Best Friends Forever - Update #1

Hello all

As Heaven's Grave has been put on hiatus until mid-May, I've moved the focus of my efforts onto finishing Best Friends Forever.

The current word count stands at just over 125,000 words and, ideally, I'd like to add another 100,000 words to that.

Since Melody and Saffron's potential romance routes are played concurrently, I'll be working on completing Bradley from Melody's path and Lance from Saffron's first, so I'll have one full play-through of the game completed. 

This will allow me to see how all the random encounters and club events fit within the framework, and whether there are any lulls or any parts where things are perhaps too crowded. 

I've also commissioned Sasquatchii to improve the current GUI - they did the GUI for Heaven's Grave and Thorns of War and I'm always happy to have them on board. 

And I've commission Ayachin to make more sprites, since feedback I've been getting has been that people do not like the greyed-out sprites I've been using for minor characters. Mr Gaspard, Mme Badeaux, Ann, Karen, Ivor and Rachael now have sprites (and can be seen in the new demo) , and I'll be adding more, where feasible, in the full release.

Lastly, I've spent the fortnight giving the demo a good overhaul - I feel I've learned a lot working on my other games so far, with regards to both coding and writing, and I wanted to make sure the demo (and, of course, the rest of the game) is the best I can make it.  

I've added a few shorts scenes with Melody interacting with Susan and Kara, and a few of Saffron with her new friends that I feel give the game a better flow. 

The new demo is available now, so please give it a try if you are interested.

Many thanks for reading


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I just played some of the extended demo and I'm much more excited for the game now than I was based on the original demo.  I was a bit turned off by the mechanic of taking control of another character and making choices for them (which I guess is kinda weird and hypocritical when you think about it, I mean in all these games you take over the MC and make choices for her so why should it be weird to play a game where you're taking over a character who gets to take over a character) but I like that you have the option to not completely overshadow Melody and that the goal is to get Melody to the point where she's going to be OK without the MC.  I'll admit, I was a little disappointed with the weight loss backstory still being there.  That was a big issue for me with the game-I mean it was nice that the MC was vocally on the said of it being irrelevant, but the whole idea of weight loss being a magical gateway to romance and happiness is just something that I don't enjoy seeing in media (even when there's a character saying it doesn't matter).

Looking forward to seeing how this develops!

I'm glad you enjoyed this demo somewhat more than the last one, though I'm not sure which copy of the demo you'd played before - as the MC, you were always trying to get Melody to a place where she is okay without you. This demo has just added some scenes where  Melody is chatting with her friends, and the MC interacting with her new crowd - though perhaps having those extra scenes 'dilute' the times the MC is controlling Melody and make it seem less gratuitous. 

As for the weight-loss backstory story,  I'm sorry to hear you have issues with it, though I do plan to go for different angle than it being 'a magical gateway to romance and happiness'. 

I knew a lot of girls at high school (myself included) who did lose weight thinking it would be magic bullet to their problems - my mother's favourite phrase at the time was 'I just think you'd be happier if you lost weight' - and I wanted to explore that.

Melody's reasons she lost the weight are revealed in some of the routes and do not stem from her body image.   

At the outset of the game, she is still shy, anxious and bullied. As the game progresses, I hope to show that it is not her physical transformation, but the loss of her best friend which is the impetus for her becoming a more confident person who realises her own self-worth is not related to others' perceptions of her. 

Thanks for playing