Best Friends Forever - Update #2

Hello all, 

Just an update on BFF. After my last devlog, I changed directions a little. 

Originally, I was going to just work on Bradley and Lance's routes exclusively, but I found that, as I worked, it was more helpful to work on the game week-by-week (those being in-game weeks) so I could get a better feel of the flow in general. 

Currently, the word count stands at 132,874 words and I have just started week 5 of 16. 

Of weeks 1-4, I've completed: 

+ All Melody's minor interactions (chats with friends, encounters with her potential love interests that aren't part of the main plot, club activities)

+ All Saffron's minor interactions (please see above)

+ All Melody's major interactions (basically, main plot encounters with her potential love interests)

I hope to finish the same for weeks 5 to 16 over the coming month and then I can focus on Saffron's main plot encounters with her love interests which is where I plan to invest the bulk of my work (ideally another 100,000 words).  

Thanks for reading

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