The Rose of Segunda - Update #3

Hello all

 Another progress update. Bastien’s route is now completed and coded, and I am about halfway through Sofia’s. 

The word count is up to 86,000, so it looks like my previous estimate of 90,000 words was a little on the low side - the finished game will probably end up closer to 100,000 words. As for the coding, only scenes that have yet to be written/polished are left to code, so it’s about 80% finished.

I’ve also update the demo to include some of the new music that was commissioned, and a scene at the inn which I hope will help balance the pacing issue some players mentioned on the first day of the game. 

Many thanks for reading

Blackcross & Taylor

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YESS! SOON i will have all the tottiessss <3

Ha, this really made me laugh for some reason. ^_^

Yes, not long now - I'm getting kind of nervous, lol.

Thanks for playing

Nooooo thank you :-) I am so looking forward for playing the full version! 

Wow, it is so closed from getting finished! I’m excited! ^^

Hello, namjean, I'm glad to hear you're excited - I hope there won't be too much longer to wait.  ^_^

Looking forward to it!!!

Thanks, NiKaWo. ^_^