Heaven's Grave - Update #14

Hello all

This will likely be the final update before release on the 21st. Tai's route is now complete and the game's word count stands at 191,000 words.

From now until the release date, I'll be playtesting and getting the last few corrections back from the proofreaders. 

It's been quite the journey and it's taken longer (far, far longer) than I had hoped it would, but the end is in sight. ^_^

Thank you to everyone for their encouragement and patience - I'm excited (and mildly petrified) to hear people's opinions on the finished game.

Thanks for reading

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Do you have a time zone for your release? I'm not in the US, so I'm just wondering if I'll get it in the day of the 21st. :)

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Hmm, the schedule I have at the moment has the release pencilled in at around 7pm British Summer Time (BST). I'll be building it in the morning, testing for most of the day, and then it will likely take a good couple of hours to upload the files.

Of course, if testing goes smoothly, then it may be earlier. I certainly don't want a repeat of TROS's 'posting it 4am because I was stuck finding a fix for a massive bug' shenanigans. 

Fingers crossed ^_^ 

I'm counting the minutes now! :D

Well, it may be a little later than I hoped - my internet seems to be running really slowly today. They usually do any required maintenance on Sundays, so it could be something to do with that. I'll be sending out an message via itch to everyone who pre-ordered, and of course I'll post on the devlog too, once it is uploaded. ^_^

Aw nuuuu. D: Here I wanted to play it before bed because I have class tomorrow. :( Will it come before midnight, you reckon?

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I honestly have no idea - it keeps losing connection and just hanging - the time estimate keeps flitting between a couple of hours to, like, days. >_>

Sorry, I can't give you anything more concrete. 

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I'm so excited!  My birthday's on the 18th so this feels like an extra birthday present for me :)

Will there be a walkthrough like there was with tRoS?

Ah, happy birthday for tomorrow then! ^_^

Yes, there will be a walkthrough though, like TROS,  there are no specific right answers, it's more a weighting system with points. 

Thank you for playing

Awesome!   And thanks :)


Wow, 191,000 words! If you feel bad for how long this took, just remind yourself that the average novel is between 100,000 and 175,000 words. You've gone and written a whole book!


Lol, yes, my predicted word count when I started was 120,000, so I kind of overshot that a bit. ^_^