The Thorns of War Update #18

Hello all

Just a quick reminder that Sofia’s route will be released next Sunday (14th February) and we will be celebrating the launch, as well as St Valentine’s Day, with a mini sale over the same weekend. Of course, if you have already purchased a copy of 'The Thorns of War' then this update (and all future updates) to the game will be free.

In other news, Guillaume’s route has been started and we are now at 15,000 words. I’ve also commission two new outfits for the MC (since she’s a princess in this route) and I’ll post pictures here once the artist has finished with them.

And that’s all for now. I am hoping the next thing to be released will be the backer selected extra scenes. We’re just waiting on the backgrounds being finished for those, so I am hoping it will not be long now.

Many thanks for reading and all the best

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*eager anticipation* :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


Thank you for your patience - I hope it is worth the wait. ^_^'

Awesome!!!  Thanks for the update, I'm really excited :)

Thank you! Me too ^_^

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About the making process, I'm curious : is there one writer or is it a joint effort of multiple ones ?

I'm curious about it because I'd be interested to read more material that he/she/they made on others or outside the VN world ! I couldn't find any clue on the website about that. I'd really be eager to give it a go (because I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy this : I'm also sure I'll want more afterward ; so I'm planning ahead !).

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It is just one writer (me) and I haven't really written any other original works, so I'm afraid I can't help you there. Thank you for your interest though.

Is there an estimate of when Leopold's route will be finished? Thanks in advance :)


I don't have an estimate just yet. After Guillaume's route is complete, backers will be given the chance to vote for which route I work on next, so it will be up to them. Though once I begin Leopold's route, I will let everyone know.

Aaaa how excitiiing!

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I know - I'm getting nervous ^_^'

will frederique's route be done last?


I don't think so. After Guillaume's route is complete, backers will be given the chance to vote for which route I work on next, and Frederique is quite popular so I imagine he won't be last.

oh cool! I thought he'd be done last since he was a secret route in the first game 


Can't wait to see the impressions for Sofia' s route!

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Me too! I hope players enjoy it ^_^

Same here <3