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all the romance options are male?


Yes, that is right.

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If theirs 3 love interests then why only 2 endings? and i love the art style


Well, because it doesn't feel right calling the deviations in the ending based on who (if anyone) you are romancing a different ending. So there is an ending where you win Homecoming Queen (with 4 variations based on your love interest - or lack thereof)  and one ending where you lose.

Of course, the three romance routes have their own separate endings, but they are not the end of the game and your partner still likes you whether you win or lose. 

I'm glad to hear you like the art style - the artists worked well together, I think. ^_^

oh ok i was thinking that was the reason, the DDR  was really confusing cause i thought you had to press all of them at the same time instead of click the arrow and wait to click the next arrow after that, but i got it after almost half an hour of failing .

How did you do it?? I've read the guide, but I'm still stuck TT__TT

Hello, Xeen, sorry to hear you're having trouble. 

 For an example on how it is supposed to work, please see the screenshot below where I've marked on the button order.

So for this particular 'move', you are supposed to hit the up arrow first,  the down arrow second, then the up arrow again and finally the right arrow. The buttons are on screen, selected with the mouse - I remember someone was having trouble trying to use the keyboard.

Once a 'move' appears on screen you have 3 seconds to hit the first direction button and then a second each to hit the next three directions, so trying to press them to the rhythm of the music will help you there.

Does this make sense? Sorry if I've just confused you more ^_^; 

Please let me know if this helps any and thanks for playing

Yep in short you click the arrow one at a time and wait and then click the next arrow in the pattern !


I need more info: only male romance options?


Yes, that is right.