Heaven's Grave - Update #13

Hello all

Just a quick update. First off, my sincere thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered so far. 

As for progress, chapter 10 is now finished and the word count currently stands at just over 180,000 . 

There are only two chapters left to be completed now and release is right around the corner, so I'm getting nervous ^_^

Over the next week, I'll be working to finish off Tai's route and then I'll focus on final proofing/play-testing. Chapters 1-6 have already undergone this process, so I am hoping the rest of the chapters go as smoothly.

Oh, and pre-orders are still open at a discount (and will be until the 14th) for anyone interested in getting the game at 20% off.

Thanks for reading

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I'm so excited to play!!! But don't be afraid to push back the release if you need to! No one wants you to stress yourself out :)

Ah, thank you for your kind words. 

I certainly will delay the release if I feel I have to - players deserve the best game I can manage to make. 

But things appear to be on schedule at the moment so, with a bit of luck, everything should be fine for the 21st ^_^

Thanks for playing

Good luck, I can't wait!

Thank you! ^_^