BFF and Thorns of War - Update #4 - (Kickstarter Survey Results)

Hello all

I am happy to announce that 'The Thorns of War' won the survey and with enough votes that I feel a Kickstarter isn't immediately doomed to failure.

Many thanks to everyone who replied and my commiserations to those who voted for BFF. I am sorry the game will be placed on hiatus for the time being, but I hope the extra time and lessened financial pressure will help make for a better game once I resume work on it.

I've actually been developing a Kickstarter campaign for both projects over the last two weeks, so I will finish the TTOW  one today and submit it to be approved by Kickstarter before releasing a draft to be reviewed by anyone who cares to. I'll post more about that here, once the draft copy is ready.

All being well, I plan to launch the campaign on 1st October - that way it can all be over, one way or another, by Halloween. The date is a memorable one and I can enjoy the night with friends afterwards to commiserate or congratulate as needed.

Also, in preparation for the campaign, I'm planning a series of posts for social media that I hope will raise interest in the Kickstarter.

These will take the form of character interviews, quizzes, and posts about the game in general, I would like to invite anyone who has any questions (either for me about the game - world setting, inspiration, art direction etc - or for the characters themselves) to either let me know in the comments here, or at

Many thanks for reading


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AHHH! Okay I've never done a Kickstarter before because my friends had pretty bad experiences with them and devs abandoning projects, etc. But for this game? Ohhh boy I'm ready and I trust you completely! After playing both The Rose of Segunda and Heaven's Grave (lol and the demo for Thorns of War obvs) I know what to expect and I'd really love to see how the whole Kickstarter thing really works for myself. 

All the luck!! Can't wait for this game <3 

Ah, thank you for your support and trust . 

Yes, I think the whole Kickstarter thing is going to be a learning curve for a few people, myself included. 

Thanks for the luck - I have no doubt it will be needed. ^_^


Omg I'm so ready!!!  I can't wait.  I'm a little sad about the date because I was hoping to get a high tier, but unfortunately my best friend has her own kickstarter happening in October and I've already pre-pledged most of what I felt like I could afford at the time to hers.  I still will definitely pledge to you as well, it just won't be as much as I would've liked to unfortunately :( but hopefully someone else will make up for my lapse!

All the same, I'm super excited and happy for you, I'll definitely keep an eye out and reblog any announcements/promotion you do on tumblr.  If you make any posts on LSF I'll be sure to comment there as well.  

I really truly do love your writing and games, I think I've said before that you are one of my favorite studios and that remains true.  I'm so excited, good luck!!


I know - as nervous as I am, I am kind of excited as well, if only to see what is going to happen.

It's unfortunate it overlaps with another kickstarter you'd like to pledge to, but I can understand you wanting to support your best friend and I couldn't feasible wait any longer than I have already. Even if you can't afford to pledge anything, offering to reblog our posts will be of great help - after all,  the more people that see the campaign, the more chance we have of getting it funded. 

Thank you for your kind words and continued support ^_^


I can’t Tell You how EXCITED I am Thorns Of War made it! This will be  First Kickstarter I’ve done so I can’t wait to see the draft and Support a Deserving and Accountable Creative! (And though I don’t do social media, you may just tempt me to peek with those character interviews ;))

Ah, I'm glad to hear you're excited. ^_^

I'm really  interested to hear what people think of the draft - especially the reward tiers - fingers crossed it gets approved soon. 

Many thanks for your support.


SO HAPPY FOR YOU! (And I'm happy too *ahem*)

I will be checking it when the Kickstarter comes and hopefully can spare some money to it ^^ And of course will be purchasing the final form because it has booked my money hehe

May you have success!

Thank you! I am very happy too. We're not there yet, but it's certainly promising.

And thank you as well, of course, for your support ^_^