The Thorns of War Update #7 - Kickstarter Week 1

Hello all

We’re now one week through the campaign and the funding has reached an amazing 87%

Thank you so much to everyone who’s pledged so far, and thank you, too, for all the support and advice I've received up to this point - I am grateful to everyone who has helped me to get this far. ^_^

We’ve still a little way to go, but I feel like this much progress in the first week is encouraging.

As ever, please visit our campaign here if you’d like to pledge,  (or just have a look ^_^) and please follow us on Tumblr and Facebook for daily updates and fun stuff.

Many thanks  for reading

EDIT 10/10/19 - We just hit 100% - Many, many thanks to everyone who pledged, shared and commented. I'm looking forward to bringing the game to life over the coming twelve months. ^_^


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CONGRATULATIONS!! I was about to check the KickStarter but then I saw this *.* I'm truly truly truly happy for you, and for myself, and for other people who are supporting you. GJ!

Ah, thank you! I'm really happy too. ^_^


100(+)%!!! 100(+)!!! TToW is a GO! Told you we’d make it! :D

Now. For those Stretch Goals~ ;)




Yay! I just saw it and  quickly posted on Kickstarter! (I was just about to go to bed to continue my streak of being asleep whenever we hit a milestone, lol)

Thank you to everyone who pledged, shared, commented,  and offered feedback and advice here - your support has meant so  much. ^_^

(1 edit) (+3)

It’s OFFICIAL - 90%.  ^o^

(And now we’ve Passed $6,000!!!)


Is it bad that I'm always asleep when we hit the milestones?  

At least I have something nice to wake up to. ^_^

(1 edit) (+2)

Nah - just shows you’re Confident. ;)

It’s like Christmas morning, everyday~ Though, I’m starting to get IMPATIENT. lol I see how SMALL the gap is now and I just - WANT IT TO BE DONE. I Know it’s going to Happen (likely within the week) - But - GAH XD

(Also -  NPC slot is FULL?? We’re going to have FOUR New NPCs running around in your Wonderful World?? OH BOI - HAPPY GAMER is HAPPY :D Can't Wait to see what people come up with!)


Ha, sadly, I think it's more a time zone thing. ^_^

Well, there is not much to go now - only $332 dollars and it will be fully funded. Maybe we'll even get the first stretch goal as well, though I will just be happy to be making the game at all. 

Yes, four new NPCs. They will be one of the first reward tiers I work on (aside from sending out keys and such) since I want to make sure I can put them into the game world in a way that feels natural. It should be fun to see what people create. ^_^


(Was Tempted to just GIVE the $332 without reward, but thought you’d slap my hand away at this point XD) Srsly tho, if I didn’t just replace broken compy, I likely would have. lol I know, I KNOW: PATIENCE.

I actually think you could get 2nd stretch goal - if not 3rd. I think there are people out there who’ll be Really encouraged by seeing a Fully Backed project and if they couldn’t contribute to initial goal, they’d be happy to support the next. Then there are others who could be saving since it doesn’t end until the 31st. You’d also have double digit days left(I predict). But, like you, Primarily happy if TToW gets base funded.

Oh? That’s exciting to see! I’m glad you, as the Creator, are looking forward to it! I feel like you have a Good community backing you and those who chose NPCs will be Just as dedicated to natural insert/characters feeling like they Belong - because they love the story/world. I really hope it’s a Fun process on both sides; no Drama just Creativity and Understanding. :)