Heaven's Grave - Update #6

Good grief - that was tougher than I was hoping it would be. I seemed to suffer from quite a bit of writer's block over the past month (I blame the heat), but Suiza's route is finally finished now and will be sent out for the first round of proofing. 

In other news, I've commissioned sprites for all the 'extras' characters. They aren't particularly detailed, but my hope is that they provide a more complete experience when playing. I've updated the demo with both the new sprites and the new GUI (plus Ending and Gallery screens - though I think they will be more useful in the finished game).

Anyway, I'll be starting Tai's route today and will give another progress update in a week or so's time.

Many thanks for reading


HG DEMO-1.1-mac.zip 215 MB
Aug 31, 2018
HG DEMO-1.1-win.zip 216 MB
Aug 31, 2018


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Looking forward to it :)