The Thorns of War Update #24

Hello all

I am happy to announce that Guillaume’s route is finished, with a final word count of approximately 238,000 words, and will be released on Monday 7th March.

In other news, I have already started Leopold's route and it is going well. 

Also, the vote for the next route opened to Kickstarter backers today, so we should know by the end of February who will be next (Frederique, Charlotte or the Single route). I will announce the winner here, once it has been decided.

Many thanks for your patience and support.

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This is super exciting news! Can't wait to see MC as the princess, and I already can't wait for Leo's route either. Thank you for your hard work!

I'm also curious about the loveless marriage route, but everything in its own time, good to have something left to anticipate. I've missed out on the kickstarter so I can't vote, but hoping to see Charlotte's route soon, I imagine it would be a whole Juliet and Juliet story with the rivarly between their houses!

Thank you for your kind words - I'm glad you're excited.

And good luck regarding the vote ^_^

ahh i'm so happy to hear this!! i can only imagine how relieved you must be to finish Guillaume's route :) i'm so excited for leopold's route oh my gosh, thank you for all your hard work!!

Yes, I was certainly relieved! ^_^

Many thanks for your support 

I'm anticipating the official release for this route! :D

*fingers crossed that Frederique wins the poll*

Ah, thank you - and best of luck with the vote ^_^

I hope so much it's Frederique! Even if I love them all

Well, he is in the lead at the moment, though the margin is narrow. Good luck! ^_^


Aaaaaahhh I'm so excited to see this post!!! March is going to be a good month!!

Ah, I'm glad to see you're excited - I hope so, too ^_^


That's amazing!!!! You've put so much work and love into this and it shows!!  Will be anxious to see how the vote turns out (I think I have that ability from my tier so if I do I'll pop in shortly and put in my two cents!)


Thank you for your kind words. 

If you backed at any level you will be able to vote, so I look forward to hearing from you. ^_^