spot-on.

I personally didn't have trouble getting the endings, but I also used the guide for Charlotte/Sophia because I was doing them from a compleationist standpoint and not out of interest in their routes.  It's not that I disliked the characters-I actually found their backstories interesting but I would have liked them better as friendship routes than romantic routes (but that is 100% based on my personal preference).

I did notice several typos in the game (or at least what I think are typos.  I'm American so it could be American English grammer vs British English grammar happening)-I'm not sure if you're open to what I've noticed or what format you'd like feedback in (these forums, a new conversation thread, private email, etc).

***Spoilers Ahead***

My thoughts on the other rutes (I'm trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible so some things are left a bit vague)-

I thought Bastien's route was OK.  I liked him as a character but I'm just not (again, personally) all that enthuastic about the whole "overcoming class divide/inferority complex" dynamic.

I really liked the secret romance character but I just had a really hard time getting the implications of the romance out of my head, so I found it hard to get into (again, that's my issue not anything overtly wrong with the game).

I liked Leopold's route.  I knew he was up to something, but I did not see what it actually was coming.

My favroite route was Guillaume.  It was really refreshing to see a story where several of the interactions focus on a character's flaws or shortcomings and play through that dynamic.  The one issue I had in that route was the denouement felt rushed.  Specifically , in the last scene during the announcement it seemed like the MC was expecting what happened more than I (as the player) was.  It felt almost like there (logically) should have been some sort of conversation/interaction between them that I somehow missed.  

I agree with the other commenters who are interested in a sequel (or maybe just epilogues if a full-blown sequel is too much).

Hello, fairfaxleasee,

Many thanks for your feedback. It is always useful to hear what people thought worked and why, and the same for areas that could be improved upon.

And thanks for mentioning the pricing. I did find that aspect quite difficult to gauge.  

Oh, and if you have found typos, I'd be very grateful if you could email then to and I can make the corrections to the game.  However much I proof, there are always some that sneak through. ^_^

Well, I've had a couple of ideas of how I'd do a sequel, so I'll let everyone know once the time comes.

Thanks for playing

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Hey i dont know how to get both of the ending can u give me the ending guide?the romance ending for charlotte and for sofia i would appreciate it  guide me on what dialogue i need to chooses to get that certain ending i would really appreciate it because everytime i try i alway get a runaway ending wiith my brother..NVM I FOUND THE GUIDE YOU POST THANKYOU AND GREAT GAME AND GREAT WRITING BUT NEXT TIME COULD YOU MAKE IT EASIER TO GET CERTAIN ENDING?i try to hangout with charlotte as much as i could in option but i still didnt get the ending i wonder what i did wrong but though great game please make more

(1 edit)

Hello, Tigeratiwich, and thank you for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it, overall. 

I'm sorry you had trouble getting certain endings - I will look at this as an issue in future games.

Many thanks for playing.


The reasons why I think you should do a sequel to this game, is because the story of the kingdom, the characters, and their relationships ...


6-Bastien: Last, but no less intersante. I liked his shy and responsible side, and as despite all that, he dared to marry the MC. Now that he is more "free", I would like to see how his relationship with the MC evolves, besides that I want to see the opinion of the father, and also see how he manages these two in the world.

5-Sofia: Her final was interesting, but I'm more interested in knowing how she, the MC, and Frederique, will keep the scam in the future. MC's mother will still try to marry her, and if Sofia and Frederique do not have children, people will suspect. Also, I would like MC to meet Sofia's family, who already know Sofia's tastes, and who will probably give them her blessing.

4-Guillaume: I liked the personality and sweetness of the prince, and like the MC, it helped him to stay firm in his convictions. Now that he and the MC, are going to be kings, I would like to see how they will face the previous King, all those who are against the peaceful ways of the prince and his wife that reminds a certain "tyrannical" queen, not to mention that now we know that there is still a rebellion going on, hidden somewhere in the kingdom.

3-Charlotte: I loved her final, the like this young chick that was only one that was only attributed to beauty as its only quality has matured to become a beautiful free bird, that when you decide to go to a place, there is no one who stop MC was a great influence for her, and thanks to them, MC convention to fly with her. I would like to see the adventures they have together abroad, in addition to the confrontation they will have with their families when they return, and not to mention the secret of the birth of Charlotte's beloved brother (And we don´t know that he thinks of his sister's elope , and as his family has communicated to him).

2-Leopold: I loved both his design and his personality, and the tragic history of his family, as well as his determination for revenge to create a better kingdom. In I would like to see how he and MC, create a rebellion (It should be possible not bloody), in addition that the family of the MC will be at first very against, and the King already suspects them. I want to see how they return to the throne room as King and Queen.(Although I will feel sorry for the prince, he is a good person)

1-Secret Romance: I would love to see that pair of lovers in a new world, fleeing their cages to be together, the dynamism of troublemakers, with good heads, who love each other first and foremost. It makes me wonder what kind of adventures they would have, what kind of people they would meet, if they would start a business or choose to move all the time, they would hide their ties and present themselves as lovers in order to get married, or it would be a secret romance wherever they went, and More importantly, they would meet people who would accept them and their relationship. (And if you add scenes of kisses, such as the possibility of children, both by adoption and natural, better)

It's so interesting that it would be a waste not to continue it, besides the opportunity to see more romance, history, and PASSION XD!


