A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

Set in their second year at the exclusive private school, Gainsford Abbey, the story follows four months in the lives of two school girls. 
Saffron* and Melody have been best friends since middle school, but when a tragic accident seems set to part them forever, it’s time to find out what true friendship really takes.

*(protagonist – name can be changed)

You play as Saffron, though you will have the ability to influence your friend, Melody, as well – for better or worse - over the course of the game. There are ten romance options planned, five for Saffron and the other five for Melody, as well as friendship and club paths that can be embarked upon or ignored and a minor stat-building element.


The full game will feature:

  • approx. 225,000 words 
  • 50+ Backgrounds
  • 70+ CGs
  • 28 characters
  • 10 different romance routes (5 for Saffron, 5 for Melody)
  • 2 school clubs, complete with field trips
  • Minor stat building element which affects in-game encounters

Projected release date:  Summer 2023

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
AuthorBlackcross & Taylor
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFantasy, Female Protagonist, Otome, Romance, Yuri

Download demo

BFF-Demo3-1.0-win.zip 229 MB
BFF-Demo3-1.0-mac.zip 228 MB

Development log


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I cant wait until this is finally released >.< I'm waiting anxiously (I hope it hasnt been abandoned)

Nope, not abandoned, just delayed a bit. I'll post an update when I have more news ^_^

Thank you for your interest 


I was so happy when I saw that there is a release estimate to summer/autumn this year <3 looking forward to it! Thank you for the hard work.

Ah, thank you. I've been working on it for so long now, I can't wait to hear what players think. ^_^

Many thanks for your interest

Hi¡ Just Hoping that development is going well, im fan of this kind of games and this one looks awesome.

Hello and thank you for your interest - I'm glad you like the look of the game. Development is going well and I am hoping for a late summer/early autumn release for later this year.

Many thanks for playing

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The best luck! Your work is awesome.

Thank you ^_^

hi it says projected release is 2021 but when you click on more information it says in development, there's a price tag but no option to buy the full game only the demo is available I was wondering when the game will be fully released and available for purchase? I played the demo and I love the story

Apologies for the mix up, I should have updated the projected release. I am currently working on the game in conjunction with Thorns of War and hope to have to released by this summer.

Many thanks for your interest ^_^

Hi, is this game still in development? On the itch app, an error message pops up when I click "Buy now", even though it's displaying the price of $17.99+

Hello and yes, the game is still in development - I am working on it when I have free time around writing 'The Thorns of War'. I am not sure why the itch app is displaying it for 'buy now', but it is something I can look into.

Many thanks for your interest

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hello i am wondering when this game will be finished, i do want to buy it but i don't know if you all are finished with making it, it says Projected release date:  TBC, does that mean to be continued or something else. also i wondering if this game and The Thorns Of War would be on steam. i still like the plot twist even though it is sad to me. i do also want to buy the thorns of war game to when it is finished.


Hello, kindgem, and thank you for your interest.

Yes, BFF will be finished (TBC means To Be Confirmed) - I will start work on the game again once Thorns of War is finished.

And, yes, both Thorns of War and BFF will be on Steam once they are finished. ^_^

Many thanks for playing


okay thank you for letting me know, I am more then happy to wait, also can't wait to play them games when they are completed. 

Hello! I would just like to say, I downloaded the demo for this a few weeks ago, and I absolutely LOVED IT! This game is right up my alley in every way possible - boarding schools, romance, and the plot twist and ghosts? Just- aaaaaaah-

I hope that one day the full game will be released, and then I can spend a few days playing it non-stop. :D


Ah, thank you for your kind feedback - I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game. It maybe a while to wait but I am hoping to release BFF at the end of next year (it got moved back due to my other game 'The Thorns of War' being successfully kickstarted.)

But I look forward to hearing what you think of the game once it is released. ^_^

Thanks for playing

The end of next year? If that is possible, that's amazing! :D

Thank you for replying!

I loved the demo, I can't wait to see the full game come to life! I saw through your posts that you and your studio are struggling with financing and that you are considering doing a kickstarter for BFF. If you are making a kickstarter I will definitely support. 

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Thank you for the feedback - it's always lovely to hear from someone who enjoyed the demo.

Unfortunately the survey is closed now and the other game that was offered (The Thorns of War) was the game that was chosen to be Kickstarted. So BFF will be on hiatus for now until the other game is finished.

