A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

Set in their second year at the exclusive private school, Gainsford Abbey, the story follows four months in the lives of two school girls. 
Saffron* and Melody have been best friends since middle school, but when a tragic accident seems set to part them forever, it’s time to find out what true friendship really takes.

*(protagonist – name can be changed)

You play as Saffron, though you will have the ability to influence your friend, Melody, as well – for better or worse - over the course of the game. There are ten romance options planned, five for Saffron and the other five for Melody, as well as friendship and club paths that can be embarked upon or ignored and a minor stat-building element.


The full game will feature:

  • approx 125,000 words 
  • 50+ Backgrounds
  • 70+ CGs
  • 22 character sprites
  • 10 different romance routes (5 for Saffron, 5 for Melody)
  • 2 school clubs, complete with field trips
  • Minor stat building element which affects in-game encounters

Projected release date:  Summer 2018

Price: $20-$30


BFF-Demo2-1.0-win.zip 187 MB
BFF-Demo2-1.0-mac.zip 186 MB

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