Yes, there is certainly a lot of scope for a sequel. ^_^

But I know some people aren't as keen on sequels as they have their own ideas how they want the story to have progressed after they finished it, and I can understand that.

What I will probably do is finish the three games I am currently working on (Heaven's Grave, Best Friends Forever and short free game I haven't published the project page for yet). Then I will give people a choice to help me decide which project I will work on next, and a sequel to 'Rose' will be one of the choices. 


I'll try to be attentive to that ...
Where will you publish the news, in tweeter, tumblr, facebook?


I'll post it here and perhaps Facebook too. 

I'll definitely be voting for a sequel too, dying to see how you family handles your decisions, particularly your elopement with Bastien XD


Literally my first thought when I woke up last merry morning was ''Is it out yet?'' My morning routine consisted of brushing my teeth and then immediately holing up in my room until I'd finished the whole game hahah. This past week has been like a six course meal, except instead of getting food for the first five the waiter brought me stacks of exam papers, but for the sixth course I got six delicious desserts so it's OK. The best dessert imo was the forbidden fruitcake, a very fluffy and sweet cake though made a bit salty when I started crying into it, but I'll get to all that in a bit. Now clearly, I am not a woman who has utilized hyperbole ever in her entire life, so know that everything I shall say will be 1000% true and exact. I will do my best to ensure that my coming critique is insightful and fair.

Without further ado, my review:


Rating: Ten out of five stars

Best regards,






No, but really. If I listed everything I liked about this game I'd be here until Christmas, so I'm going to keep my focus narrow: my highly valuable, highly sought after, highly professional Opinions(TM) on characters and their routes! Which are, anyway, very much the meat and potatoes of the story. I liked all of the routes, though of course some more than others heheheh. A rough ranking of personal preference:

(SPOILERS, obvs)

6. Bastien – OK, first of all, I'd like to apologize to Bastien lol. I can see why people would like him, and I don't dislike him, but he just... didn't leave any impact on me, not really. OTL I didn't feel his presence in the common story much, like he could've been replaced with any steward and things would've been mostly the same except the di Parisi get togethers would've had one less participant. He had an actual presence in his own route though, obviously hahah. That whole agonizing over his relationship with MC and their status difference etc. is the stuff of a good romance, but ultimately I didn't really feel like it was explored enough and that the conflict was resolved too easily... I gotta say though, them just picking up a random village goose woman to serve as witness + Bas freaking out and trying to get an annulment within like five minutes of being married to MC had me cracking up. I like to imagine we form a lifelong bond with the random goose woman and name our daughter after her, also at some point she meets Francoise and they fall in love. Duchess di Parisi has an aneurysm. 

5. Sofia – Sofia felt like a kindred spirit to my MC, so I liked that aspect of their relationship, and I felt that a pair of clever dames like them could probably accomplish a great deal together – plus Sofia actually marrying into the family was Good+!! As for why it's one of my least favourite routes, though... Other than simply preferring most other characters' dynamics with the MC, it's that the central conflict didn't personally grip me... It's pretty divorced from the main story, and I find that an out-of-focus problem like that is hard to care about unless you're genuinely invested in the affected character... which I wasn't, enough, because I liked the other characters and their conflicts better. :'D Sorry, Sofi, I still like you. (Also I just want to say, that Frederique -> Sofia proposal scene? Making Frederique hold MC's hand during and having MC rather than Sofia be the one to say the big yes, did you do that to murder me? Was that an assassination attempt? I do not deserve such violence.)

4. Guillaume – His hair is 50% of his rating. I kid, I kid. Can't say I expected him to have as much of an attitude as he did though hahah, but since I do so love to be surprised, what might have turned a straight-thinking person off just made me more interested. Tbh I had my tinfoil hat on for a bit here and was one third convinced he had an evil twin brother that the King made him hide in his closet, or that he was being neurally reprogrammed by shady court magi, or something equally plausible. I do wonder which way a Guillaume who doesn't have the benefit of MC's advice develops as a king? Honestly, Guillaume's (and Leopold's) route(s) had me quite curious as to the wider political climate + future of Segunda and I'm having to fight off the urge to write civil war fanfic with a wooden bat. Anyway I'm kind of making Guillaume sound like a psychopath here LOL, which was not my intention. Sorry, your Highness. One more thing, I find it sort of interesting how Duchess di Parisi's efforts in making MC prime princebait succeeded in such a roundabout way in my playthrough, since her education – which she was supposed to downplay – was part of what allowed her to help Guillaume, and since the expectations placed on MC's shoulders, her isolation, the way she was born and bred for one role only etc. etc. made her experiences mirror Guillaume's so clearly, and were a part of what allowed them to bond.

