The Thorns of War Update #30

I am happy to announce that Leopold’s route is finished and available for download. If you already own a copy of the game, just download the latest version (1.8) to access the new content.

Any bugs, typos, or issues can be reported to

Many thanks for your patience and support over the last year. I know Leopold is a popular one and I sincerely hope you enjoy the route. ^_^'

All the best

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Would it be possible to get an overview about how much money is worth? (Monthly income/expenses of working class vs. middle class vs. upper class and difference in income between nobility, ex average Baron vs average Duke).


Hmm, I could certainly try to include something like that in the background information on religion, geography etc I was thinking of adding to the Extras.


Leo's route was everything I had hoped for and more! I echo all that was mentioned in a review below by Kirlett!

I have some general suggestions for the gameplay. It would be great if we could click on the endings we already obtained and be able to see a replay. (I know this could be challenging with the variations on each ending, but still, it's a suggestion.)

Another suggestion would be to PLEASE give us more saving slots. I know we had more in the Rose of Segunda game.

Finally, some questions.

First, I'd love to know more about the religion in Segunda and Alvardia. We keep seeing bits and pieces throughout the game, but it would be nice to read a more organized account (if you don't mind writing about it!).

Second question - SPOILER -




Is there any way to make a tyrant out of Leo? If not, are options such as "Ooo, tell me more!" or "You can have him killed after you are king, dear" just for flavour?


Thank you for your feedback - I am glad you enjoyed the route.

As for your suggestions-

I really do not think I will be able to provide ending replays. There a few subtle changes in most endings depending on how you played that route, and I would not be able to replicated them outside of the route.

I will try to find a way to add more save files, though now the GUI art is completed it is not as easy as just changing the code.

Perhaps at the end of the project I can add something to the Extras screen which details things like the geography, religion, etc. for those who are interested.

And no, there is no way to make a tyrant out of Leopold. The options are just for the MC. If you have played the ending where you declare war, or the ending where things go very wrong and Leopold takes matters with Ozol into his own hands, you can see how he comes to regret his decisions. As much as he might hate the Vilquine, Leopold is no tyrant. ^_^

Hi! Thanks so much for your reply and for considering my suggestions. Wow, having an extra with religion, geography, languages etc would be super amazing!!! You've created a really interesting world and I can't wait to learn more through those means too! :))

Where do you find the guides for the routes that everyone keeps mentioning in the comments? 


All guides can be found on the website here

Hope this helps 

It does! Thanks so much :D 

AHHH!!! I just finished up midterms for my classes and was replaying TROS and the released routes the Thorns of War. I'm so excited to play Leo's route!! Thank you for all of your hard work :D

Thank you for your patience - I'm glad to hear you're excited. 

And best of luck for your midterms. I hope you get the results you were hoping for ^_^


I'm having difficulties getting the endings where Leopold kills Ozol. Any tips for that? Thank you! ^_^



Try to purchase the goods, fail the first meeting with Ozol (saying his true name is one way), tell Leo the truth.

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Deep breath. 

I knew this would be my favorite route so far! My favorite power couple is back! As much as I adore Leo, the first thing I need to gush about is... MC! WHAT A QUEEN, LITERALLY. I was in awe of her the entire route, I wanted to clap and cheer her on, what a badass she is and so smart! 




That moment when she exclaims "Then that's what I'll do!" after Leo confesses the deal and she decides (well, in my playthrough) that she will save both Leo and Segunda... I'm so proud of her. I mean, I'm proud of her in every route, but she shone so much more in this route. I think the reason why is because she had the support of her partner 100%, she was never belittled or denied. She's my favorite character!

LEO THOUGH! I WAS RIGHT! I said during Bastien and Sofia's routes that it disappointed me how they would never defend MC or their relationship until the very end, while MC was always ready to protect them and stand up for them and their marriage. And I said that I was sure Leo and Frederique would always stand up for MC. AND LEO DELIVERED. It was so funny and satisfying, like... anyone says something slightly unpolite to MC and Leo was ready to ruin their whole lives LMAO Best husband. After playing Guillaume's happy ending and seeing how MC has to stand up without even a seat at his side........ AND THEN SEEING LEO'S HAPPY ENDING????? Leo was having none of that! Twin thrones! Coronated at the same time! Same authority! And when he said they are servants before the King, but he is a slave to his Queen??????????? Leo really wakes up every morning and thinks: today, me and everyone else in the world will drink "respect my wife" juice. What a King, what a husband, what a character. I love to see it. 

