Heaven's Grave - Update #8

Hello all

Just a quick progress update. I recently received the two NPC sprites for Suiza's route: the travelling merchants, Komi and Aida (as pictured). 

This has allowed me to finish coding Suiza's route, so I am happy to say it is now completed in its entirety, including three very simple pieces of music I played myself based on Japanese folk songs (which may yet be cut if I decided they're not good enough ^_^;).

Only three more sprites need to be completed now, so I'll be starting up full time work on the game again soon with hopes to release in early-mid July.

Thanks for reading

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Ooo I can't wait for July! These look great! Best of luck in your progress ♥

Ah, thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing what players think of the full game, too. ^_^

Woo! Yay for progress, very excited for all your games. :D

Ah, thanks, Mim - glad to hear you're looking forward to them ^_^