3. Leopold – This was rather a surprise, since Leopold didn't really catch my eye when I played the demo. The first thing that convinced me this man was worth it was teaming up with him for croquet – if I've teamed up with a man for a round of light sports and our opponent isn't crying for his mother by the end, then that man is not for me. Luckily, Leopold meets my standards. Sure you become a queen apparent in Guillame's route, but it's so easy – just marry the prince and you're done, lazy lazy. Leopold's post-ending presumably has you become queen by blood, sweat and tears, which is more rewarding, and who DOESN'T want to overthrow a monarchy, come on? Anyway I love a guy who brings out the worst in me and joins in on my bad behaviour, this is good stuff. P.S. That throne room scene was ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

2. Charlotte – Another surprise! I did like Charlotte before, but I didn't think I'd like her route this much. MC x Charlotte gave me caries, so sweet, so precious... but merely that isn't what makes me like the route this much. What really won me over was the ending!!! Eloping to explore and have adventures across the globe? How fucking awesome is this, MC and Charlotte are living the dream hahah. Out of all the characters Charlotte might be the one I'd get along best with in real life, actually not (just) because she's such a genuinely nice person but because she's got that great sense of play and adventure. I would fly kites and pretend I'm an Alvardian yak herder with Charly any day. Also she appreciates Frederique, which as we all know is a terribly important trait in any romantic partner. Frederique would probably love to live the kind of life MCharlotte come to live as well, wish we could've taken him along, he could've fit in the luggage – he might get jostled around a bit but I'm sure the silk gowns would prevent any bruises/concussions. Why do I keep ending up talking about Frederique in my comments? We all know why.

1. Secret Romance – 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Where do I even start hahah? Unlike 3 and 2, 1 came as no surprise. Zero surprise. Negative surprise. Having the Secret Romance be unlockable only after you complete all other romances was a good decision imo, because it's saving the best for last. I actually wonder how many people who bought the game played through the secret route, and what percentage of that shared my enthusiasm, hah. I am an absolute sucker for forbidden romances, god damn, basically if polite society frowns on it I am living for it. It's like... two little magnets being pulled towards each other, trying to touch, but there's also another hugeass magnet behind them that's trying to pull them apart and in its own direction. (I passed physics by the skin of my teeth, okay?) How can I not root for the little magnets??? Stick it to society! Be free and in love! Life is too short to not be happy! Well, it's not just the taboo factor that I like hahah. Their character chemistry independent of relation is great for one, they always seem to have a grand time together. The relationship MC and Frederique have is unparalleled in closeness and affection even if you aren't doing the secret route. To paraphrase Frederique himself, they know and accept and embrace each other no matter what and that is... so beautiful... my true weakness: unconditional love. Their love is the one that feels the most genuine to me, that is the most plausible, organic outcome. This is my true route tbh, my canon. They're gonna be together forever because I say so. Oh, I'm crying again.   

In closing, thank you for saving my life. I'm gonna be keeping my eye on Heaven's Grave and practicing my money throw, also I saw that comment about a possible TROS sequel and dropped my tablet in excitement, so DEFINITELY count me into the interested parties. <3 

"Ten out of five stars"

Well, I think I just found the quote for the back of the box. ^_^

Thank you very much for your in depth (and amusing ^_^) review - I'm glad to hear your thoughts on what you thought worked and what could have been improved upon, and I'll be looking forward to hear what you think about Heaven's Grave upon release.

Many thanks for playing

Make a sequel!



Ah, thank you. I'm glad you liked the game enough to want more.  This is one of the few games I currently have in development where I think a sequel would be possible, so if enough people wanted it, I would be more than happy to make one.

YES! I would love a sequel as well and I didn't even finish all the routes. I'm in love with this game, but some endings deserve a sequel! (Ahem, Duke of Tremain...)

I totally agree!

Uhh... I can't launch the game. Yesterday, I played the entire thing and now I am unable to open the game at all.

(1 edit)

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble. Could it be something to do with the fact a newer version (1.1) has been released?  

I can't see why that would affect something you have already downloaded to your computer, but it is all I can think of that has changed. Did you download it or play through the itch app, please? And are you on a mac or windows?

Oh, and is it bringing up any error messages, please?

Possibly? I have no idea. I downloaded through the app and I am on a mac. No errors, I can click the lauch button but nothing happens and when I attempted to update it said something like "can update object object." Super weird

(1 edit)

Hmm? So it says it can update it, but then doesn't? I'm stuck. 

Can you send a screenshot to and I will look into it, please?

Unfortunately, it may be that you will need to uninstall through the app and then reinstall it. 

I know there were problems on one of my other games where the app would not let people have both the demo and the game installed at the same time. 

I am not sure if uninstalling it will affect your saves - I am unsure in the case of the app where they are held, otherwise you could just copy the folder and then put them back into the new install.

Sorry this has become an issue for you.

(1 edit)

Uploaded version 1.1 to correct a typo and a small bug on Charlotte's route where a sprite does not appear for one line. 

(1 edit)

just wondering, is there meant to be no sound in the game? because no matter what i do or check there is absolutely no sound at all.

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble as there is definitely supposed to be sound. There is music from the first scene (though not on the main menu).  I am assuming the volume on the preferences screen isn't muted or anything?

I've just tested my copy and it is fine - is anyone else having this issue, please? Oh, and are you on a mac or windows, please?

(2 edits)

yeah its alright now, apparently my download got corrupted so i just redownloaded it and it worked fine! Though I have run into a few errors during the game itself the errors cause it to skip entire days it seems and even the ending itself. I'm not sure if the problem is on my end again or not though.  If there is a way to fix it I'd gladly like to know. either way though I adore the game so far! :) its very well made and the art is lovely. Oh an i am using a windows computer. If you need the traceback logs of the errors i can provide them.

(1 edit)

Oh, yes, please - If you can email any traceback logs to I'll be sure to look into them and set to finding some fixes. 

Though the skipping days thing sounds familiar - does the error mention anything about BoatingChar not defined? Or something like that? If that is the case, are you possibly using a save from an old demo? 

