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Arha lives a simple life as a shrine maiden at a long-forgotten temple finding joy in her worship, tending her small garden and occasional trips to the nearby village.

Then, one day, the sun does not rise…

It soon becomes apparent, though, that the now-erratic sun is the least of their problems. The wells and rivers are drying up and crops wither in the fields.

The villagers demand answers, but the gods, as ever, are silent. After a night of desperate prayer, Arha awakes – and she is not alone.

Three young men have appeared in the temple, finely dressed and impossibly beautiful, and, what is more, they claim to be gods. Powerless and confused, the four decide to travel to the First Temple to try to restore the balance of Heaven before it is too late.

Accompany three fallen deities on a journey across a dying world, where hope is all man has left. 


Arha (name can be changed)
A foundling raised by the temple monks, she is generally kind, understanding and utterly devoted to her gods, though conversation options can allow for more rational, emotional or insolent personality traits. 

The Gods
Three of the seven Nakami, comprising of Tai - the commanding, but dependable Sun God, Suiza -  the tempestuous, vain God of Water and Kien - the gentle yet distant God of Nature.

Full game will feature:

  • 191,000 words
  • 40+ atmospheric backgrounds
  • 30+ CGs
  • 3 romance options
  • 7 possible endings

Projected release date: July 2019

Price: £11.99 (approx $16)

***Please note: this game is set in an apocalypse scenario and thereby contains scenes of non-graphic, infrequent violence and the aftermath of natural disasters. It also contains non-graphic scenes of a romantic/sexual nature***

A walkthrough with minor spoilers can be found here: http://blackcross-taylor.com/index.php/guides

itch page background from www.vecteezy.com


Buy Now£11.99 GBP or more

In order to download this visual novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £11.99 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

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Download demo

HeavensGraveDEMO-1.4-mac.zip 218 MB
HeavensGraveDEMO-1.4-win.zip 219 MB

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love the demo and just purchased the full game; but I keep getting an error and the game won't continue past the demo. I'm on windows, am I doing something wrong?

Hello Mikko

I'm sorry to hear that. Please can you take a screenshot of the error and email it to me at support@blackcross-taylor.com and I will look at it this morning for you.

Thanks for playing

thank you! i just sent it, i dont know how to screen shot on this computer so i used my phone, i hope that's ok...

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My review (no specific spoilers, just general impressions):

I just finished getting the good ends for all the characters, and I have to say I really enjoyed the game. The setting is very novel, and the premise of this game is very exciting to me. I liked the post-apocalyptic aspects and the fact that the game did not shy away from showing both the good and the bad in that situation.

Arha is a great MC, she is earnest in her devotion without allowing others to walk all over her. It might easily have become annoying if she had been too deferential to the gods she spent her entire life honoring, but the game manages to avoid that. I enjoyed her responses to the obstacles put in her way throughout the story.

I played Tai first, and I found his route enjoyable. I liked the tension between him and Arha that would come up when their ideals clashed. I also found myself thinking about when to show deference and when to stand up to him. At some points I wanted to give him a good slap, and it was gratifying to see his development over the course of the game. The part where Tai and Arha spend some time traveling with others felt a little long to me at times, though. Still, I enjoyed seeing how that arc wrapped up in the end.

Suiza is definitely my favorite. His snarky banter with Arha was fantastic, and I feel like perhaps he grew the most throughout the game. The supporting characters in this route are also awesome, and it was a lot of fun to read their interactions. I also loved the hair CGs in this route. :)

I played Kien last because I was least interested in him. His route is well-written and the conflict in it was especially tense. I felt genuinely upset at some of the things that happened during their journey. Kien isn't quite my type so I wasn't as much into him as the others, but that is all down to personal preference and not to the route itself.

I felt the small cast worked well in this game. I'm a sucker for two characters getting stuck with each other/traveling together, and there was definitely plenty of that. It allowed for a lot of relationship development.

