BFF and Thorns of War - Update #2 - (Kickstarter Survey Update)

Hello all

I just wanted to let people know how the survey is doing and remind anyone who wants to vote but hasn't yet, they have until Sunday 22nd  September left to get their feedback submitted.

So far Thorns of War is in the lead, but we still haven't had enough responses to make me think a Kickstarter will be successful.

So, if you want to see a kickstarter campaign happen for either of these , please respond to the very short (only two questions ^_^) survey here:

And if you have the means and the inclination, please feel free to follow us on  tumblr and Facebook, re-blog/like our posts, or do anything (er, anything legal) that is going to get this in front of people who may be interested in it. ^_^

Many thanks for reading and your continued support


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I loved the Rose of Segunda and I am desperate for Thorns of War! Would absolutely back the kickstarter if you make one.

Ah, thanks for the support and your kind feedback. 

Well, there is only one day left now before we find out of a Kickstarter is going ahead. ^_^

BFF doesn't seem like my type of game, but I would back Thorns of War in a heartbeat. I loved The first one.

Ah, thank you for your support, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed TROS. ^_^



When I saw the page for Thorns of War, I was ecstatic because I enjoyed TRoS a lot due to the variety of love interests and the fact you could customize the protagonist's personality.

But when I played the demo for BFF. The concept was intriguing because there are very few VNs where you can have a major influence on another character's development and love life (and the protagonist's a ghost, that's rad). I'd be happy with supporting both games, although I must confess that I'm not a big fan of Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general, but I would put money down on Thorns of War.

For marketing, have you tried posting onto Reddit's r/otomegames community? They are a very welcoming community and I believe TRoS and Heaven's Grave have been well-received by the users there.

(Heck, someone linked to your survey in that subreddit a day ago)

You could also try posting on r/visualnovels as well but they aren't as friendly to OELVNs compared to r/otomegames, unfortunately. (Well, it depends on how you advertise it. From my observations, general quality, genre, artstyle, whether it's an eroge or not, and whether it's bishoujo or otome,  yuri or BL, or features no romance at all are big influences in how many upvotes it gets.) Up to you whether you want to post there or not.

I'll be eager to see which game comes out on top in the survey, and good luck with the Kickstarter!


Thanks for the feedback, farout. I'm happy to hear the concept for both games are ones you are interested in, and I appreciate the support. ^_^

And thanks, too, for the tip. I'll definitely add r/otomegames to the growing list of places I'll be posting too once the Kickstarter campaign commences.  

Yes, not long to go now before the survey closes and we know what is happening - it's all very exciting ^_^


So excited for the sequel aaaah


Me too! Let's hope it makes it ^_^