The variables have changed in the released version of the game, so a new game will have to be started in order to work properly.

Though, if this is not the case, please let me know and I will look into it and get a fix back to you as soon as I can. ^_^


This game is truly stunning! 

The syntax within the language really makes this game come alive, truly helps players immerse themselves! I bought it on a whim, without even playing the demo, simply based on the concept and design, and I was not disappointed! I have yet to finish the entirety of the game, but just wanted to say that, as someone who has literally played almost every VN thats out there (seriously i have around 200 visual novels/otomes on my computer), this is a fantastic VN, and i wouldn't hesitate to play another from you!

 -sidenote: I definitely am one of those people who uses walkthroughs consistently, and was wondering when you think one will be posted?


Hello, camityle, and many thanks for your kind words.  It's lovely to hear you are enjoying the game; writing in such a florid style was a lot of fun, though my grammar checker was having a hell of a time with it. ^_^

A guide has already been posted  and you can find it here:

I hope you enjoy the rest of the routes

I seem to be missing three gallary pics. So if you walkthrough could include how to get all pics, that be great.

Never mind I found them. Little disturbed but interesting twist.

Was it 'secret route' related?


the " BoatingChar is not defined" bug I ignored it several times to continue the game, but finally the game jumped  to title.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 1081, in script call
    call Day12 from _call_Day12
  File "game/Day12.rpy", line 3, in script
    if BoatingChar == True or AllLove == True:
  File "game/Day12.rpy", line 3, in <module>
    if BoatingChar == True or AllLove == True:
NameError: name 'BoatingChar' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 1081, in script call
    call Day12 from _call_Day12
  File "game/Day12.rpy", line 3, in script
    if BoatingChar == True or AllLove == True:
  File "F:\chrome download\TROS-1.0-win\TROS-1.0-win\renpy\", line 1647, in execute
    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):
  File "F:\chrome download\TROS-1.0-win\TROS-1.0-win\renpy\", line 1670, in py_eval
    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)
  File "F:\chrome download\TROS-1.0-win\TROS-1.0-win\renpy\", line 1665, in py_eval_bytecode
    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)
  File "game/Day12.rpy", line 3, in <module>
    if BoatingChar == True or AllLove == True:
NameError: name 'BoatingChar' is not defined

A Ren'Py Game 0.0

Hello zhaosunday,

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble. Can I ask, please, if you began this game from the beginning or loaded a save from the demo?  The  definition 'BoatingChar' and others were added to the full released game (and run at the very start), but it will not be present in the older demo version.

Please let me know and I will investigate further.

I load from old save, I will try from beginning

Sorry about that. I've made a post to let other people about know the problem, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

play from start there is no bug anymore, thx

Ah, glad to hear it!  I hope the rest of the game runs smoothly for you.

(1 edit)

Hi! I keep getting this bug towards the end of the game, typically before the King's announcement, but there have been other instances.  It happened most frequently on Sofia's route (possibly bc I've been skipping?), but I've only tried one other besides that.

Update: It happens every time I'm supposed to get an ending.

Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that. Can you send a screenshot to and I will look into it right away.

I have these bugs too, like "Sibling is undefined", " BoatingChar is undefined",

HaHa I didn't miss it,  bought it immediately .


Okay, guys, it's there. Thanks for bearing with me and being so supportive. I really hope it is worth the wait.

Will you be releasing a walkthrough with the game as well?

Yep, writing it now ^_^

How much left?



It's fluctuating between 14mins and 2 hours.  Personally, I think it will be an hour from now, but I could be wrong.

Yay!~  Wonderful news c:

Ty so much for such a quick response! I'll be stalking! =]

It's released


I am psyched to play the game!!! My favourite is the disgraced lord who everybody thinks pursues the MC for her title!!!!!! (I hope he doesnt, though. )  XD


I am so ready to play!! Cannot wait (but also more than willing to wait so everything is perfect)


It's 11PM  from where I come from and  I keep refreshing haha. I can't wait for the game to come out!! 


Ah, thanks for being so keen, but it's probably going to be a few more hours yet (it's only the afternoon here now). I'm waiting on some last-minute feedback from my playtesters, so you may want to wait until tomorrow morning.  Sorry to disappoint you.  >_<

9am here, gonna check again after work. It'll be a great weekend (≧▽≦)

(1 edit)

No problem! I look forward to playing it tmr! ❤️

Sorry to bother but is it going to be much longer? It's absolutely fine if it is.


Hello, WaverlyAlexa

Apologies for the wait, the files are uploading now and, according to Dropbox, should be done in about two hours.

I discovered a problem in the final round of testing - basically the secret route was so secret that no one could access it, not even me >_>

So it took a while for me to work out why that was happening and fix it. 

Sorry to you and everyone else for the delay. 

Once the game is published, I'll be going to bed (it's like 2am here now), but if anyone has any problems please post them here or email - I'll be be back bright and early tomorrow . ^_^

Thank you and sorry if I seemed impatient! I am just excited. We appreciate all the hard work! Have a good nights sleep! You definitely deserve it :)


No, it's really nice people are keen to play it.  I wish Dropbox would hurry up - I am writing the romance guide to pass the time, but I want to go to bed, lol.

Ahhh I can´t wait! I´m so buying it as soon as it is released!


