A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

Arha lives a simple life as a shrine maiden at a long-forgotten temple, finding joy in her worship, tending her small garden and occasional trips to the nearby village.

Then, one day, the sun does not rise…

It soon becomes apparent, though, that the now-erratic sun is the least of their problems. The wells and rivers are drying up and crops wither in the fields.

The villagers demand answers, but the gods, as ever, are silent. After a night of desperate prayer, Arha awakes – and she is not alone.

Three young men have appeared in the temple, finely dressed and impossibly beautiful, and, what is more, they claim to be gods. Powerless and confused, the four decide to travel to the First Temple to try to restore the balance of Heaven, before it is too late.

Accompany three fallen deities on a journey across a dying world, where hope is all man has left. 


Arha (name can be changed)
A foundling raised by the temple monks, she is generally kind, understanding and utterly devoted to her gods, though conversation options can allow for more rational, emotional or insolent personality traits. 

The Gods
Three of the seven Nakami, comprising of Tai, the strict, commanding Sun God, Suiza, the tempestuous, passionate God of Water and Kien, the gentle timid God of Nature.

Full game will feature:

  • 120,000 words
  • 40 atmospheric backgrounds
  • 30+ CGs
  • 3 romance options
  • 9 possible endings

Projected release date: Summer 2018

Price: $20-$30


Heaven's_Grave-Demo-win.zip 224 MB
Heaven's_Grave-Demo-mac.zip 223 MB


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I just finished it and what I love the most about this game so far that I've seen is the MC herself! Which is so rare for me to say since protagonists in this sort of games tend to go to bland, annoying and/or overly-Mary Sue-ish, but this game's MC is anything but! I just love that she's strong enough to withstand all of the gossip and ill-remarks from the villagers and yet be compassionate to still care for them! And also the fact that she is clever to immediately deduced that the three were gods. I really like her!

And for the three gods, I can't really say much about them. I must admit, they were a little unsympathetic to the MC and the villagers' problems, but then again, they are gods, so I can't really fault them for that. I just hope they develop more as the story progresses.

A little thing I noticed also, since the MC was (spoilers) thrown stones at by the villagers and it clearly said that she was wounded and bleeding, I find it strange that she was fine the day later and no mentions of it were further made??? Is it a continuity error or was I missing something?

To sum it all up, I really enjoyed this demo and I can't wait for the full game! I wish you the best of luck!

Hello Choe-chan. Thank you for the feedback and well wishes - I am glad to hear your like the MC.

As for her injury, well, it was a minor one and I guess it was all forgotten about in the wake of what came directly afterwards, but I will look at adding a line the next morning to tie up any loose ends, so thanks for spotting that. ^_^

I hope you enjoy the full game once it is released 

It has been a nice introduction to the MC and her background, it also gives a fair characteristic choices dispite her profession as a temple keeper who is often associate with "too pure for this world" traits; which tends to be Mary Sue problem in some otome ^^;

 Although, sometime it's a bit cringe-worthy when I can't look to the NPC while I talk to them, and there isn't enough distinct separator for the God's speech (If I didn't pay attention to the name and their slight different reaction while speaking, I would never know which one is Tai and which one is Kien ^^; )

Anyway, it's worth for me to keep it in my waiting list ^^

Thank you for the feedback. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the introduction of the main character.

As for the other issues you raised, I do not believe there will be anything I can do about the sprite-less minor characters at this stage without dramatically increasing the game’s budget, but I will certainly pay close attention to the ‘voicing’ of the gods, when I do my next bout of proofing. ^_^

THIS IS GOOD! It's nice to see side characters that give color to the story, it's those small details that makes  a story stand out. Keep the choices coming! I like that even if this is only the demo there's alot of things, us, the players can pick to slowly build the personality of our MC. JUST WHEN IT WAS GETTING GOOD YOU HAVE TO KEEP ME HANGING WITH A CLIFF HANGER ;;

Thanks for the feedback, namjean - I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. I wanted to include a lot of choices in the game which allow you to build your character, as it were, without having to worry about 'earning points' with whoever you might be pursuing romantically.  

And sorry for the cliff hanger >_<  I hope the wait won't seem too long before the full game is released (it already seems terrifyingly short to me. ^_^)

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It gives us players freedom if the choices are given that way which also lead to be more invested especially the MC without putting character development at risk in a way it feels forced. If that's how you put us building a relationship with the LIs, I think I would be readying myself to be emotionally invested to these three gods. Really, kudos to that! 

WELP IF YOU PUT IT LIKE THAT I'm already getting giddy for the full release! I just saw it will be  on Summer 2018, I'll be patiently waiting then! ^^