The Thorns of War Update #8 - Kickstarter Week 2

Hello all

I was going to post this tomorrow, but after the huge funding boost we've been fortunate enough to have today, I thought I would share the good news now. 

I'm sure many reading this are already aware  we have made our funding goal, but today were we were also lucky enough to hit our first stretch goal! This means more CGs for each route and a better game for everyone to enjoy. ^_^

I am so grateful. Many, many thanks to everyone who has pledged, left feedback and shared posts on social media so far. 

To see our progress and check out our stretch goals, please feel free to visit the kickstarter page here.

Now it seems like the game is going ahead, I have been sketching out the plot in more detail and contacting those backers who have an NPC as part of their reward. Having an idea of which characters are to be included as I plan the routes will help ensure all additional NPCs feel like a natural part of the world. I hope to continue this work for the next two weeks so I can hit the ground running once the campaign is finished. 

Anyway, many thanks again for your support and please follow us on Tumblr and Facebook for daily updates etc. ^_^


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First goal stretch? O.o I thought it has reached 8000 already? XD Well either way, so happy!


Hmm, is that dollars perhaps? I'm not sure as I can't see any other currency but my own.

But, yes, I'm really happy, too ^_^

Ahh... Dollar. I understand XD I must see it wrong.

CONGRATS! I'm sooo glad you made it!  :D

Thank you ^_^


That's fantastic!  I'm so excited to see that the Kickstarter campaign has been such a huge success so far.  I'm proud to pledge to it, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.  It's proof of all of the incredible work you've put into your projects.  I'm sorry that you've felt disheartened lately, and you should know that you're extremely skilled and deserve the high praise and support you're getting.    


Ah, thank you. ^_^

I've been very lucky so far that the campaign as been this successful, and I don't know about deserved, but I'm certainly very grateful for all the praise, support and, of course, trust people have placed in me.  




Yep, with any luck it won't be the only one we hit. ^_^


Luck? Darling: This is Pure Confidence in your ability to deliver another Amazing Game. And our Collective Desire to see it be the Absolute Best it can Be. <3