The ending felt slightly rushed, especially with the small time skip at the end. I feel that things might have flowed better if we'd been able to see some of the immediate fallout after the climax? It wasn't bad, it just made me go: oh, I guess this is the end already?

On the whole, I definitely recommend this game. It is super well-written and easy to get lost in, as evidenced by the fact that I just spent all day playing it so I could finish all the routes. I truly appreciate the fact that the setting of this otome is different from the standard high school stuff you mostly get, and that it is more serious in its tone. Thanks so much for the wonderful game!

Ah, my first review! Thank you very much for the feedback - I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the game overall, and it's interesting to see what you thought about the three routes. 

Your comment about it not being a school setting did make me laugh though, since BFF is going to be the very next game I release >_<

Many thanks for playing

Hahaha, I admit I haven't been following that one very diligently for that very reason. But on the other hand, I've really enjoyed this game and The Rose of Segunda, so I might just step out of my comfort zone for it. ;)

I really enjoyed the demo! But I am a little sad that Aki won't be an option though. I can't wait for this and the Thorns of War to come out!

Thanks for the feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed the demo and I hope you enjoy the full game, too.

Thank you for playing

loved the demo! can't wait for more!


Thank you for the feedback - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo and there isn't long to wait now for the full release.

Thanks for playing

Will it be available on Steam?

I am hoping to release it on Steam, but it will depend on if it sells well enough on itch first. I only tend to publish games on Steam that have already generated enough in sales to cover the costs associated with the platform. 

Loved the story in the demo. I like that the MC faces a problem beyond just romance. I think this makes for a richer, more engaging game and better developed characters. Can't wait for the full release. Good luck finishing everything! :)

Ah, thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo and are looking forward to the full game - it shouldn't be long now. ^_^

Thanks for playing

I hope you are doing well . :) loved what i played of the demo so far.


Ah, thank you. Yes, I'm doing fine. Just slowly working on this and BFF. ^_^

Thanks for playing

How has everything been going?


Hello, AnubisDaRa

Things have been going well enough, I believe. Work on Heaven's Grave slowed down a little in December since I was working on the Thorns of War demo, but I have a major update planned for the end of this month where I hope to give the word count for Kien's finished route and possibly reveal of one of the new sprites that I commissioned for Kien and Suiza's routes. 

Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line ^_^

Sweet, don't push yourself or anything, don't forget to take some good breaks ^u^

How's the game been coming along?

(1 edit) (+4)

Good question. I haven't put a progress report up for a while as I only like to announce when the larger goals have been reached, but here is where we are currently. 

I had written Kien's route first and it was okay - I wasn't 100% happy with it, but I couldn't put my finger on what I didn't like, and since I don't tend to like anything I do (which I'm told is pretty standard for anyone who writes, draws etc) I chalked it up to that. Then I started Suiza's route and I was having trouble - getting writer's block a lot and just generally not feeling it. Then something clicked and I realised what I'd been missing all along.  So I finished Suiza's route and began Tai's, but Kien's route was still not what I wanted. 

I looked it over again and realised what needed to change, so now I am now halfway through of doing a complete re-write of Kien's route. 

The word count is currently 117,000. I hope to finish Kien's route in the coming week or so and then return to Tai's. 

Also, I have commissioned the original artist to create sprites for the four NPCs that can be met in Suiza and Kien's routes (two Npc's in each). I was going to fill the roles with the 'extras' sprites I have commissioned but when their parts grew larger, I decided I would have them drawn as unique sprites. Once they are completed, I'll post them here for people to see.

So that is where we are! I know that it is taking much longer than I had anticipated or hoped and it is, in turn, delaying the other projects I am working on, which is frustrating  (not to mention financially crippling >_<), but I want to produce a game I can stand behind and  know it was the best I could make it with the resources I had at the time.  

Once I have a solid idea of when the game will be finished, I'll put out a release date.  Thanks for checking in! ^_^

That cliffhanger was very well placed. So far, the music, writing, sprites, backgrounds, and even the font worked well for me. It's also refreshing to see a VN that's not set in school or have gimmicky characters. (I've played a fair amount of VN's, not all VN's, but they still pop up a lot.) I want to save up for the full version of this!