Thank you, though, for your offered support - I  hope the wait for BFF won't be too long.


I first grabbed this demo because I really loved Heaven's Grave and The Rose of Segunda even though a school settings isn't something I'm usually drawn to. But I didn't expect to become so invested in the story so fast! The characters and their struggles are so well written it draws you in at once.

The twist that came early on took me by surprise, I had no idea despite the games description, and I must say it was all very well done, I rarley get tearyeyed due to games but this game broke me. I feel so bad for the characters but especially poor Melody.

Both Saffron and Melody are amazing characters to play as/ influence and I love them both. Saffron is a really nice protaganist compared to the many blank slates that exists. But I can relate a lot to Melody and her struggles so I guess that's a reason why she is a favourite of mine.

I have only played through the demo once but I am going to go through it again to see more of the options, and the characters. I'm looking forward to the release so I can see the entire story and see a resolve for the girls:D

Hello, Elflady, and thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo (well, aside from the tears).

Quite a few people have been surprised at the twist - part of me worries I am not using it to full effect when marketing the game (since so many people seem to be off put by the school setting), but then I worry about spoiling the surprise.  ^_^

Well, it should not be long now before you'll be able to see the conclusion to Saffron and Melody's story - I'm aiming to have it out by the end of the year. 

Many thanks for playing.

okay when i first saw this and read about it, i thought oh okay so this is just a game where you will take in turns of each girl character and help them find love and study, so downloaded and started playing, now i got to that accident part and then find out, omg this is not what i thought this game was going to be, and if i am going to be honest, i did cry, it was really sad and i could feel and see what melody was going through. i am still trying to not cry again but am loving the game so far. when will it be a full game. sorry if i spoiled anything.

Ah, thank you for the feedback - I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far (even with the crying). 

Yes, I was hoping the aftermath of the accident would surprise people, and I don't think you've spoiled anything here - the accident is mentioned in the game description, after all. ^_^

I am hoping to have the game released this October/November time, so not long now.

Thanks for playing

> Lol, perhaps I should make an alternative game where Saffron 'misses' the accident and it's just the girls and boys at school. (I was joking, but I wonder if I shouldn't now... >_>

As soon as I saw this, I went YES!

The accident was indeed a plot twist, and what came after it is interesting on itws own, but I can't help but wonder: what it would be like if it never happened? (I was really looking forward to getting to know Susan and wondering why you can't romance Malody, and then... yeah.)

It would be a different genre altogether, but I'd like to see that happen too.

I'm not completely done with the demo yet (and I'm immensely enjoying it so far!), but my head is swarmed with what-if's and I can't help it.

I know it would be a whole another game and would take time on its own, but I see so many amazing things that can happen this way...

Ah, sorry, I got carried away a bit. I'm rooting for this game so much, can't wait to get my hands on the full version!

As I understand, you'll become more concentrated on it once you finish Heaven's Grave, right?

As soon as I had the idea of the 'sequel' I couldn't stop thinking about the direction I would like to take it. But, that said, I should probably finish the first game before I even consider anything more. ^_^

I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to it  and, yes, it will become my main focus after Heaven' Grave is released in a few weeks. 

I should begin updating the devlog again in August for a more up-to-date look at the progress. ^_^

Thanks for playing

I made an account just to give my support and review! I don't know when I played the demo but it was a year or two ago, I think. I was instantly hooked to the storyline and played without stopping until I realized I downloaded a demo... (YES I DIDN'T REALIZE SORRY FOR MY FOOLISH MIND HAHAHA) But then I realized the full version would be pay to play. And honestly, I didn't have money then but I vowed that once the full version came out I would pay for it! Now, it 's still in developing and I have earned myself my own money >_< AND I WILL STILL BE PAYING FOR THE FULL VERSION TO PLAY!! I can't wait for the full version ohmegerd! I just love the concept of being able to control two characters at one! I feel like a good sister choosing the right choice for Melody lolol. The art is beautiful, the storyline is immersive, and the characters are likable and relatable. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!! I'm just wondering is there a platform other than here for me to follow on your updates? I really want to purchase your game as soon as you've completed it to perfection... >_<  I'm even re-downloading the demo just so I can play what I can once more! Keep up to good work and thank you for your efforts!!!!

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Hello raiel777

Thank you for making an account to leave feedback - I appreciate everyone who takes the time to let me know what they think of the demo.

