The Thorns of War Update #16 - Early Access Launch

Hello all

I am very happy (and nervous!) to announce that Bastien’s route has been released, and The Thorns of War in now in early access. 

To purchase the game or for more information on our coming updates, please see our itch page (

Many thanks to everyone here for their support over the last year and I hope people enjoy what will be the first route of many.

All the best

Blackcross & Taylor

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AAAAAHHH!!! omg he looks so good with the new art I can't 


Ah, I'll let the artist know you like the new style ^_^

Many thanks for your support


Soo Good!!! Just finished my first playthrough and I was not prepared for Pieto ♥ After seeing how big Bastien's route is I'm glad that you are releasing them in installments so I have time to explore each one before moving on to the next. 


Ah, thank you for the kind feedback - I'm very glad to hear you liked the route. 

I felt pretty bad about having to release the game episodically when I made the decision, so I am glad some see it as an advantage. ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Congrats!!! It'll be my christmas present for myself :D

Merry Christmas then, and many thanks for your support! ^_^

Yay!!  Congratulations, this is awesome!!  Downloading now!

Many thanks for your purchase and I hope you enjoy the game ^_^

YASSSSS I'LL GET IT RIGHT NOW :D You've been working super hard, I'm sure everyone will love it! If we post our thoughts (what thoughts, only fangirling), do you prefer we do it somewhere specific? Like the main comment section, or not on at all, but somewhere else?


I'm happy for any comments to go on the main page - I would just warn anyone reading if it contains spoilers (since I don't think you can hide them on here?) 

Many thanks for your purchase and looking forward to hearing what you think ^_^


Thank you so so so so much for this game, I've been so hype, this is so awesome. :D

Thank you for your purchase - I really hope you enjoy it ^_^'