Thanks, Sheodesu, I really hope it's worth the wait. ^_^

I liked the game a lot, the MC feels quite real, I would like to know her name by default.
And all its romantic possibilities are attractive, it is the type of game that would play all the possible routes.
My favorites at the moment are Frederique (I don´t know if he will have a route since it would be incest, but I love his personality and love for his sister), and Prince Guillaume (I didn´t intend to pursue the prince, but he has such a sweet personality (^///^)).
I would like to connect more with the others, besides seeing the routes with the girls, especially Sofia, it seems to fit with the MC.
I hope that soon you finish the game, although it takes all that is necessary, this game has a lot of potential.


Hello, Aural, and thank you for the feedback. 

I am glad to hear you like all the romantic possibilities  - I hope you enjoy finding out more about them if you decide to get the full game which, I am happy to say, is scheduled for release tomorrow. 

Thanks for playing


I will definitely buy it and comment on it!

Will you put a guide? Please

I say it in case it is difficult to get some route.


A guide? Sure thing - I'll post one just after the game is released ^_^


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I actually made an account just to be able to comment on this game. I love the demo and I am really looking forward to the full game. 

I chose to name my main character(MC) Minerva for two reasons. First and least importantly, I thought it went well with the main character's nickname. Second and more importantly, I felt naming a girl for the goddess of wisdom and strategy was an appropriate rejection of a culture that expected girls to be only pretty idiots. 

I like how to be a bookworm you actually have to give up the book. At first I did not realize that but it was a very nice touch that only a bookworm would be willing to give up a book simply because she already had several other books to read. 

Frederique is my favorite character, someone who has known the MC as long as he has and who makes clear that he would support the MC no matter what and that he only wants the MC to be happy. 

My next favorite would probably be Guillaume. (He would have been the first route I played through in the full game had I not found out about the secret romance. I think the secret romance path will almost definitely be my favorite and I am so glad you included it.) I first started playing the demo determined not to pursue any one individual but just to have my character be herself as I envisioned it and Guillaume actually appreciated my character just being herself. He still can't compare to the secret romance but I do like Guillaume. 

Next would probably be Lady Sofia. I'm not sure yet about romance but she could definitely become a close friend. 

Lady Charlotte is so sweet. I am very glad you changed Charlotte from being a rival instead. I'm not sure if Charlotte is ready for romance as opposed to just needing an actual friend. I also like the bee scene and if Lady Charlotte had not been there, on the appropriate path I would have gladly chosen to "educate" the party about Aphesian bees, but Charlotte was there and I just could not do that to her. 

My character could never end up with someone that found Lady Charlotte's terror amusing nor with someone that spends every conversation trying to pressure my character back into society's mold. 

I like King Auguste's speech. It reminds me of Bilbo's birthday speech in Fellowship of the Ring. King Auguste: I know he is as eager to celebrate his birthday as you all are to share it with him… That is actually quite possibly a true statement. 

MC: I… do not believe I recognize you and I thought I would know everyone in attendance. The timing of this statement is questionable considering just a moment before this the MC failed to recognize the Duke of Tremaine on sight. 

MC: Hmm, you are not a stupid as you seem, are you? I apologize if this has already been noted and fixed, but it should be " are not as stupid as...".

During the picnic Lady Albertine: But they’re horrid creatures! There is no portrait in the lower left for Lady Albertine when she says this. 

My brother finds a place beside me, Duke Leopold and Lady Sofia seating themselves across from us, while the Prince is surrounded by as many young ladies can fit upon a picnic blanket, and the group settles to enjoy the feast. Some paths say “My brother find a place beside me” but other paths say “finds”. 

The topiary. It was ordered and yet fantasicalIt should be "fantastical". 

Lady Francesca: Ah, that recalls to me the time you asked the Duke Du Varlet where your luggage was when we arrive at Countess LaFouche’s birthday celebrations. It should be "...when we arrived...". 

Lady Albertine: Oh my, you didn’t! I’ll warrent he was furious. I think it should be "...warrant..". 

MC: I did and I also know that when he attended the Parisi midwinter ball last year, he got extravagantly drunk and manage to set fire to his own frock tails. It should be "...managed...". 

MC: Why I once spent half of Frederique’s annual university picnic lecturing some unknown group of gentlemen about the inconsistencies in a lately published paper on the history of the Cousin’s War, only to discover than the author had been among them. It should be "...only to discover that...". 

I say nothing and my brother clearly unterprets my silence for distress of some kind, Frederique taking my hand to loop it gently about his arm. It should be "...interprets" and Frederique is so sweet but I digress. 


Hello, FantasyReader, thank you for the feedback and the typos you found.

I've already caught some of them, but some were new, so thanks for pointing them out.

Minerva is an interesting name choice. I wonder, sometimes, how many people like to change the main character's name and how many remain with the default. 

I'm glad you've got some favourites among the cast and I hope you enjoy the full game on release.

(1 edit)

I don't know who to choose!!!! XD

I really like how witty and funny the main character is, she can be so relatable in many ways and I really like the large amount of answers you can choose from that the standard two. It feels more realistic and fun because you can truly mold the character's personality :)

The art is gorgeous and I like how you guys try to keep the language time accurate in a way but still easy to understand :)

Oh yeah, i was wondering, did you name Bastien after Sebastien by any chance? Just wondering ^^

Anyways, can't wait for the release of the full game and all the best of luck! Also, I hope you guys can release on steam too!