And your story about realising it was a demo and then earning the money made me laugh - it really has been too long since I began this game! ^_^

I'm glad you like the art and story elements and, to be honest, I'm really looking forward to working on the game again, too. Writing about the girls' daily lives at school makes me so nostalgic, lol. 

I post my most regular updates here on itch, so though I have a Facebook and tumblr accounts, if you are following me here, I doubt you will miss anything.

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, I plan to begin working on BFF again this August with a planned release in October, so expect lots more devlogs detailing our progress once August arrives.

Many thanks for playing

Oh then it won’t be a long wait then! Time flies past these days haha! I just finished playing the demo again and fell in love with it all over again~~ I cant wait for August to come and look forward to playing the full version once it’s finished! All the best and great job so far!! ( ¯꒳¯ )b✧

Boy oh boy, am I excited about this game! I love the idea, the characters, the art, the writing, everything. I usually don't write comments but after finishing the demo I just knew I had too. The British charm is lovely and greatly appreciated, by the way. Thank you and your team so much for all the effort you put into these games you are producing, I hope you know your hard work is not being ignored.  Also just wondering if you have recently decided the estimated time the game will be released? No rush of course, take the time you need to create something that you are proud of! But once again, I love the game and can't wait until I get to play it in it's entirety!

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Hello Cactus Juice
Thank you for the feedback - it's always so nice to hear from people who are excited for the game and I'll certainly let the artists know you're enjoying the fruits of their hard work, too. ^_^

Ha, setting it in the UK was actually a nice break for me.
I've set two games in the US now, and I have to get my proofreaders to really check over the slang I'm using and the way things are phrased, so at least this time I'm much more certain of myself.

Hmm, as for release dates... Well, I'm working on Heaven's Grave at the moment, but I hope to have that published in the next few weeks. 

Then for the rest of July (and this might be TMI, sorry...) I'm helping my parents plan their wedding, lol.

Apparently, twenty or so years together was long enough for them to decide this is the 'Real Deal', and they're tying the knot!

So I'll be starting work again on BFF at the beginning of August, and I would like to have it published by the end of October.

Come August, I'll start posting up devlogs etc, so anyone interested should have a better idea of how progress is going.

I hope that helps with the waiting ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Beautifully done..The accident threw me a loop..And the added stats lovely touch..Characters wonderfully done..Too bad can't romance BFF..But at least there is some story to it..400/10 thumbs up!!!!!!!

Ah, thank you for the kind feedback - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the demo so far.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for replying back...I absolutely loved the VN and the twist you threw in was mind blowing (usually the main character doesn't get involved) But, when you threw that twist in..I was grateful kept it interesting...So thanks for your hard work...Seriously


Damn there's so many games from you guys I'm anticipating :3 Lemme just throw you all the love (and cash) >:3c

Ah, thank you for the feedback (and love ^_^) - I am really looking forward to sharing BFF with everyone.

Thanks for playing


Waiting for thorns of war, heaven's grave, and this. I will be buying them all. Best of luck finishing them all! but question

COUGH From the looks of the images im going to make a guess that I won't be able to romance Mr Bryant then? COUGH excuse me uh will these be put on steam? or is it better for you if i bought through itch.io?

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Ah, thank you! It's always encouraging to hear people are looking forward to games. 

COUGH Melody can ^_^ COUGH

I'm not sure yet if it will be on Steam - I tend to wait to see how the game has done on itch first, since it costs money to put a game on Steam and they also take greater share of the money I make, so I need to be sure it will sell well to cover that cost. 

I really like itch as a site. I like the site design and the interface, and I really like the community on here. Everyone is supportive and it's easy to connect with the people who play/are interested in playing my games and get their feedback.  

It may sound silly, but being able to read messages like this one can really help me get over any 'writing slumps'.

Ha! I got a little sentimental there! Anyway, I'm not sure if it will be on Steam yet - if it will be, it will likely be a few months after the itch release and I will put a message up here letting people know about it. If you want to hang on for that then, of course, please do so. ^_^

Thanks for playing


I really liked the demo and I am looking forward to the release :) the only sad part is that I can't romance Melody at all...  =/ It would've been my preferred route haha well, keep up the great work! Will be waiting for the release of the full version to buy.

