The Thorns of War Update #6 - Kickstarter Launch

We’ve launched! The Thorns of War kickstarter is now live and you can check it out here

Thank your to everyone who offered feedback and support over the last few  weeks - it meant a lot to know I had so many kind people behind me.

Anyway, If you enjoyed The Rose of Segunda or are merely curious about the new game, I hope you’ll give the kickstarter a look and consider pledging. ^_^

And please follow us on Tumblr and Facebook for quizzes, interviews and updates throughout the campaign.

Many thanks for reading

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What?! Fifth day was BAE?? Of COURSE it’s when I was Cray Busy/Working all day. D: *leaves Raspberry panna cotta offering for Forgiveness* (There’s also a ‘Mage’/her casting spells smooth, but I’ll spare you from that ;)) Loved seeing Sofia profile! And Congrats on almost breaking  5,000! Fabulous! <3


Thank you for the congratulations - we're nearly there ^_^



Regarding the new romances- how will they work if MC is already in a relationship? And will MC be able to pursue a relationship if married to Guillaime but not in a romance with him?


With regards to Vesela and Mathys, though they might appear in routes where you are already romancing one of the other characters, they are only available to romance in the 'single' route. 

Currently, MC that are married to Guillaume, but not in a romance with him will only be able to romance Guillaume. This may change as I write, but romances will still be limited -  not many would tempt the royal family's wrath by having an affair with the crown princess. ^_^


Maybe you should make a post on Rose of Segunda's Steam page about the KS?


Good idea. I'll get on it ^_^


Three quarters of the way there!


I know, I just woke up and saw it! ^_^

I'm going to do an update on the KS page, saying 'thank you', this morning. 

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far - I've just had the best start to mine. ^_^


It's looking good so far. Threw in my money, best of luck!

Many thanks for the support, ToasterGnome - yes, we're slowly getting there ^_^

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ALL RIGHT - DAY 2! Let’s KNOCK THIS OUT, GUYS so BT won’t get any more grey hairs ;P Looking At You $4000 (or More)!

(Also - If you have a character interview or something in the works, I’d post it Today as a Reward for all the Backers that Overwhelmingly showed out yesterday. :) Keep us HYPE.)

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The early bird quota has been filled now. I'm so sad since I've been eyeing it when it was still a draft. Oh well. I will go peek my wallet :'D

Edit: Oh by the way, I'm so surprised people have pledged 3.4k O.o We were worried about nothing.


Ah, I'm sorry you missed the Early Bird - there was one left when I checked this morning at 6am, so they all went in under 24 hours. 

Yes, the response has been amazing, though we're not out of the woods yet. ^_^

Many thanks for your support 

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I just pledged! Ahhh, it's doing so well, that's wonderful! The early bird tiers are almost gone. I'm glad to see the Kickstarter boycott hasn't affected things too much. (I've decided this will be the last project I back and promote before joining in.)

One small note! You mention that the Blackcross & Taylor Bundle comes with your other games, but it's not listed as one of them in the FAQ, which would probs be helpful just in case someone gets confused. (Yes, I'm an overly meddling and anxious person.)

Anyways, congrats on the launch!  I'm looking forward to following the campaign and all the bonus content on Tumblr!


Thank you for your pledge.  I know, I can't believe the response we have had so far  - looking at the numbers just feels so surreal. 

Thorns of War is mentioned as a separate reward on that tier. I tried rephrasing the FAO description of the bundle, but then it sounded like Thorns of War was included in the bundle and the backer could then be expecting two copies.

I'll keep it as it is for now and if anyone mentions needing any more guidance, I might think about it again. 

Many thanks for the luck and all the best.

Fair enough! I'll stop fretting and turn my attention to plugging the campaign on every social platform. ^.^

Ah, thank you! I plan to stick to Tumblr and Facebook for most days - I am already worried people are going to be sick of hearing about this game after the first week, lol.


I realize we're not there yet but seeing how far it's gone in such a short period of time I kind of feel like we were all worrying over essentially nothing lol

Good luck!  I actually got a notification that GB Patch, another VN dev, backed the KS so anyone else that follows them would've also got a heads up on that. Free advertising never hurts.


Ha, I know, but I'm a born worrier and it's not over until it's over ^_^

Oh, that's great. Many thanks for letting me know.


I know, right? I'm so used to watching Kickstarters for stuff I really care about barely eke through, if they get funded at all. It's refreshing to have one that seems to be doing well right off the bat!


More than Halfway Backed on the 1st Day.… Welp. Time to play ROSE to CELEBRATE. :D

Pledged!  Looking really good so far.  Good luck for the rest of the campaign.

Many thanks for the pledge and the luck ^_^


Wooo!  Pledged, I really hope this gets funded.  Good luck!

Thank you! I hope it gets funded too - we're off to a good start!


About to back, but before I do, I have a suggestion. If it's possible, could you tag the kickstarter under 'Video Games' and 'Games'? 

Although the 'Games' category is easier to get to, as it's on the front page, I've always skipped over it because it tends to encompass not only pc games, but tabletop games and figures. I have no interest in the latter, so I just search the 'Video Games' category whenever I am checking what new VN kickstarters popped up. I looked for yours just now and didn't find it, so I wanted to tell you.

Ah, thank you! I'll get that changed right now. 

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For the tiers where we get games, will they be Steam or keys? Good luck with the Kickstarter!


They will be itch keys because when you have Heaven's Grave and Rose of Segunda downloaded on itch, you'll be able to download Steam keys, as well.  Devil is not yet on Steam, so it will be just an itch key for that one. 

Thanks for the luck ^_^

Pledge made! For the POV choices how do we let you know which route we want to choose?


Thank you! 

You can let me know via the 'Contact Me' button on my Kickstarter bio (The link is just below our logo at the top of the KS page) - that way I can match your message to your pledge.

Thanks again ^_^

Pledge made! Best of Luck, hun! <3 Happy to see a good number of backers already!

Many thanks for your support (and the luck)! 

I know, it feels so surreal to watch - I'm excited to see if we make it! ^_^


You’re almost to $2,000 on the first DAY! (And we’re just waking up here in the U.S. ;)) So EXCITING!!! I’m Putting it out there: TToW WILL MAKE IT. #GoodVibesOnly