- Yangarina

Ps. My favourite scene was the bee one XD

Hello, Yangarina, and thank you for the feedback.  

I’m glad to hear you found the main character funny and enjoyed the choices you had to role-play her (and, of course, the infamous bee scene – which option did you pick, BTW?)  

I actually find it easier in some ways to write in a more formal, old-fashioned style – at least, you don’t have to worry about using modern slang that’s going to be out of date in a couple of years’ time. And, yes, you’re right, Bastien is a contracted form of Sebastien. ^_^


Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy the full game once it is released


I! Am!! So!!! Excited!!!! For this game!!!!! I've been checking this page daily for the past few weeks. When you see a purchase within 10 seconds of game release, know that it was me. 

Some random thoughts: 

MC is A+. Good balance between presence of personal history/pre-established personality (raised with great expectations as a prospective royal consort or, if nothing else, a proper lady of a great noble house) and freedom to refine her characterization with the choices you're given, and I like what's there of her personality independently of the player, too. MC is a witty, clever cookie. I'd be friends with her! I named mine Élisabeth, after notorious Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and lemme tell you, I'm so READY to construct a psychological profile up in this bitch. Also, can I just say that the main 3 personality types are hilarious? You can be a bookworm, okay... a tomboy, standard procedure... and a straight-up godless slattern. I lol'ed. 

I found the sprited cast universally likeable - including Albertine and Francesca, actually, who were sources of amusement. Then again I gotta admit I don't quite see them as real threats to MC, even *when* I'm actually trying to go for the Prince. Anyways, my personal #1 forever favourite is Frederique, with Charlotte (too pure, too good for this world) or Sofia (I feel like her and MC could potentially have a lot in common) interchangeably in second or third place. I'll stop myself from writing an ode but Frederique is just the best. I think his first scene was when he argues for MC's right to self-determination to mother dearest? I started liking him, like, immediately haha. And ''I am your man to the last?'' I am WEAK. Such support. Much loyalty. Plus, his role as best friend/confidante/partner in crime is very welcome in a story like this - it's a masquerade and he's the dude MC can just take every single mask off around. And unlike everyone else, he expects nothing from you and the only thing he wants from you is that you be happy. I. Love. Him. /ugly crying

Guillaume was actually the first one I went for (because I liked his hair best lmao) in the demo, though, and he'd probably be the one I'd have gone for first in the completed game if I hadn't caught wind of the secret romance (I see chu ;D ;D ;D tbh I combusted screaming when I realized that a) yes, the secret romance IS a thing and b) there is a God after all). I felt kinda bad for him throughout the demo hahah, being fought over and pulled every which way like a doll. I note that he sympathizes with MC if she says the woods are her favourite part of the estate, because she feels like she can get lost in them... A crown is such a heavy weight. 

Btw, I noticed one of the updates says the demo was updated with a new scene in the inn, but I redownloaded the demo the other day and didn't see any new scenes. At least... I don't think I did? What was the new scene supposed to be, or did I misunderstand the update haha? 

(Also, not sure where to put this but in real life, Frederique is a woman's name with Frederic being the masculine version. I guess it's kind of a moot point, given that the setting is a fantasy world, but it did stick out to me so I thought I'd just point it out.) 

(1 edit)

Hello, Macharomance, and thanks for the feedback - some of it had me laughing quite a bit. ^_^

I'm glad to hear your liked the main character and a good portion of the cast (secret romance included). 

As for the scene at the inn, it is a talk you have with your brother about his life at the university - was it not there? It's not long and was just added to balance the pacing, but if it has not uploaded properly, I will need to check that out.

Ah, yes, Frederique's name. I did become aware after I chose it that it was a specifically feminine spelling - to that point I'd thought it was unisex like Dominique - and by the time I realised my error, it had kind of stuck. No offence meant to anyone called Frederic, but it just didn't seem to suit him. But, as you say, it's a fantasy world, so I'll probably leave it as it is. ^_^

Thanks for playing 

re: inn scene, I just went through the demo again and I didn't see it. There's only the bit where you meet Leopold, then the scene with the stablehand in distress, then we're back in the carriage and off to Dacre.

Ah, thanks for letting me know. I'll double check the files at this end and see about re-uploading them.

Thanks for your help ^_^

So sad when I finished the demo so quickly! It looks like a beautiful game and I'm looking forward to it :) Just a note that there is a typo in the last scene where Frederique leaves the room (just before you get the option to ask Bastion if he will eat dinner with you): exhuberece (or something) instead of exuberance. If someone has already pointed it out, apologies! 

Hello, scribblefingers, and thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo - with any luck the full game will be out soon. 

And thanks for letting me know about the typo - I'll make sure that and any other typos the player-testers and I have found (and there are plenty >_<) will be corrected before the full release.

Thanks for playing

I'm looking forward to the full version of this game. The personality option is a nicely added feature that's not seen much in games unfortunately.  I'm enthralled by the artwork, it looks lovely. All in all, I think I will enjoy the game. Are you planning on making a walkthrough once it's released?