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Hello, kah.vn

Sorry for the late reply - I'm not sure how I missed this. And sorry, too, that you can't romance Melody; she and Saffron are moving in different circles since the accident ^_~

I should be starting progress updates again soon, so there will  be more information and perhaps some sneak-peeks coming in the few weeks time.

Thanks for playing

haha  don't worry, thanks for the reply ^^ I must say the accident was a plot twist to me.. I really wasn't expecting it (and I've seen a fair share of animes, movies and all). The art is lovely and I really liked the characters! Congrats for the whole project and I will be looking forward for the  sneek-peaks *-* and for the full game too haha 

This game looks great, I can't wait for the release :) I already played your other games, so I know even this will be good. Just a question, you can't romance Melody right? If so I'm a bit sad, but the other route will be good :) Can't wait for the release :)


Hello, MaryQueen

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the demo. No, sorry, you can't romance Melody. 

Lol, perhaps I should make an alternative game where Saffron 'misses' the accident and it's just the girls and boys at school. (I was joking, but I wonder if I shouldn't now... >_>)

Anyway, thanks for playing ^_^


This game has such a unique proposal! The Demo made me excited, I look forward to the full release of the game.

Ah, thank you. I'm glad to hear you're excited for the game - I'm looking forward to the release date, as well. 

I can't wait to start the updates again in October. ^_^

Thanks for playing


Hello! How's the progress? It says Summer 2018 and we're in the fall.


Ah, I thought I had updated that. Apologies, other games in development have been delayed and so this one has been pushed back. I will be working on it once more when Heaven's Grave has been released - which should be before the end of September - and I plan to add a lot more content as well, so we're looking at then end of the year.

Many thanks for your interest

It saddens me that I have to pay 16$...I'm 14 and we don't have dollars here..I REALLY REALLY LOVED IT 

guess I can't play :(

Hello, atsunaa104, and thank you for your interest.

I am sorry that $16 is a lot for you. Unfortunately, I am no artist and though I can work for free the others who contribute need to be paid for their services. 

However, when it gets closer to the release date, I will be asking for playtesters and offering a copy of the full finished game as payment, so you could apply for that when the time comes.  ^_^

I have encountered a strange bug - when I try to go see Switch a bit further into the game, an error occurs and I get the choice to rollback, reload etc... any advice?

Hello Junesong

I'm sorry to hear you have encountered a problem. Please can you send a screen shot to support@blackcross-taylor.com and I will look into it.

Many thanks for playing

Done :) I really love the demo so far, other than that particular error it was absolutely fantastic and Switch is perfectly precious. Cannot wait for the full game!

Many thanks for sending me the error - I tried to email you by reply, but it was just bouncing back for some reason. 

 Looking at the error, the game is trying to upload the next conversation for Switch but, because this is the demo, the next one is unavailable.

I've fixed it now and am rebuilding the demo - it will be about 10 hours before the fixed copy is available to play, but I thought I had better let you know in case you were looking forward to getting another chat with Switch once the error was fixed - sorry. >_<

Thanks for playing ^_^

How odd! I will have to check my e-mail settings for strange behaviours! 

Ah, no worries, I just thought I should let you know about it, and it's always good to know the reason why bugs and errors occur :) I will await my next chat with the endearing little hooligan when it is available, and thank you for making such a wonderful game! :D 

Just played the demo and I was sweeped in, it is so good! I love the character designs, the storyline, everything thus far! I was shocked when I realized what the terrible accident was and almost cried myself despite only having a short establishment with the characters, I already cared. I'm already itching to know what happens next (especially in the romance department because who am I kidding, I love a good romance). Again. Proud of you <3

Now, I don't know if this is me being dumb, but if I went to the save menu, the only way to exit was to load the game i just saved so I don't know if you will be having a return menu or not, but just a note!

Hello, WinDix, and thank you for the feedback - I'm glad you became invested in the characters so early and are eager to know what comes next.

As for the save menu, I'll be redesigning the whole GUI soon (well, I'll be commissioning some else to, anyway ^_^) and a return button will certainly be something I add, but in the meantime I believe a right-mouse click should take you back to the game.

Thanks for playing

Hey I'm getting a crash right after the intro credits end. Playing on windows.

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Hello, Andraoise,  I'm sorry to hear you are having problems. Looking at the files I have here, it seems that in my attempts to fix a smaller problem brought to my attention yesterday, the new file I uploaded is corrupted. I'll build a new demo from scratch now and upload it in a hour or so. 

