A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

Set in their second year at the exclusive private school, Gainsford Abbey, the story follows four months in the lives of two school girls. 
Saffron* and Melody have been best friends since middle school, but when a tragic accident seems set to part them forever, it’s time to find out what true friendship really takes.

*(protagonist – name can be changed)

You play as Saffron, though you will have the ability to influence your friend, Melody, as well – for better or worse - over the course of the game. There are ten romance options planned, five for Saffron and the other five for Melody, as well as friendship and club paths that can be embarked upon or ignored and a minor stat-building element.


The full game will feature:

  • approx 125,000 words 
  • 50+ Backgrounds
  • 70+ CGs
  • 22 character sprites
  • 10 different romance routes (5 for Saffron, 5 for Melody)
  • 2 school clubs, complete with field trips
  • Minor stat building element which affects in-game encounters

Projected release date:  Summer 2018

Price: $20-$30


BFF-Demo2-1.0-win.zip 187 MB
BFF-Demo2-1.0-mac.zip 186 MB


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I love this game, but I'm very sad about the fact that Saffron did a dead. I forgot the name of the red haired boy but he is Best Boy and I would lay down my life for him. I can't wait for the full game to come out, but I'm still kinda wondering how the heck romance is going to work when we're a ghost.

Hello, MxAiden, thanks for the feedback. I can't reveal too much here for spoilers, but being a ghost is no impediment to dating so I hope you can look forward to some romance ^_^

Thanks for playing

What a fascinating premise for a romance game. I played through and, while this may sound a little conceited to say because I'm controlling some of her actions, my favorite character was the MC! You wrote her as such a passionate and strong-willed woman I couldn't help enjoying "being" her for a bit.  I was really looking forward to romancing Melody- because I thought it was so obvious that the "old best friends" romance would be one of the available options... but I guess that's not to be, huh? ...This may require some fanfic after the game comes out so I can get my fill of Melody/MC. (Though I understand why it won't be in game!)

This is going to be a hell of a game to play, especially since at-best the endings will all be bittersweet. Do you know if it's planned for late, mid-, or early Summer?

Hello, ArchEvangeline, and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo and it's always heartening to hear it when people's favourite character is the MC.  A large part of the enjoyment of visual novels for me has always been  getting to roleplay the MC, so I hope I can allow others the chance to step into someone's else shoes and have fun with it, too.  

At the moment, this game is the last in the release schedule for the four games I'm currently working on, so this is subject to change, but I am hoping for a early July release.  

Thanks for playing

Blackcross & Taylor

We don't have much to go on yet but the characters all seem to have unique personalities! The concept-which I will not disclose here-is very unique, at least to myself. Generally in visual novels, the protagonist is the center of attention and everything revolves around you and the character you play. What makes this one unique is that you build a world around Saffron. At the same time we are off doing something, you know that Melody is doing something somewhere else. In this visual novel life goes on even when you aren't around to see it! ;) I look forward to the full release! 

Hello, feastonthefalln, and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo so far and found the concept interesting. 

I always enjoy playing games where you can feel like you are part of a larger world, so I hope I can bring that feeling to this project  and give players a game they can become immersed in.

Thanks for playing ^_^

its very nice visual novel.

its very longs as for demo version. I've been playing here full version game shorter than this.

well about the story... i tought its gonna be another dating sim taking place in school. but im very suprised how it changed on the end of 1st day of class.
i have to admit game is a bit sad. and its had how both main characters feel after what happened this time.
the dialogs are very well wrote too.
the idea is good and very original.   
i would tell more details but I dont want to spoil it.

i like how game is based on making choices in a lot of situation.
not every visual novel do it.
and i really like when ican make choice and decide how the story will continue :)

You could make the better interface (I mean easy way to check Uni map or how good is Mel's  marks).
The artstyle is great. All the characters and background looks very nica and detailed. I also very like music

well after finishing this I'm stoned. and a bit sad. 

anyway, I hope I'll buy the final version  

Hello and thanks for the feedback. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the game even though it was a bit sad – and thanks for keeping your comments spoiler free ^_^

It is very good and it made me cry a lot.

Oh, no! Well, I am glad you enjoyed it all the same. Thanks for the feedback. ^_^

it looks very good

Thank you and Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the demo if you played it. 

I played it and like it very much ! 

Ah, I'm glad to hear that.  Thank you for the feedback. ^_^