Hello,  applepii

I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to the game and I'll pass your compliments on to the artist. As for a walkthrough, I can certainly make one and post it on release day - I know the frustration of being stuck on a route and finding there are no guides up yet. ^_^

Thanks for playing

Its very rare I plan on buying a game on this website, I usually just drift and choose free games but I think this will be the first one I decide to buy on here. Its such a beautiful game with lots of fantastic characters and don't even get me started on the art I'm so excited for the release date

Hello, RinnieDay 

Ah, thank you for your kind feedback - I'm glad to hear your're looking forward to the release . I've been working on the game this week and solidly all weekend, so I will have another progress report to release in a few hours time.  ^_^

Thanks for playing

I look forward to the complete game! I really enjoyed the elegant writing matching the style of art and music. As well as how the characters bow/move when then they interact. Sophia is my favorite character so far, and it's a pleasant surprise to see a cat-loving character, especially one to romance. -Anna

Hello, Darumanaut, and thank you for the feedback. I'm happy you felt the art and music matched the writing style - I'd like to say it was something I did consciously, but  I think it just evolved that way. 

I hope you can have fun romancing Sofia once the full game is released.

Thanks for playing

Blackcross & Taylor

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This is really an amazing game! I'm really impressed by how many different ways I could play the MC- manipulative, brash, kindhearted, or plain mean. Right now I think the Prince is my favorite romance option. He's a lot more genuine than I expected.

Are you still anticipating a March release date?

(3 edits)

Hello, ArchEvangeline, and many thanks for the feedback – I’m glad that you enjoyed the demo and the customization aspects of the MC.

And hooray! A fan for the Prince! Guillaume doesn’t seem to be as popular as some of the other characters, so I’m happy to hear some people like him. ^_^  

Yes, the release date is looking to be March. It was going to be late February, but a couple of things have cropped up in the meantime and pushed production back. I’ll be posting progress reports in the Devlog from next week though, so you can monitor development from there if you’re interested.  

Thanks for playing


Blackcross & Taylor

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Hi. I really like this even if it;s still demo version :)

I really like like how you let the player choose what MC will tell, do and even what kind of personality has she. It's very great idea. I really felt like I'm "in controll" of what will happen.

I also really like the artstyle. Everything in this game looks great: characters, backgrounds and even menu & interface. Well eveything except gray, shadow-like placeholer characters but I'm sure that in final version of the game all them will raplaced with great looking sprites.

Music works great too. Well composed and well chosen pieces very fits the style of game and epoque.

I'm sure it's gonna be good game, when finally realised. I'm waiting :)

Hello, MrMar, thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo and the control you have over aspects of the MC. 

I doubt I will be replacing the grey sprites with actual sprites as they are only minor characters and this decision was made to keep costs down and means I can keep the game price lower. 

That said, I will be replacing the flat grey sprites currently being used with ones that are a bit more polished. I hope their inclusion will not mar the game too much for you.

Well, you will not have long to wait now - release is still scheduled for February - so I hope you enjoy the full game once it is available.

Many thanks for playing

Hi!  Really liked the demo and excited about the full release.  I really like the amount of customization that can go into the MC's personality (my first few times playing through, I thought that the only choice that affected personality was the initial one in the packing scene-took me a while to realize that there were more variations after that).  My only question is have you considered having some sort of screen where the player could keep track of the MC's stats or the relationships she has with the other characters?  In these kind of games I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what a choice corresponds to in terms of altering relationships/stats (and I have a hard enough time in reality figuring out just what I've done to offend everybody >x<) so some sort of screen where you could just check where you stand is something I really like to see in games (although I have zero ability to code so I don't know if that's a major hassle to do...).

Hello, fairfaxleasee, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you've enjoyed the game so far.

Hmm, stat screens. I have put them in other games before, but it's usually ones with more stat-building elements to them, and I haven't ever included the 'romance levels' on the screen.

I am probably projecting here, but I find I fall into the trap of picking my conversation option and then immediately going to check the stats screen to see if they've 'liked' it or not, potentially reloading and trying again if they didn't, and that isn't really conducive to roleplaying. 

So instead, I've tried to make it clear, in game, what your stats are from lines of dialogue and character reactions, where the character's reaction to the choice that has been picked should indicate if they 'liked' it or not, but if it's not coming across then that is something we need to look at. 

Also, the game is written in such away that there is no specific path which must be followed to get a certain romance. It's more that you can get 'points' with characters (sometimes more than one character at a time) by picking certain options or choosing their company over another's, and these accrue over time, opening certain character routes. It's not like one bad choice is going to derail the whole romance.

Thanks again for the feedback and I hope you enjoy the full game once it has been released. ^_^

Hey, just finished the demo. Personally, my favorite is Leopold (I like how blunt he can be), followed by Charlotte (she's just so adorable!), but I thought all the characters were pretty interesting, so I like the rest of them as well. I also love how mischievous the MC could be at times! I also love the outfits, especially the dresses. Also, what shampoo does the prince use? Because I'm jealous of that hair. The ladies probably are, too. They just aren't saying anything about it.

I agree with a previous commenter on the overnight inn scene. I expected a bit more action, and I was caught a bit off guard when it kind of ended abruptly. I expected a bit more, but the rest of the demo made up for it.

Again, I just love how witty and funny the MC can be. I was cackling at some of her antics, especially the bee scene, and how you can talk about those foreign bees. Can we just date ourselves instead?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the final release. Keep up the good work!

Hello, Watermelon Merchant, and thank you for the feedback. It's good to hear that you enjoyed the demo. 

