Heaven's Grave - Update #10

Hello, everyone

Since we're getting closer to release, I'm going to try and make these posts more regular, as a way of both keeping players informed, but also to keep me galvanised as we hit the home straight. ^_^

The first chapter of Tai's solo route is now finished (chapter 7) and the game's total word count stands at just over 157,000 words.

I also felt like this was a good time to mention a giveaway I am planning.

As a 'thank you' for everyone's continued support, I'll be giving away a free game key for Heaven's Grave to three people chosen at random. 

To enter, all you need to do is comment on this devlog with the name of the lucky bachelor you are most interested in romancing - Tai, Suiza or Kien.

I'll pick three winners by means of RNG and contact them by reply on 1st July  (12 noon BST), so you've two weeks to get your comments in ^_^

Good luck and thanks for reading

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Kien, probably. I love gentle guys, and he seems like a sweet heart. 

As many people before me have said; can't wait for the game to come out ^^

My first impression: they all need a hug, I'm not into men, but they all need a hug this instant. And Arha needs all of the hugs.

Suiza probably has the most painful backstory, I guess. With Tai being close second in that regard. But Kien looks so sweet and the most empathetic so far.

So uh. I can't pick.

I'm most curious about Suiza, I think, so I'll pick him for my first route.

P.S. What are you doing to me, I have no interest in F+M romances whatsoever, but I know how engaging your storylines can be and *fangirl squealing noises!!!!*

Kien is totally my type. I can't wait for this game to come out!! I'm super excited at the new developments!

They all seem so interesting!  Going with my first interest in Suiza and his luscious, long locks.   Also because he is blue. 

(After the demo, Kien's piercing eyes grew on me, but then there's also Tai's personality... can't wait to play all of their routes!!!)

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Kien, I think!  Though I agree with the poster below, it probably would've been Aki if he had a route LOL.

Suiza is gonna be my go to. I just love the vain characters

Kien was my first choice as I liked how he seemed to be the most considerate and down to earth of the bunch haha, but Tai also interests me since I feel like he'll be getting a lot of angst and character development in his route.. 

Overall though Kien's my favourite although I also can't wait to play all the routes! 

Aki. (I'm weak for soft boys with controlling elders, okay? But given there are only three romance options and Arha sort of runs off at the end of the demo without even checking if he's still alive, I'm gonna guess this isn't an option. XD )

Kien sounds most like my type based on the descriptions on the homepage, but when I was playing I liked Tai best!

Tai, for sure!

Can't wait for the game, it looks great!!


Suiza is my favorite, but I love them all.

I'm gonna have to vote for Kien!  Keep up the great work!

I'm looking forward to Suiza the most.

Also, good luck with development.  This is shaping up to be an interesting game.


Keep up the good work, I can't wait for this to be released!!

Omg! I can't contain my giddiness, the release is just around the corner~ ^^


At first glance I thought I would like Suiza the most, but that feeling vanished as soon as he started talking :D

So far my fave would be level-headed Tai, with his calm demeanor and golden locks ^-^ By the end of the demo, though, I've started appreciating empathetic Kien more, so we'll see how it goes~

Congratulations, you've won a free game key! ^_^

Please email support@blackcross-taylor.com for more details. 

Yay! ^-^ That's awesome, thanks for the giveaway! 
*goes to write an email*


Hi, all

I just wanted to post here and say thank you to everyone who has commented so far, and for all your kind words. ^_^

Kien took an early lead as the most popular romance, but it looks like Suiza is catching him up.

And Tai... Well, I think Tai might need a hug, lol.

In other news, I'm about halfway through Tai's chapter 8, and the game's word count is now just over 161,000.

Thanks for reading


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Lol, he's tied for the lead with Kien now and Suiza is only one point behind them. 

I am honestly excited to see who will be the most popular (Not that this was the point of the giveaway, but I got surprisingly into it ^_^)

Suiza :D


Kien your swoopy hair and green eyes are making me feel a type of way 

I can't choose between Tai or Suiza! If I would have to choose it would probably be Suiza. I can't wait to play the full game, I fell in love with the game when I played the demo and ever since then I've had this game bookmarked in my browser to keep a check on it! 

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