Heaven's Grave - Update #17 - Steam Release and Sale

Hello all

Just a quick update to let anyone interested know that Heaven's Grave will be available on Steam  (for Windows) from Wednesday 21st August. 

I'll be offering the game at a launch discount of 20% for the first week and, of course, Steam keys will be available on itch for anyone who has already purchased the game here, but would like a copy in their Steam library, too.

And to celebrate the launch, I will be running a comparable sale on here on itch with 20% off the game starting today and running until the 21st.

Thanks for reading

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Yay! I'd love a key, since I have TRoS on Steam already.

Newbie question: will they distribute automatically to everyone who has bought the game on here? 

Once the Steam keys are available after the 21st (I request them from Steam and it can take up to a couple of days for the keys to be released to me), then a button should appear for you on the Heaven's Grave itch page. If you are logged in to itch and have bought the game, you will be able to use the button to get your Steam key - it is not an automatic process.  I hope this helps. ^_^

I have bought the game (and haven't had the chance to play yet, unfortunately, but still).

Thank you for your reply and have a great day! ^^