I see Charlotte is getting quite a few mentions about being one of people's favourite characters. Fun fact: in the original draft she wasn't intended to be a romance option at all, just one of the 'nicer' rivals.  But as I was writing her she was just so sweet that I felt kind of bad for her being lumped in with the other mean girls, so I changed her over to a romance option instead. ^_^

And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed playing the main character - Hmm, dating yourself? Perhaps I can add that to the dlc expansion ^_~

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy the final game after release.

Hi :)

I just finished the demo and omg this is something I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on. The sprites are all beautiful and I love the variety of choices we are given. But most importantly, is the secret romance really what I think it is? I almost screamed with joy when I realized that *he* (am I allowed to talk about it here? Is it a spoiler?) is one of the male ROs. Because oh boy that amount of angst I'm feeling is coming on his I right? :D I'm sorry I just love controversial romances.

Keep up the good work, I'm really looking forward to this one!!

Hello, Ell221, thank you for the feedback - I very glad to hear you've enjoyed the game so far.

As for the secret romance, I don't suppose it's much of a secret now I've confirmed there are no extra sprites, so I wouldn't worry about spoilers  - maybe we could just not mention the name for anyone who's just skimming this?  But yes, *he* is a romance option.  ^_^

I worried it was a controversial decision, having that kind of romance available, so it has been a pleasant surprise to find that some players are keen for it.  I hope the direction his path takes is one you can enjoy discovering when the full game is released.

Thanks for playing. 

Hi! I played a demo of “The Rose of Segunda” and wanted to leave some feedback as a thank you and also in case it might be useful :D. First of all I really enjoyed the demo! I had fun reading it.

I think for now two things that I liked the most were the choices (as they were plenty) and the main character. I really like that we can adjust her personality, it is something I am always looking forward to in visual novels. I only played it once though so couldn’t test all the possibilities, but she appeared very intriguing with a strong personality :). I got attached to her rather quickly, an MC I could spend many hours with for sure. Choices also seemed all reasonable and will be really cool to explore. I only didn’t this time cause the demo kept giving error messages every time I attempted to save, which is understandable and not a big deal, it is a beta after all.

I liked the writing too, especially witty remarks from MC. I am unsure if it’s also due to it being a demo, but in some places the pacing seemed just a tiny bit too fast. Like in the scene closer to the beginning, when MC and her brother had to stay in a town for a night, it felt like a perfect set up for an event, but not much happened there and they left it fairly quickly. I like fast paced stories and think it is always good when there are no unnecessary details, but it felt kinda lacking in such places, where it could build some depth.

I also think the sprites look very pretty, all the characters are very visually pleasing *_*. Based on the appearance and story behind I liked Frederique, Leopold and Charlotte the most (also very happy she is dateable too, cause she is just adorable)!

And I am very very curious about the secret romance rout now, I would think I figured the romance options out, but this secret one just keeps me wondering haha. If I may ask, is the secret rout present on the first image with all the sprites, or is he yet to appear later :>? Truthfully I think I just hope to confirm my suspicion :D.

All said I am very much looking forward to the game release! *O*

Hello, monsteroverdose,  and thank you for the feedback - I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think.

First off, the saving error you mentioned doesn't sound good at all. Do you have a screenshot of it, please? 

I'll investigate and get it fixed as soon as I can. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing it. 

I'm glad you like the writing and the way you can influence the MC's personality, and, of course, the sprite art. 

As for the pacing, I will look into what you mentioned - perhaps a scene can be added at the inn make the beginning more evenly paced - and I will keep an eye on it going forward. 

And lastly, you have seen all the sprites that are in the game in the demo so... that probably answers your question about the secret romance. ^_^

It's pretty well hidden in the game (for, I think, understandable reasons), but it is there for anyone who wants to find it. 

Thanks for playing, and I hope you'll have fun with the full game once it is released. 

I am very happy if it was a little bit helpful! And sure thing (hope it's the right way to post images here), this is how it looks when I press Esc to summon the menu:

This is an error when I use save button on screen:

I didn’t realise that it actually gives different errors. Just in case, I use Mac and usually load games from the app, tell me if you need more detailed specs or smth. I can also try it on Windows to see if it will still occur.

And yay, thank you so much for answering my question. Kukukuku I had a feeling he must be that pretty and cute for reason, glad I got it right! :D

(1 edit)

Aha! I think I see the problem. Thanks for posting those screenshots. I'll adjust the demo files within the next 24 and re-upload. ^_^

**EDIT**  Okay, I think the new demo I've uploaded should work if you would like to give it a try. Please let me know if you encounter any more problems. 

Wow thank you so much for fixing it! It works great now and I can mess around with the options some more! :DD

Ah, I'm glad it worked. Hope you have fun! ^_^


I just had to try the demo after reading the description and it did not disappoint! I really liked it and would love to play the full game. The demo did make me snicker at one of the scenes near the end! 

You have done a good job so far and I wish you the best of luck in finishing this game endeavour! I'm cheering on you from the sidelines!

Thanks for the feedback and the well-wishes! 

I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the game so far (and that it made you laugh) and I hope you won't have to wait long for the finished product.


I just finished the demo and I'm absolutely in love with it! You got me with all my favorite tropes and 'archetypes' , I can't wait for the final release. Keep it up and good luck!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo.

With any luck you won't have to wait long for the final release. Progress is going well and I'm hoping to have the finished game out sometime in February.   

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