Hello, OEblogs, and many thanks for the feedback - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo and are looking forward to the full game.

Thanks for playing


I am very excited for this game. I will have to wait a little while for my finances to allow me to get it, but I will definitely get it.

I do hope we get another mention of Aki. I know he is not a romance option, but since Chiyo managed to get away, I'd like to get a line later about his death.


I'm happy to hear you are looking forward to it and I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to play it.

Aki is certainly mentioned later, though I'll refrain from saying in what context ^_^

Thanks for playing

Amazing work so far! The backgrounds and character sprites look beautiful. I'm looking forward to the full release! And I'll definitely be checking out The Rose of Segunda in the meantime. ✦

Hello, Alstroemeria, thanks for the feedback; I'll be sure to let the artists know ^_^

It won't be long now before Heaven's Grave is released, but I hope you have a fun with The Rose of Segunda while you are waiting.

Thanks for playing 


I enjoyed the demo a lot!  The sense of isolation for the MC was readily apparent, and I found the descriptions of the absurd crises exciting. The tension in the writing for both the scenes and characters really came through.  

One of my favorite things about your games is that they allow for the MC to respond in a variety of ways to give them a sense of personality, without it being a simple right/wrong choice for development of the narrative.  It helps me dig into a game and enjoy it to the fullest.

I'm looking forward to the completed game, and thanks again for getting it to work properly for Mac users!

Hello, Desrin, thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. I'll be finishing and releasing Heaven's Grave once I am done with The Rose of Segunda, so it shouldn't be long to wait.

I'm playing on mac, and get this message when I try to open the zip file: "Unable to expand "Heaven's_Grave-1.0-mac.zip" into (folder I'm trying to open it into). 

(Error 2 - No such file or directory.)  Do you have any suggestions? I haven't had this problem with other downloads of your game demos.

Hmm, strange. Sorry to hear you are having trouble. 

I wonder if something has happened to the file behind the link.  Is this the first time you tried to download it, or is it a reoccurring   problem? 

I'll rebuild and re-upload the file - it should be available for you to test in the next hour.

Many thanks

Oh, sorry!  I should have mentioned I was having the same problem, after multiple attempts to re-download a new copy of the file from here.  Thanks for checking on it.

I wasn't sure an edit would give you a notification, but I'm still having the same issue with the zip file.  I also tried it on another Mac as well, but no luck.

(1 edit)

Hello   Desrin

Sorry, no, I wasn’t notified that there had been an edit to your previous post.   

Okay, can you send me some screenshots of the errors you are getting to support@blackcross-taylor.com please?   

Also, are any other mac users having a problem? There have been over 100 downloads for the mac version, so I hope this has not been an issue for everyone.  

In the meantime, I will try to find someone who has a mac who will let me use their computer to run some tests.

Sorry you are still having trouble

Hi, fellow mac user here :) I've also been having the same thing happen to me where it won't unzip the file. Thank you for looking into it!

I'm not good at giving constructive criticism or anything, so i'll just say this. I loved the demo, and i can't wait to see the full release. Keep up the good work!

Hello, G4m3rG1rl365, and thanks for taking the time to let us know you enjoyed the demo.  Full release will be this spring, so you won't have too long to wait. ^_^

That demo was way too short. I absolutely loved it. I was immediately drawn in by the story, and can`t wait for the full release. ^_^ Will all 7 gods be romance-able characters? Or only three that you first meet? I see that only three is listed above, but I was curious if you had plans to add more if the game is popular enough. 

Can I just point out two small spelling errors that I happened to notice? 

 When Mistress Aya is talking about Yumi when they are first introduced, she says "Yumi is healthy as an ox, the best of her village, and am blessed she made the journey..." I believe it should be "...and I am blessed..."