And their relationship???? <3 They were SO in love, so affectionate, such a TEAM, so playful ahhhhh! Leo really went full PDA and didn't give a damn, and I adore him for it lol. When sometimes it was mentioned how MC shouldn't be alone with a man, like Pieto (I was so happy to see him again btw, he's awesome and I trust him with my life), in case someone thinks she's having an affair... I was like... But have you seen Leo and MC????? Who would believe they aren't head over heels for each other? lol My cunning lovebirds. 

Moving on... this route made me see Francesca in a new light. Before, I could pity her at some points, but I always thought she was pretty awful anyway. However... after playing Guillaume's route and seeing how he treats a woman he actually loves, what Fran must endure... oof. Also, Fran actually becomes very nice, polite and helpful once she stops seeing MC as an enemy. In TROS and most of TTOW she saw MC as a rival or/and enemy, she was scared of MC. Once you get past that... she is actually a good one. And treats MC well. When she asked for the divorce herself I was so proud. YOU GO GIRL! She did such a good work as a spy too. Enjoy your barony, darling! 

I ALMOST FORGOT. ANOTHER INCREDIBLY BADASS MOMENT FROM MC. Both when she consoled and explained to the poor girl that it wasn't her fault a man 10 years her senior did what he did and then when she confronted the other two assholes on their actions with other "faceless women". UGH SHE'S THE BEST. 

Sir Mathys was a plesant surprise! I adored him. I really like this characterization and how he sees nobility. Will make for very interesting dynamics with MC in his route. He's very different from the other ROs and it's exciting! 

10/10 route! Leo best husband (so far........ Frederique...... I might be looking at you respectfully, we'll see if you can top Leo but the bar is so high!)

PD: I love, love, love Leo's hair. I keep staring at it in CGs lol 

Thank you for the kind feedback. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the route. ^_^


may I have a walkthrough for him as well? :)

All guides can be found on the website here

Hope this helps ^_^

aw brilliant thank you!

ok sorry this guide isn't helping much :/

Okay, is there some particular guidance you were looking for? Since the game is points-based, I don't tend to have step-by-step walkthroughs.

If you would like to message me at we can discuss things more openly there without worrying about spoilers. ^_^

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I was hoping for a similar detailed one like you sent me before as it was step by step including dialogue choices. I've noticed this one seems to be jumbled like the events don't happen in the same succession as on the walkthough, I'm afraid I never get a good ending with vague walkthroughs :/


Yes, when you mentioned I sent you one before, I realised you were looking for a walkthrough for the good ending, which made more sense. I've written that now and emailed it to you.

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SPOILERS BELOW (edited to hide things better with spoiler warning)

I got the best ending first run but failed the Triste thing (I think I was too suspicious). 

Otherwise, I must say- this is definitely my favourite route for this game so far.

I LOVE TROS so so much, and, honestly, I found myself a bit disappointed with how TTOW was going about. Each route felt very much like less focus on Iolanthe and her partner, and more like the drama they were swept up in- even though in TROS it was very much the drama Iolanthe was swept up in as well.

Perhaps this route felt different because the drama made *IS* Leopold and Iolanthe's drama, but there's more difference to it.

I found in the other routes it ended up so much more a point game and less opportunity for roleplay. It became moreso 'get the good ending' and that Iolanthe's partner always had seem reason to question her, to not want her. Even in the demo, it felt very much like each route was just going to be 'behold a new problem in the relationship, the honeymoon phase is decidedly over and people are miserable'.

While I understand this could definitely be true for some, and not all whirlwind relationships will be happily ever after, I kept feeling like this ended up being true for EVERY route, and I was honestly scared Leopold's would be the same.

I was very happily surprised that he remained true and loving to her, even if she voiced doubts or worries, as long as she remained honest and trusting. That they constantly worked as a team, and that her opinions had more influence, though it still felt like, to an extent, it was a 'find the true route or fail' story, rather than 'follow your love interest and find your unique way of handling things', as TROS was.

I'm still very pleased with how this route turned out, I enjoyed it much more than the others, and I'm looking forward to the next few as well.

Thank you for all your time and effort into this game, it is very much appreciated. <3 <3 <3

Many thanks for your feedback - I'm glad to hear you mostly enjoyed the route. ^_^


Congrats on the official release! I'm looking forward to getting the good ending CG!


Thank you and Good luck! ^_^


So excited for this route! Thank you all for your hard work!


Thank you for your patience! I really hope you enjoy it ^_^