The Thorns of War Update #19

Hello all

Sofia’s route has now been released and the files have been updated.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the game so far - anyone who has already bought a copy of the game can now download the updated files, and since I am posting later than I had hoped to, I've extended the 20% off sale by an extra 24 hours, as well. ^_^

As for the update itself, there are a lot of variables in Sofia's route. I’ve tested extensively to ensure everything triggers when it should, but if anything unexpected happens or if you have any other problems in the route, please let me know at 

Many thanks for reading 

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I want Frederique's route so bad tbh T_T I adore his snarky sense of humour so much it's actually sad.


Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. ^_^ 

I'm working on Guillaume's route now and Leopold's route will be next, so I do not imagine Frederique's route will be much longer.

Many thanks for your interest

Hahah it's a good kinda sad, no worries! I love all the LI's but he's definitely the one I'm most excited about. His personality is everything. *_* Can't wait for his route to be released! 


Gonna wait till the game is fully out, and I am pretty sure I brought the first one on steam, so I am hoping the second one is to.

Yes, Thorns will have a Steam release once the whole game is finished. ^_^

Many thanks for your interest

Is the exclusion of cg in the gallery for Sophia's 'secret' ending intentional? I thought that route was a wild ride and the ending cg was so pretty, I was disappointed it didn't show up in the gallery. I can understand why though, if it's going to be categorized under some sort of 'special' ending instead of just Sophia's.

Yes, it was intentional. I didn't want those who did not want to explore that kind of relationship to feel like they had missed something. I will be including it in the gallery eventually though - it will be the last CG of Sofia's route (in the gallery) and followed by the CGs from Frederique's route. 

I felt this was the best way to handle it, as anyone who does not want to explore that kind of relationship will be missing all of Frederique's CGs (so the missing Sofia CG will be less noticeable), but the CG will still be there for those who want to see it again.

I hope that makes sense and thank you for your interest ^_^  

So nice to see the progress! Even if I plan to buy once it's finished officially, I accidentally read a bit of a review that indicates that the bad endings are good. I love good bad ends, now I'm curious beyond compare... *cry*

Must... resist! I don't have money anyway! C'mon, me!! D:<

Oh well, but I must ask: how many bad ends are there in one route?

Ah, right, thank you for the hardwork, Dev! ^^

Hmm, how many? I guess one or two really, with a few variations depending on what choices you've made through the route. 

I suppose it also depends on what you would consider a 'bad' ending. The outcome of the peace talks are separate from the outcome of the relationships, so you can have a good outcome in one, and a bad outcome in the other - in those cases, only you can decide if that is a bad ending or not. ^_^

Many thanks for your support (and patience ^_^)

Ah, I'm struggling! Bad endings repeatedly, don't suppose there's a walkthrough anywhere? XD

I'm sorry to hear that.

I've got a guide I am emailing out until I have the chance to upload it to my website. If you email me at, I can send you a copy.

Protip : lookout for the version of the game ! I hastly downloaded the linux version and I just saw it was still in "1.0" (which contain only Bastian's route) while the rest had the 1.1 with Sofia !