The Rose of Segunda - Update #2

Hello all

 I’m happy to say we have some more progress to report.  All the backgrounds and Leopold’s route are now complete, as is the secret romance’s route, so I’ve now moved on to finishing Bastien. The word count is now at about 77,000 with about 60% of the game coded. With all this in mind, I’m hoping to release the game at the end of March – more details on this to follow

Many thanks for reading

 Blackcross & Taylor

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Yay!!! ;-)

Ahhh!  Love the Bastien CG.  Looking forward to this game :)

Thanks, NiKaWo, that CG is one of my favs.  I'm about halfway through polishing Bastine's route now, so things are progressing slowly but surely. ^_^

So excited for you to take my money for this game!

Lol, thanks! ^_^

I hope it meets with your expectations. 

How exciting! I can't wait to play. Great work getting so much done in such a relatively short time since the last update :)

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Ah, thanks ArchEvangeline.

I certainly haven't been slacking, but I  can't say I'm not disappointed with how long everything seems to be taking  - coding is  a nightmare for me. ^_^

I guess I just need to be more patient with myself - we will get there.

Thanks for reading