Sorry for the wait.

Okay, the new windows version is up now. There will be a short wait on the mac version while it uploads.

Many thanks

Thank you~

I am not sure if the report card meant to have a error but it does. I don't see how I can continue to play it without seeing something important such as that. Be glad if you fixed it.

Hello, PizzedOffGamer, I am sorry to hear there was an error. Please can you post a screenshot of it or send one to support@blackcross-taylor.com so I can investigate? Also, are you playing on Mac or Windows? 

Many thanks

This is what happens when I click on the report card and I am playing on Windows.

Hello, PizzedOffGamer,  believe this should be fixed now if you would like to re-download and try again.

Many thanks

I love this game so much!! Especially the MC  aka Saffron.  I always wanted to play a character who knows how to fight! I can't wait for the full release! 

Hello, atsunaa1o4, I don't know why but your comment really made me laugh.  

I'm glad you're looking forward to the release and getting into lots of (in-game) fights. ^_^

Thanks for playing

I love this game, but I'm very sad about the fact that Saffron did a dead. I forgot the name of the red haired boy but he is Best Boy and I would lay down my life for him. I can't wait for the full game to come out, but I'm still kinda wondering how the heck romance is going to work when we're a ghost.

Hello, MxAiden, thanks for the feedback. I can't reveal too much here for spoilers, but being a ghost is no impediment to dating so I hope you can look forward to some romance ^_^

Thanks for playing

What a fascinating premise for a romance game. I played through and, while this may sound a little conceited to say because I'm controlling some of her actions, my favorite character was the MC! You wrote her as such a passionate and strong-willed woman I couldn't help enjoying "being" her for a bit.  I was really looking forward to romancing Melody- because I thought it was so obvious that the "old best friends" romance would be one of the available options... but I guess that's not to be, huh? ...This may require some fanfic after the game comes out so I can get my fill of Melody/MC. (Though I understand why it won't be in game!)

This is going to be a hell of a game to play, especially since at-best the endings will all be bittersweet. Do you know if it's planned for late, mid-, or early Summer?

Hello, ArchEvangeline, and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo and it's always heartening to hear it when people's favourite character is the MC.  A large part of the enjoyment of visual novels for me has always been  getting to roleplay the MC, so I hope I can allow others the chance to step into someone's else shoes and have fun with it, too.  

At the moment, this game is the last in the release schedule for the four games I'm currently working on, so this is subject to change, but I am hoping for a early July release.  

Thanks for playing

Blackcross & Taylor

We don't have much to go on yet but the characters all seem to have unique personalities! The concept-which I will not disclose here-is very unique, at least to myself. Generally in visual novels, the protagonist is the center of attention and everything revolves around you and the character you play. What makes this one unique is that you build a world around Saffron. At the same time we are off doing something, you know that Melody is doing something somewhere else. In this visual novel life goes on even when you aren't around to see it! ;) I look forward to the full release! 

Hello, feastonthefalln, and thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the demo so far and found the concept interesting. 

I always enjoy playing games where you can feel like you are part of a larger world, so I hope I can bring that feeling to this project  and give players a game they can become immersed in.

Thanks for playing ^_^

its very nice visual novel.

its very longs as for demo version. I've been playing here full version game shorter than this.

well about the story... i tought its gonna be another dating sim taking place in school. but im very suprised how it changed on the end of 1st day of class.
i have to admit game is a bit sad. and its had how both main characters feel after what happened this time.
the dialogs are very well wrote too.
the idea is good and very original.   
i would tell more details but I dont want to spoil it.

i like how game is based on making choices in a lot of situation.
not every visual novel do it.
and i really like when ican make choice and decide how the story will continue :)

You could make the better interface (I mean easy way to check Uni map or how good is Mel's  marks).
The artstyle is great. All the characters and background looks very nica and detailed. I also very like music

well after finishing this I'm stoned. and a bit sad. 

anyway, I hope I'll buy the final version  

Hello and thanks for the feedback. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the game even though it was a bit sad – and thanks for keeping your comments spoiler free ^_^

It is very good and it made me cry a lot.

Oh, no! Well, I am glad you enjoyed it all the same. Thanks for the feedback. ^_^

Deleted post

Thank you and Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the demo if you played it. 

Deleted post

Ah, I'm glad to hear that.  Thank you for the feedback. ^_^