The second is when the three gods appear. The MC is saying "...I imagine the priests at Great Temple in Otani will know if it." I believe that it should be "...I imagine the priests at the Great Temple in Otani will know of it." 

Hello, Koryuu, and thank you for the feedback - I'll be sure to get those errors corrected, so thanks for letting me know. I did check the demo myself, of course, but I'm sure there are loads more mistakes, so I'll be getting a proofreader/beta tester to check the script closer to launch. ^_^

To answer your question, it will just be the three gods you meet in the demo who are the romance options. When I began this game, I wanted to see what I could do with a smaller cast of sprites (the other longer game I was working on at the time was BFF with ten romance routes >_<) and one of the themes of the story is supposed to be a sense of isolation, though that probably doesn't come across much in the demo. 

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far - sorry it was too short - and I hope you enjoy the full version on release.

I just finished it and what I love the most about this game so far that I've seen is the MC herself! Which is so rare for me to say since protagonists in this sort of games tend to go to bland, annoying and/or overly-Mary Sue-ish, but this game's MC is anything but! I just love that she's strong enough to withstand all of the gossip and ill-remarks from the villagers and yet be compassionate to still care for them! And also the fact that she is clever to immediately deduced that the three were gods. I really like her!

And for the three gods, I can't really say much about them. I must admit, they were a little unsympathetic to the MC and the villagers' problems, but then again, they are gods, so I can't really fault them for that. I just hope they develop more as the story progresses.

A little thing I noticed also, since the MC was (spoilers) thrown stones at by the villagers and it clearly said that she was wounded and bleeding, I find it strange that she was fine the day later and no mentions of it were further made??? Is it a continuity error or was I missing something?

To sum it all up, I really enjoyed this demo and I can't wait for the full game! I wish you the best of luck!

Hello Choe-chan. Thank you for the feedback and well wishes - I am glad to hear your like the MC.

As for her injury, well, it was a minor one and I guess it was all forgotten about in the wake of what came directly afterwards, but I will look at adding a line the next morning to tie up any loose ends, so thanks for spotting that. ^_^

I hope you enjoy the full game once it is released 

It has been a nice introduction to the MC and her background, it also gives a fair characteristic choices dispite her profession as a temple keeper who is often associate with "too pure for this world" traits; which tends to be Mary Sue problem in some otome ^^;

 Although, sometime it's a bit cringe-worthy when I can't look to the NPC while I talk to them, and there isn't enough distinct separator for the God's speech (If I didn't pay attention to the name and their slight different reaction while speaking, I would never know which one is Tai and which one is Kien ^^; )

Anyway, it's worth for me to keep it in my waiting list ^^

Thank you for the feedback. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the introduction of the main character.

As for the other issues you raised, I do not believe there will be anything I can do about the sprite-less minor characters at this stage without dramatically increasing the game’s budget, but I will certainly pay close attention to the ‘voicing’ of the gods, when I do my next bout of proofing. ^_^


THIS IS GOOD! It's nice to see side characters that give color to the story, it's those small details that makes  a story stand out. Keep the choices coming! I like that even if this is only the demo there's alot of things, us, the players can pick to slowly build the personality of our MC. JUST WHEN IT WAS GETTING GOOD YOU HAVE TO KEEP ME HANGING WITH A CLIFF HANGER ;;

Thanks for the feedback, namjean - I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. I wanted to include a lot of choices in the game which allow you to build your character, as it were, without having to worry about 'earning points' with whoever you might be pursuing romantically.  

And sorry for the cliff hanger >_<  I hope the wait won't seem too long before the full game is released (it already seems terrifyingly short to me. ^_^)

(1 edit)

It gives us players freedom if the choices are given that way which also lead to be more invested especially the MC without putting character development at risk in a way it feels forced. If that's how you put us building a relationship with the LIs, I think I would be readying myself to be emotionally invested to these three gods. Really, kudos to that! 

WELP IF YOU PUT IT LIKE THAT I'm already getting giddy for the full release! I just saw it will be  on Summer 2018, I'll be patiently waiting then! ^^