The Rose of Segunda - Update #4

Hello all

Sofia’s route is finished and I am about halfway through Prince Guillaume’s. The word count is now at 93,000  and the game is almost completely coded barring Charlotte's scenes and the music/SFX. 

Now I am this close to being finished, I feel confident enough to give a release date. I am hoping to publish on Friday 6th April. 

It's a week later that I was hoping for, but I would rather not rush things and deliver a product that I feel is the best I can make it. 

On a side note,  a few people have been sending me feedback and I just wanted to say a 'thank you' to everyone who commented, or who took the time to download and play the demo. I appreciate people's suggestions and support, and they've really helped to push me forward at those times when it feels like coding is the last thing in the world I want to do. ^_^

Thanks for reading

Blackcross & Taylor

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Ah, I can see someone's been borrowing my sweet dance moves. ^_^

I'm glad you're looking forward to the full game -  I'll probably publish another update later this week, before the final post next Friday.  

woohoo! Looking great :)

Thanks, rnnkakashi. It's not long now. ^_^

Can't wait, good luck!!!!!

Yay for release dates and all the work you've finished! Very excited to played. Now... regarding that CG... do I forsee a spicy secret nighttime rendezvous with Guillaume? ;D I joke, of course, considering his personality I'm going to bet he's one of those people who takes nighttime walks when they can't sleep because of all their responsibilities.  Good luck with finishing up; we are all rooting for you!